Title: People in this team

People in the team

Team Leader: Prof. Dr. Debby LAUKENS

Laukens DebbyResearch Team Leader13 734Debby.Laukens324
Gonzales Gerard BryanPostdoctoral Researcher09/332.10.70GerardBryan.Gonzales1671
Van Welden SophiePostdoctoral Researcher13 734Sophie.VanWelden1670
Bos SimonPh.D. Student13 734Simon.Bos1678
Bruggeman ArnoutPh.D. Student13 734Arnout.Bruggeman1407
De Galan CaraPh.D. Student13 734Cara.DeGalan1668
Fouquaert SofiePh.D. Student13 734Sofie.Fouquaert1860
Maes LaurePh.D. Student13 734Laure.Maes1849
Truyens MariePh.D. Student13 734Marie.Truyens1679
Xie JunhuaPh.D. Student13 734Junhua.Xie1641
Devlies HildeLab Technician13 734Hilde.Devlies152
Van Hecke MichielMaster Thesis Student13 734Michiel.VanHecke1931

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