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Munro, DAD, Movahedi, K, Priller, J.
Macrophage compartmentalization in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid system
Sci Immunol 7, eabk0391, 2022. (Epub 2022 Mar 4)

Mylka, V, Matetovici, I, Poovathingal, S, Aerts, J, Vandamme, N, Seurinck, R, Verstaen, K, Hulselmans, G, Van den Hoecke, S, Scheyltjens, I, Movahedi, K, Wils, H, Reumers, J, Van Houdt, J, Aerts, S, Saeys, Y.
Comparative analysis of antibody- and lipid-based multiplexing methods for single-cell RNA-seq
Genome Biol 23, 55, 2022. (Epub 2022 Feb 16)

Scheyltjens, I, Van Hove, H, De Vlaminck, K, Kancheva, D, Bastos, J, Vara-Perez, M, Pombo Antunes, AR, Martens, L, Scott, CL, Van Ginderachter, JA, Saeys, Y, Guilliams, M, Vandamme, N, Movahedi, K.
Single-cell RNA and protein profiling of immune cells from the mouse brain and its border tissues
Nat Protoc , in press, 2022. (Epub 2022 Aug 5)

Andries, L, Masin, L, Navarro, MS, Zaunz, S, Claes, M, Bergmans, S, Brouwers, V, Lefevere, E, Verfaillie, C, Movahedi, K, De Groef, L, Moons, L.
MMP2 Modulates Inflammatory Response during Axonal Regeneration in the Murine Visual System
Cells 10, 1672, 2021. (Epub 2021 Jul 2)

Bolli, E, Scherger, M, Arnouk, SM, Pombo Antunes, AR, Strassburger, D, Urschbach, M, Stickdorn, J, De Vlaminck, K, Movahedi, K, Rader, HJ, Hernot, S, Besenius, P, Van Ginderachter, JA, Nuhn, L.
Targeted Repolarization of Tumor-Associated Macrophages via Imidazoquinoline-Linked Nanobodies
Adv Sci (Weinh) 8, 2004574, 2021. (Epub 2021 Mar 8)

De Vlaminck, K, Romao, E, Puttemans, J, Pombo Antunes, AR, Kancheva, D, Scheyltjens, I, Van Ginderachter, JA, Muyldermans, S, Devoogdt, N, Movahedi, K, Raes, G.
Imaging of Glioblastoma Tumor-Associated Myeloid Cells Using Nanobodies Targeting Signal Regulatory Protein Alpha
Front Immunol 12, 777524, 2021. (Epub 2021 Nov 30)

Kim, JS, Kolesnikov, M, Peled-Hajaj, S, Scheyltjens, I, Xia, Y, Trzebanski, S, Haimon, Z, Shemer, A, Lubart, A, Van Hove, H, Chappell-Maor, L, Boura-Halfon, S, Movahedi, K, Blinder, P, Jung, S.
A Binary Cre Transgenic Approach Dissects Microglia and CNS Border-Associated Macrophages
Immunity 54, 176-190, 2021. (Epub 2020 Dec 16)

Lahmar, Q, Schouppe, E, Morias, Y, Van Overmeire, E, De Baetselier, P, Movahedi, K, Laoui, D, Sarukhan, A, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells home to tumor-draining lymph nodes via CCR2 and locally modulate the immune response
Cell Immunol 362, 104296, 2021. (Epub 2021 Jan 30)

Lodder, C, Scheyltjens, I, Stancu, IC, Botella Lucena, P, Gutierrez de Rave, M, Vanherle, S, Vanmierlo, T, Cremers, N, Vanrusselt, H, Brone, B, Hanseeuw, B, Octave, JN, Bottelbergs, A, Movahedi, K, Dewachter, I.
CSF1R inhibition rescues tau pathology and neurodegeneration in an A/T/N model with combined AD pathologies, while preserving plaque associated microglia
Acta Neuropathol Commun 9, 108, 2021. (Epub 2021 Jun 8)

Lefevere, E, Salinas-Navarro, M, Andries, L, Noterdaeme, L, Etienne, I, Van Wonterghem, E, Vinckier, S, Davis, BM, Van Bergen, T, Van Hove, I, Movahedi, K, Vandenbroucke, RE, Moons, L, De Groef, L.
Tightening the retinal glia limitans attenuates neuroinflammation after optic nerve injury
Glia 68, 2643-2660, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jul 9)

Pombo Antunes, AR, Scheyltjens, I, Duerinck, J, Neyns, B, Movahedi, K, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Understanding the glioblastoma immune microenvironment as basis for the development of new immunotherapeutic strategies
Elife 9, e52176, 2020. (Epub 2020 Feb 4)

Shemer, A, Scheyltjens, I, Frumer, GR, Kim, JS, Grozovski, J, Ayanaw, S, Dassa, B, Van Hove, H, Chappell-Maor, L, Boura-Halfon, S, Leshkowitz, D, Mueller, W, Maggio, N, Movahedi, K, Jung, S.
Interleukin-10 Prevents Pathological Microglia Hyperactivation following Peripheral Endotoxin Challenge
Immunity 53, 1033-1049 e7, 2020. (Epub 2020 Oct 12)

