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Geeraerts, X, Fernandez-Garcia, J, Hartmann, FJ, de Goede, KE, Martens, L, Elkrim, Y, Debraekeleer, A, Stijlemans, B, Vandekeere, A, Rinaldi, G, De Rycke, R, Planque, M, Broekaert, D, Meinster, E, Clappaert, E, Bardet, P, Murgaski, A, Gysemans, C, Nana, FA, et al..
Macrophages are metabolically heterogeneous within the tumor microenvironment
Cell Rep 37, 110171, 2021. (Epub 2021 Dec 28)

Kiss, M, Vande Walle, L, Saavedra, PHV, Lebegge, E, Van Damme, H, Murgaski, A, Qian, J, Ehling, M, Pretto, S, Bolli, E, Keirsse, J, Bardet, PMR, Arnouk, SM, Elkrim, Y, Schmoetten, M, Brughmans, J, Debraekeleer, A, Fossoul, A, Boon, L, et al..
IL1beta Promotes Immune Suppression in the Tumor Microenvironment Independent of the Inflammasome and Gasdermin D
Cancer Immunol Res 9, 309-323, 2021. (Epub 2020 Dec 23)

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