Title: People in this team

People in the VIB Laboratory for Translational Immunomodulation

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Kodi RAVICHANDRAN

Ravichandran KodimangalamGroup Leader13 640/641Kodi.Ravichandran1452
Aaes Tania L°vePostdoctoral Researcher13 653Tania.Aaes1050
Anderson ChristopherPostdoctoral Researcher13 652Christopher.Anderson1568
Gillis CaitlinPostdoctoral Researcher13 653Caitlin.Gillis1471
Maschalidi SophiaPostdoctoral Researcher13 653Sophia.Maschalidi1526
Maueroder ChristianPostdoctoral Researcher13 653Christian.Maueroder1492
Mehrotra ParulPostdoctoral Researcher13 652Parul.Mehrotra1476
Tixeira RochellePostdoctoral Researcher13 653Rochelle.Tixeira1792
Amstelveen SerajaPh.D. Student13 732/653Seraja.Amstelveen1658
Boeckaerts LauraPh.D. Student13 653Laura.Boeckaerts1843
Hu BingLab Technician13 652Bing.Hu1474
Kešeli Burcu NurLab Technician13 652Burcu.Keceli1815
Lambertz IrinaLab Technician13 652Irina.Lambertz649
De Cleene HannahATP (techn)13 652Hannah.DeCleene1817
Maueroder KatrinATP (techn)13 652Katrin.Maueroder1934
De Pauw TimoMaster Thesis Student13 652Timo.DePauw1900

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