Van Hove, H, Pombo Antunes, AR, De Vlaminck, K, Scheyltjens, I, Van Ginderachter, JA, Movahedi, K.
Identifying the variables that drive tamoxifen-independent CreERT2 recombination: Implications for microglial fate mapping and gene deletions
Eur J Immunol 50, 459-463, 2020. (Epub 2019 Nov 30)

Bolli, E, D'Huyvetter, M, Murgaski, A, Berus, D, Stange, G, Clappaert, EJ, Arnouk, S, Pombo Antunes, AR, Krasniqi, A, Lahoutte, T, Goncalves, A, Vuylsteke, M, Raes, G, Devoogdt, N, Movahedi, K, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Stromal-targeting radioimmunotherapy mitigates the progression of therapy-resistant tumors
J Control Release 314, 1-11, 2019. (Epub 2019 Oct 15)

De Vlaeminck, Y, Lecocq, Q, Giron, P, Heirman, C, Geeraerts, X, Bolli, E, Movahedi, K, Massa, S, Schoonooghe, S, Thielemans, K, Goyvaerts, C, Van Ginderachter, JA, Breckpot, K.
Single-domain antibody fusion proteins can target and shuttle functional proteins into macrophage mannose receptor expressing macrophages
J Control Release 299, 107-120, 2019. (Epub 2019 Feb 21)

Van Hove, H, Martens, L, Scheyltjens, I, De Vlaminck, K, Pombo Antunes, AR, De Prijck, S, Vandamme, N, De Schepper, S, Van Isterdael, G, Scott, CL, Aerts, J, Berx, G, Boeckxstaens, GE, Vandenbroucke, RE, Vereecke, L, Moechars, D, Guilliams, M, Van Ginderachter, JA, Saeys, Y, Movahedi, K.
A single-cell atlas of mouse brain macrophages reveals unique transcriptional identities shaped by ontogeny and tissue environment
Nat Neurosci 22, 10211035, 2019. (Epub 2019 May 6)

Xavier, C, Blykers, A, Laoui, D, Bolli, E, Vaneyken, I, Bridoux, J, Baudhuin, H, Raes, G, Everaert, H, Movahedi, K, Van Ginderachter, JA, Devoogdt, N, Caveliers, V, Lahoutte, T, Keyaerts, M.
Clinical Translation of [(68)Ga]Ga-NOTA-anti-MMR-sdAb for PET/CT Imaging of Protumorigenic Macrophages
Mol Imaging Biol 21, 898-906, 2019. (Epub 2019 Jan 22)

Bonelli, S, Geeraerts, X, Bolli, E, Keirsse, J, Kiss, M, Pombo Antunes, AR, Van Damme, H, De Vlaminck, K, Movahedi, K, Laoui, D, Raes, G, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Beyond the M-CSF receptor: novel therapeutic targets in tumor-associated macrophages
FEBS J 285, 777-787, 2018. (Epub 2017 Aug 20)

Kiss, M, Van Gassen, S, Movahedi, K, Saeys, Y, Laoui, D.
Myeloid cell heterogeneity in cancer: not a single cell alike
Cell Immunol 330, 188-201, 2018. (Epub 2018 Feb 14)

Movahedi, K, Wiegmann, R, De Vlaminck, K, Van Ginderachter, JA, Nikolaev, VO.
RoMo: An efficient strategy for functional mosaic analysis via stochastic Cre recombination and gene targeting in the ROSA26 locus
Biotechnol Bioeng 115, 1778-1792, 2018. (Epub 2018 Mar 24)

Nuhn, L, Bolli, E, Massa, S, Vandenberghe, I, Movahedi, K, Devreese, B, Van Ginderachter, J, De Geest, BG.
Targeting protumoral tumor-associated macrophages with nanobody-functionalized nanogels through SPAAC ligation
Bioconjug Chem 29, 2394-2405, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jun 11)

Spiranec, K, Chen, W, Werner, F, Nikolaev, VO, Naruke, T, Koch, F, Werner, A, Eder-Negrin, P, Dieguez-Hurtado, R, Adams, RH, Baba, HA, Schmidt, H, Schuh, K, Skryabin, BV, Movahedi, K, Schweda, F, Kuhn, M.
Endothelial C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Acts on Pericytes to Regulate Microcirculatory Flow and Blood Pressure
Circulation 138, 494-508, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 31)

Bolli, E, Movahedi, K, Laoui, D, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Novel insights in the regulation and function of macrophages in the tumor microenvironment
Curr Opin Oncol 29, 55-61, 2017. (Epub 2016 Oct 26)

Movahedi, K, Van Ginderachter, JA.
The Ontogeny and Microenvironmental Regulation of Tumor-Associated Macrophages
Antioxid Redox Signal 25, 775-791, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 17)

Houthuys, E, Movahedi, K, De Baetselier, P, Van Ginderachter, JA, Brouckaert, P.
A method for the isolation and purification of mouse peripheral blood monocytes
J Immunol Methods 359, 1-10, 2010. (Epub 2010 May 7)

Van den Bossche, J, Bogaert, P, van Hengel, J, Guerin, CJ, Berx, G, Movahedi, K, Van den Bergh, R, Pereira-Fernandes, A, Geuns, JM, Pircher, H, Dorny, P, Grooten, J, De Baetselier, P, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Alternatively activated macrophages engage in homotypic and heterotypic interactions through IL-4 and polyamine-induced E-cadherin/catenin complexes
Blood 114, 4664-4674, 2009. (Epub 2009 Sep 2)

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