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Publications by this IRC author

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For copyright reasons, PDF-versions of our publications are available on the intranet only (login required  ). If you would like to receive a reprint of an IRC paper, please copy/paste the reference in the
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Bolli, E, Scherger, M, Arnouk, SM, Pombo Antunes, AR, Strassburger, D, Urschbach, M, Stickdorn, J, De Vlaminck, K, Movahedi, K, Rader, HJ, Hernot, S, Besenius, P, Van Ginderachter, JA, Nuhn, L.
Targeted Repolarization of Tumor-Associated Macrophages via Imidazoquinoline-Linked Nanobodies
Adv Sci (Weinh) 8, 2004574, 2021. (Epub 2021 Mar 8)

Kiss, M, Vande Walle, L, Saavedra, PHV, Lebegge, E, Van Damme, H, Murgaski, A, Qian, J, Ehling, M, Pretto, S, Bolli, E, Keirsse, J, Bardet, PMR, Arnouk, SM, Elkrim, Y, Schmoetten, M, Brughmans, J, Debraekeleer, A, Fossoul, A, Boon, L, et al..
IL1beta Promotes Immune Suppression in the Tumor Microenvironment Independent of the Inflammasome and Gasdermin D
Cancer Immunol Res 9, 309-323, 2021. (Epub 2020 Dec 23)

Lebegge, E, Arnouk, SM, Bardet, PMR, Kiss, M, Raes, G, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Innate Immune Defense Mechanisms by Myeloid Cells That Hamper Cancer Immunotherapy
Front Immunol 11, 1395, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jul 09)

Scherger, M, Bolli, E, Pombo Antunes, AR, Arnouk, S, Stickdorn, J, Van Driessche, A, Schild, H, Grabbe, S, De Geest, BG, Van Ginderachter, JA, Nuhn, L.
Transient Multivalent Nanobody Targeting to CD206-Expressing Cells via PH-Degradable Nanogels
Cells 9, E2222, 2020. (Epub 2020 Oct 1)

Bolli, E, D'Huyvetter, M, Murgaski, A, Berus, D, Stange, G, Clappaert, EJ, Arnouk, S, Pombo Antunes, AR, Krasniqi, A, Lahoutte, T, Goncalves, A, Vuylsteke, M, Raes, G, Devoogdt, N, Movahedi, K, Van Ginderachter, JA.
Stromal-targeting radioimmunotherapy mitigates the progression of therapy-resistant tumors
J Control Release 314, 1-11, 2019. (Epub 2019 Oct 15)

Murgaski, A, Bardet, PMR, Arnouk, SM, Clappaert, EJ, Laoui, D.
Unleashing Tumour-Dendritic Cells to Fight Cancer by Tackling Their Three A's: Abundance, Activation and Antigen-Delivery
Cancers (Basel) 11, 5, 2019. (Epub 2019 May 14)

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