The RegCreative jamboree
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The identification of the factors and sequences controlling gene expression is one of the greatest challenges in post-genomic biology, and solving this problem is critical for the long-term goal of reconstructing gene regulatory networks in higher organisms. Successful application of the growing number of computational methods to predict regulatory sequences and networks is currently limited by the lack of comprehensive open-source databases of experimentally- defined gene regulatory data. The necessary information for such a resource does exist in the biomedical literature, however the best strategies for mining this data are yet to be determined.

The RegCreative Jamboree seeks to address the needs of both the regulatory bioinformatics and text mining communities by providing a forum to establish rules for curating regulatory sequence data and its supporting textual evidence. The goal of the jamboree is to further populate an open-source database for regulatory data, ORegAnno, in a manner that provides future resources for text-mining, such as a challenge on regulatory network reconstruction BioCreAtIvE. By bringing wet-lab biologists, bioinformaticians and text miners together for an intensive hand-on workshop, the RegCreative Jamboree will provide an interactive and proactive opportunity to establish the conceptual and computational framework for decoding regulatory sequence and networks.


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