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Publications from this research unit

This page shows only publications with IRC as the affiliation of at least one author.
Publications by IRC members mentioning other affiliations are not in our database. Sorry.
See "Extra muros" papers of the units.

For copyright reasons, PDF-versions of our publications are available on the intranet only (login required  ). If you would like to receive a reprint of an IRC paper, please copy/paste the reference in the
reprint request form 

Arandjelovic, S, Perry, JSA, Lucas, CD, Penberthy, KK, Kim, TH, Zhou, M, Rosen, DA, Chuang, TY, Bettina, AM, Shankman, LS, Cohen, AH, Gaultier, A, Conrads, TP, Kim, M, Elliott, MR, Ravichandran, KS.
A noncanonical role for the engulfment gene ELMO1 in neutrophils that promotes inflammatory arthritis
Nat Immunol 20, 141-151, 2019. (Epub 2019 Jan 14)

Boeltz, S, Amini, P, Anders, HJ, Andrade, F, Bilyy, R, Chatfield, S, Cichon, I, Clancy, DM, Desai, J, et al., Maueroder, C, et al. , Vanden Berghe, T, Vandenabeele, P, Hahn, J, Hidalgo, A, Hoffmann, MH, Kaplan, MJ, Knight, JS, Kolaczkowska, E, Kubes, P, et al..
To NET or not to NET:current opinions and state of the science regarding the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps
Cell Death Differ 26, 395-408, 2019. (Epub 2019 Jan 8)

Morioka, S, Maueroder, C, Ravichandran, KS.
Living on the Edge: Efferocytosis at the Interface of Homeostasis and Pathology
Immunity 50, 1149-1162, 2019. (Epub 2019 May 21)

Krysko, DV, Ravichandran, KS, Vandenabeele, P.
Macrophages regulate the clearance of living cells by calreticulin
Nat Commun 9, 4644, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 7)

Morioka, S, Perry, JSA, Raymond, MH, Medina, CB, Zhu, Y, Zhao, L, Serbulea, V, Onengut-Gumuscu, S, Leitinger, N, Kucenas, S, Rathmell, JC, Makowski, L, Ravichandran, KS.
Efferocytosis induces a novel SLC program to promote glucose uptake and lactate release
Nature 563, 714-718, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 21)

Penberthy, KK, Rival, C, Shankman, LS, Raymond, MH, Zhang, J, Perry, JSA, Lee, CS, Han, CZ, Onengut-Gumuscu, S, Palczewski, K, Lysiak, JJ, Ravichandran, KS.
Context-dependent compensation among phosphatidylserine-recognition receptors
Sci Rep 7, 14623, 2017. (Epub 2017 Nov 9)

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