Title: People in this unit

People in the Unit of Mouse Genetics in Inflammation

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Claude LIBERT

Libert ClaudeGroup Leader13 700Claude.Libert114
Garcia Gonzalez NataliaPostdoctoral Researcher13 731Natalia.GarciaGonzalez1886
Timmermans StevenPostdoctoral Researcher13 731Steven.Timmermans1092
Vandewalle JolienPostdoctoral Researcher13 731Jolien.Vandewalle1160
Aelbrecht LindsyPh.D. Student13 731Lindsy.Aelbrecht1732
Nuyttens LouisePh.D. Student13 731Louise.Nuyttens1745
Rogier TessPh.D. Student13 731Tess.Rogier1877
Van Dender CÚlinePh.D. Student13 731/544Celine.VanDender1752
Vanderhaeghen TinekePh.D. Student13 731Tineke.Vanderhaeghen1414
Wallaeys CharlottePh.D. Student13 731Charlotte.Wallaeys1622
Dewaele SylvianeLab Technician13 731Sylviane.Dewaele42
Eggermont MelanieLab Technician13 731Melanie.Eggermont1039
Vanden Berghe JokeLab Technician13 731Joke.VandenBerghe196
Dufoor HesterATP (techn)13 731Hester.Dufoor1866
Heyerick MarahMaster Thesis Student13 731Marah.Heyerick1916

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