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Van Coillie, S, Van San, E, Goetschalckx, I, Wiernicki, B, Mukhopadhyay, B, Tonnus, W, Choi, SM, Roelandt, R, Dumitrascu, C, Lamberts, L, Dams, G, Weyts, W, Huysentruyt, J, Hassannia, B, Ingold, I, Lele, S, Meyer, E, Berg, M, Seurinck, R, et al..
Targeting ferroptosis protects against experimental (multi)organ dysfunction and death
Nat Commun 13, 1046, 2022. (Epub 2022 Feb 24)

Delanghe, T, Huyghe, J, Lee, S, Priem, D, Van Coillie, S, Gilbert, B, Choi, SM, Vandenabeele, P, Degterev, A, Cuny, GD, Dondelinger, Y, Bertrand, MJM.
Antioxidant and food additive BHA prevents TNF cytotoxicity by acting as a direct RIPK1 inhibitor
Cell Death Dis 12, 699, 2021. (Epub 2021 Jul 14)

Annibaldi, A, Wicky John, S, Vanden Berghe, T, Swatek, KN, Ruan, J, Liccardi, G, Bianchi, K, Elliott, PR, Choi, SM, Van Coillie, S, Bertin, J, Wu, H, Komander, D, Vandenabeele, P, Silke, J, Meier, P.
Ubiquitin-Mediated Regulation of RIPK1 Kinase Activity Independent of IKK and MK2
Mol Cell 69, 566-580, 2018. (Epub 2018 Feb 15)

Hassannia, B, Wiernicki, B, Ingold, I, Qu, F, Van Herck, S, Tyurina, YY, Bayir, H, Abhari, BA, Angeli, JPF, Choi, SM, Meul, E, Heyninck, K, et al., Lahtela-Kakkonen, M, Van Camp, G, Krysko, DV, Ekert, PG, Fulda, S,De Geest, B.G., Vanden Berghe, W., Vandenabeele, P., Vanden Berghe, T.
Nano-targeted induction of dual ferroptotic mechanisms eradicates high-risk neuroblastoma
J Clin Invest 128, 3341-3355, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jun 25)

Vanden Berghe, T, Hulpiau, P, Martens, L, Vandenbroucke, RE, Van Wonterghem, E, Perry, SW, Bruggeman, I, Divert, T, Choi, SM, Vuylsteke, M, Shestopalov, VI, Libert, C, Vandenabeele, P.
Passenger Mutations Confound Interpretation of All Genetically Modified Congenic Mice
Immunity 43, 200-209, 2015. (Epub 2015 Jul 21)

Vanden Berghe, T, Demon, D, Bogaert, P, Vandendriessche, B, Goethals, A, Depuydt, B, Vuylsteke, M, Roelandt, R, Van Wonterghem, E, Vandenbroecke, J, Choi, SM, Meyer, E, Krautwald, S, Declercq, W, Takahashi, N, Cauwels, A, Vandenabeele, P.
Simultaneous targeting of Interleukin-1 and -18 is required for protection against inflammatory and septic shock
Am J Respir Crit Care Med 189, 282-291, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jan 23)

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