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Staal, J, Driege, Y, Haegman, M, Kreike, M, Iliaki, S, Vanneste, D, Lork, M, Afonina, IS, Braun, H, Beyaert, R.
Defining the combinatorial space of PKC::CARD-CC signal transduction nodes
FEBS J 288, 1630-1647, 2021. (Epub 2020 Aug 13)

Van Nevel, S, van Ovost, J, Holtappels, G, De Ruyck, N, Zhang, N, Braun, H, Maes, T, Bachert, C, Krysko, O.
Neutrophils Affect IL-33 Processing in Response to the Respiratory Allergen Alternaria alternata
Front Immunol 12, 677848, 2021. (Epub 2021 Aug 17)

Braun, H, Staal, J.
Stabilization of the TAK1 adaptor proteins TAB2 and TAB3 is critical for optimal NF-kappaB activation
FEBS J 287, 3161-3164, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jan 29)

Holgado, A, Braun, H, Verstraete, K, Vanneste, D, Callewaert, N, Savvides, SN, Afonina, IS, Beyaert, R.
Single-Chain Soluble Receptor Fusion Proteins as Versatile Cytokine Inhibitors
Front Immunol 11, 1422, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jul 13)

Van der Jeught, K, Sun, Y, Fang, Y, Zhou, Z, Jiang, H, Yu, T, Yang, J, Kamocka, MM, So, KM, Li, Y, Eyvani, H, Sandusky, GE, Frieden, M, Braun, H, Beyaert, R, He, X, Zhang, X, Zhang, C, Paczesny, S, et al..
ST2 as checkpoint target for colorectal cancer immunotherapy
JCI Insight 5, 136073, 2020. (Epub 2020 May 7)

Cochet, F, Facchini, FA, Zaffaroni, L, Billod, JM, Coelho, H, Holgado, A, Braun, H, Beyaert, R, Jerala, R, Jimenez-Barbero, J, Martin-Santamaria, S, Peri, F.
Novel carboxylate-based glycolipids: TLR4 antagonism, MD-2 binding and self-assembly properties
Sci Rep 9, 919, 2019. (Epub 2019 Jan 29)

Holgado, A, Braun, H, Van Nuffel, E, Detry, S, Schuijs, MJ, Deswarte, K, Vergote, K, Haegman, M, Baudelet, G, Haustraete, J, Hammad, H, Lambrecht, BN, Savvides, SN, Afonina, IS, Beyaert, R.
IL-33trap is a novel IL-33 neutralizing biologic that inhibits allergic airway inflammation
J Allergy Clin Immunol 144, 204-215, 2019. (Epub 2019 Mar 12)

Andersson, P, Yang, Y, Hosaka, K, Zhang, Y, Fischer, C, Braun, H, Liu, S, Yu, G, Liu, S, Beyaert, R, Chang, M, Li, Q, Cao, Y.
Molecular mechanisms of IL-33-mediated stromal interactions in cancer metastasis
JCI Insight 3, e122375, 2018. (Epub 2018 Oct 18)

Braun, H, Afonina, IS, Mueller, C, Beyaert, R.
Dichotomous function of IL-33 in health and disease: from biology to clinical implications
Biochem Pharmacol 148, 238-252, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jan 5)

De Grove, KC, Provoost, S, Braun, H, Blomme, EE, Teufelberger, AR, Krysko, O, Beyaert, R, Brusselle, GG, Joos, GF, Maes, T.
IL-33 signalling contributes to pollutant-induced allergic airway inflammation
Clin Exp Allergy 48, 1665-1675, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 30)

Facchini, FA, Zaffaroni, L, Minotti, A, Rapisarda, S, Calabrese, V, Forcella, M, Fusi, P, Airoldi, C, Ciaramelli, C, Billod, JM, Schromm, A, Braun, H, Palmer, C, Beyaert, R, Lapenta, F, Jerala, R, Pirianov, G, Martin-Santamaria, S, Peri, F.
Structure-Activity Relationship in Monosaccharide-Based Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4) Antagonists
J Med Chem 61, 2895-2909, 2018. (Epub 2018 Mar 12)

Lan, F, Zhang, N, Holtappels, G, De Ruyck, N, Krysko, O, Van Crombruggen, K, Braun, H, Johnston, SL, Papadopoulos, NG, Zhang, L, Bachert, C.
Staphylococcus aureus Induces a Mucosal Type 2 Immune Response via Epithelial Cell-derived Cytokines
Am J Respir Crit Care Med 198, 452-463, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 15)

Teufelberger, AR, Nordengrun, M, Braun, H, Maes, T, De Grove, K, Holtappels, G, O'Brien, C, Provoost, S, Hammad, H, Goncalves, A, Beyaert, R, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV, Broker, BM, Bachert, C, Krysko, O.
The IL-33/ST2 axis is crucial in type 2 airway responses induced by Staphylococcus aureus-derived serine protease-like protein D.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 141, 549-559, 2018. (Epub 2017 May 19)

Verstraete, K, Peelman, F, Braun, H, Lopez, J, Van Rompaey, D, Dansercoer, A, Vandenberghe, I, Pauwels, K, Tavernier, J, Lambrecht, BN, Hammad, H, De Winter, H, Beyaert, R, Lippens, G, Savvides, SN.
Structure and antagonism of the receptor complex mediated by human TSLP in allergy and asthma
Nat Commun 8, 14937, 2017. (Epub 2017 Apr 3)

Yang, Y, Andersson, P, Hosaka, K, Zhang, Y, Cao, R, Iwamoto, H, Yang, X, Nakamura, M, Wang, J, Zhuang, R, Morikawa, H, Xue, Y, Braun, H, Beyaert, R, Samani, N, Nakae, S, Hams, E, Dissing, S, Fallon, PG, et al..
The PDGF-BB-SOX7 axis-modulated IL-33 in pericytes and stromal cells promotes metastasis through tumour-associated macrophages
Nat Commun 7, 11385, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 6)

Coquet, JM, Schuijs, MJ, Smyth, MJ, Deswarte, K, Beyaert, R, Braun, H, Boon, L, Karlsson Hedestam, GB, Nutt, SL, Hammad, H, Lambrecht, BN.
Interleukin-21-Producing CD4(+) T Cells Promote Type 2 Immunity to House Dust Mites
Immunity 43, 318-30, 2015. (Epub 2015 Aug 18)

Guabiraba, R, Besnard, AG, Menezes, GB, Secher, T, Jabir, MS, Amaral, SS, Braun, H, Lima-Junior, RC, Ribeiro, RA, Cunha, FQ, Teixeira, MM, Beyaert, R, Graham, GJ, Liew, FY.
IL-33 targeting attenuates intestinal mucositis and enhances effective tumor chemotherapy in mice
Mucosal Immunol 7, 1079-1093, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jan 15)

Willart, MA, Deswarte, K, Pouliot, P, Braun, H, Beyaert, R, Lambrecht, BN, Hammad, H.
Interleukin-1alpha controls allergic sensitization to inhaled house dust mite via the epithelial release of GM-CSF and IL-33
J Exp Med 209, 1505-1517, 2012. (Epub 2012 Jul 16)

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