18th Euroconference on Apoptosis
7th Training course on 'Concepts and Methods in Programmed Cell Death'
September 1-4, 2010
Ghent, Belgium
ECDO scholarships     
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Practical information

ECDO Scholarships

15/09/2010: Please do not send the reimbursement documents by fax or email. We need the originally signed form and other documents, so please send everything by regular post.

ECDO will grant 25 scholarships of 500 euro to students/young postdocs attending the meeting.
The applications will be evaluated by the ECDO board. Applications for a grant will only be considered if they are accompanied by an online registration to the conference.

Eligibility rules:

  • Abstract submission is essential to be eligible for a scholarship.
  • Only PhD students or young postdocs having less than 10 years of research experience since gaining a university degree giving access to doctoral studies in the country in which the degree was obtained, can apply for a scholarship.

Application procedure:
Please send the following documents to the ECDO secretariat only by e-mail:
  • a PDF of the abstract you submitted online through the online abstract submission system
  • Your Curriculum Vitae, clearly stating your personal details (including date of birth and nationality) and an overview of your educational and professional career (with dates!)
  • A letter of motivation why you want to attend the conference
  • A list of publications (can be included in the CV file)
  • a (signed) supporting letter from the head of the department/lab
The deadline for scholarship application is June 15, 2010.

Reimbursement procedure:
After the meeting, the 500 euro will be reimbursed by bank transfer to the account of the beneficiary's institute upon delivery of copies of the original documents (registration invoice, hotel invoice, train/flight/metro/bus tickets). Bank information can be filled in on the reimbursement form, which should be signed and sent back with the copies of the original documents to the ECDO secretariat.