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Naert, T, Tulkens, D, Van Nieuwenhuysen, T, Przybyl, J, Demuynck, S, van de Rijn, M, Al-Jazrawe, M, Alman, BA, Coucke, PJ, De Leeneer, K, Vanhove, C, Savvides, SN, Creytens, D, Vleminckx, K.
CRISPR-SID: Identifying EZH2 as a druggable target for desmoid tumors via in vivo dependency mapping
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118, e2115116118, 2021. (Epub 2021 Nov 23)

Naert, T, Dimitrakopoulou, D, Tulkens, D, Demuynck, S, Carron, M, Noelanders, R, Eeckhout, L, Van Isterdael, G, Deforce, D, Vanhove, C, Van Dorpe, J, Creytens, D, Vleminckx, K.
RBL1 (p107) functions as tumor suppressor in glioblastoma and small-cell pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma in Xenopus tropicalis
Oncogene 39, 2692-2706, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jan 30)

Naert, T, Tulkens, D, Edwards, NA, Carron, M, Shaidani, NI, Wlizla, M, Boel, A, Demuynck, S, Horb, ME, Coucke, P, Willaert, A, Zorn, AM, Vleminckx, K.
Maximizing CRISPR/Cas9 phenotype penetrance applying predictive modeling of editing outcomes in Xenopus and zebrafish embryos
Sci Rep 10, 14662, 2020. (Epub 2020 Sep 04)

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