People in the Cellular and Molecular (Patho)physiology unit

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Geert VAN LOO

van Loo GeertGroup Leader13 761Geert.vanLoo137
Hoste EstherResearch Team Leader13 763/773Esther.Hoste527
Wullaert AndyResearch Team Leader13 765Andy.Wullaert365
Akula Naga MuraliPostdoctoral Researcher13 763Naga.Akula1802
Frising UlrikaPostdoctoral Researcher13 765Ulrika.Frising1601
Martens ArnePostdoctoral Researcher13 763/773Arne.Martens1153
Doglio Maria GiuliaPh.D. Student13 762MariaGiulia.Doglio1439
Eeckhout ElienPh.D. Student13 762Elien.Eeckhout1454
Hertens PieterPh.D. Student13 761Pieter.Hertens1825
Jans MaudePh.D. Student13 763/773Maude.Jans1753
Lecomte KimPh.D. Student13 763Kim.Lecomte1643
Srinivasan SahanaPh.D. Student13 763/773Sahana.Srinivasan1397
Stocks HannahPh.D. Student13 762Hannah.Stocks1740
Van Hove LisettePh.D. Student13 763/773Lisette.VanHove1417
Verboom LienPh.D. Student13 763Lien.Verboom1539
Boone FleurLab Technician13 763Fleur.Boone1874
Sze MozesLab Technician13 763/773Mozes.Sze660
Ghysel XeniaMaster Thesis Student13 763/773Xenia.Ghysel1915
Zhang DongxingMaster Thesis Student13 762Dongxing.Zhang1830

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