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Rodrigues Manica, S, Sepriano, A, Ramiro, S, Pimentel Santos, F, Putrik, P, Nikiphorou, E, Norton, S, Molto, A, Dougados, M, van der Heijde, D, Landewe, RBM, van den Bosch, FE, Boonen, A.
Work participation in spondyloarthritis across countries: analysis from the ASAS-COMOSPA study
Ann Rheum Dis 77, 1303-1310, 2018. (Epub 2018 Sep)

Roels, J, Aelterman, J, Luong, HQ, Lippens, S, Pizurica, A, Saeys, Y, Philips, W.
An overview of state-of-the-art image restoration in electron microscopy
J Microsc 271, 239-254, 2018. (Epub 2018 jun 8)

Rogiers, O, Holtappels, M, Siala, W, Lamkanfi, M, Van Bambeke, F, Lagrou, K, Van Dijck, P, Kucharikova, S.
Anidulafungin increases the antibacterial activity of tigecycline in polymicrobial Candida albicans/Staphylococcus aureus biofilms on intraperitoneally implanted foreign bodies
J Antimicrob Chemother 73, 2806-2814, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 13)

Ronca, R, Van Ginderachter, JA, Turtoi, A.
Paracrine interactions of cancer-associated fibroblasts, macrophages and endothelial cells: tumor allies and foes
Curr Opin Oncol 30, 4553, 2018. (Epub 2017 Oct 27)

Saavedra, PHV, Huang, L, Ghazavi, F, Kourula, S, Vanden Berghe, T, Takahashi, N, Vandenabeele, P, Lamkanfi, M.
Apoptosis of intestinal epithelial cells restricts Clostridium difficile infection in a model of pseudomembranous colitis
Nat Commun 9, 4846, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 19)

Saelens, W, Cannoodt, R, Saeys, Y.
A comprehensive evaluation of module detection methods for gene expression data
Nat Commun 9, 1090, 2018. (Epub 2018 Mar 15)

Saeys, Y, Van Gassen, S, Lambrecht, B.
Response to Orlova et al. "Science not art: statistically sound methods for identifying subsets in multi-dimensional flow and mass cytometry data sets"
Nat Rev Immunol 18, 78, 2018. (Epub 2017 Dec 22)

Schietgat, L, Vens, C, Cerri, R, Fischer, CN, Costa, E, Ramon, J, Carareto, CMA, Blockeel, H.
A machine learning based framework to identify and classify long terminal repeat retrotransposons
PLoS Comput Biol 14, e1006097, 2018. (Epub 2018 Apr 23)

Scott, CL, Guilliams, M.
The role of Kupffer cells in hepatic iron and lipid metabolism
J Hepatol 69, 1197-1199, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 9)

Scott, CL, Guilliams, M.
Tissue Unit-ed: Lung Cells Team up to Drive Alveolar Macrophage Development
Cell 175, 898-900, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 1)

Scott, CL, T'Jonck, W, Martens, L, Todorov, H, Sichien, D, Soen, B, Bonnardel, J, De Prijck, S, Vandamme, N, Cannoodt, R, Saelens, W, Vanneste, B, Toussaint, W, De Bleser, P, Takahashi, N, Vandenabeele, P, et al., Lambrecht, BN, De Baetselier, P, Milling, SWF, Van Ginderachter, JA, Malissen, B, Berx, G, Beschin, A, Saeys, Y, Guilliams, M.
The Transcription Factor ZEB2 Is Required to Maintain the Tissue-Specific Identities of Macrophages
Immunity 49, 312-325, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 31)

Sharma, PK, Dmitriev, IP, Kashentseva, EA, Raes, G, Li, L, Kim, SW, Lu, ZH, Arbeit, JM, Fleming, TP, Kaliberov, SA, Goedegebuure, SP, Curiel, DT, Gillanders, WE.
Development of an adenovirus vector vaccine platform for targeting dendritic cells
Cancer Gene Ther 25, 1-2, 2018. (Epub 2017 Dec 15)

Sikela, JM, van Roy, F.
Changing the name of the NBPF/DUF1220 domain to the Olduvai domain
F1000Research 6, 2185, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 17)

Skrypek, N, Bruneel, K, Vandewalle, C, De Smedt, E, Soen, B, Loret, N, Taminau, J, Goossens, S, Vandamme, N, Berx, G.
ZEB2 stably represses RAB25 expression through epigenetic regulation by SIRT1 and DNMTs during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
Epigenetics Chromatin 11, 70, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 16)

Slowicka, K, van Loo, G.
Optineurin Functions for Optimal Immunity
Front Immunol 9, 769, 2018. (Epub 2018 Apr 10)

Song, L, Merceron, R, Gracia, B, Quintana, AL, Risseeuw, MDP, Hulpia, F, Cos, P, Ainsa, JA, Munier-Lehmann, H, Savvides, SN, Van Calenbergh, S.
Structure Guided Lead Generation towards non-chiral M. tuberculosis Thymidylate Kinase Inhibitors
J Med Chem 61, 2753-2775, 2018. (Epub 2018 Mar 6)

Souffriau, J, Eggermont, M, Van Ryckeghem, S, Van Looveren, K, Van Wyngene, L, Van Hamme, E, Vuylsteke, M, Beyaert, R, De Bosscher, K, Libert, C.
A screening assay for Selective Dimerizing Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonists and Modulators (SEDIGRAM) that are effective against acute inflammation
Sci Rep 8, 12894, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 27)

Souffriau, J, Libert, C.
Mechanistic insights into the protective impact of zinc on sepsis
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev 39, 92-101, 2018. (Epub 2017 Dec 22)

Sparkes, A, De Baetselier, P, Brys, L, Cabrito, I, Sterckx, YG, Schoonooghe, S, Muyldermans, S, Raes, G, Bucala, R, Vanlandschoot, P, Van Ginderachter, JA, Stijlemans, B.
Novel half-life extended anti-MIF nanobodies protect against endotoxic shock
FASEB J 32, 3411-3422, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jan 25)

Spiranec, K, Chen, W, Werner, F, Nikolaev, VO, Naruke, T, Koch, F, Werner, A, Eder-Negrin, P, Dieguez-Hurtado, R, Adams, RH, Baba, HA, Schmidt, H, Schuh, K, Skryabin, BV, Movahedi, K, Schweda, F, Kuhn, M.
Endothelial C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Acts on Pericytes to Regulate Microcirculatory Flow and Blood Pressure
Circulation 138, 494-508, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 31)

Staal, J, Beyaert, R.
Inflammation and NF-kappaB Signaling in Prostate Cancer: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
Cells 7, 122, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 29)

Staal, J, Driege, Y, Haegman, M, Borghi, A, Hulpiau, P, Lievens, L, Gul, IS, Sundararaman, S, Goncalves, A, Dhondt, I, Pinzon, JH, Braeckman, BP, Technau, U, Saeys, Y, van Roy, F, Beyaert, R.
Ancient Origin of the CARD-Coiled Coil/Bcl10/MALT1-Like Paracaspase Signaling Complex Indicates Unknown Critical Functions
Front Immunol 9, 1136, 2018. (Epub 2018 May 24)

Steeland, S, Gorle, N, Vandendriessche, C, Balusu, S, Brkic, M, Van Cauwenberghe, C, Van Imschoot, G, Van Wonterghem, E, De Rycke, R, Kremer, A, Lippens, S, Stopa, E, Johanson, CE, Libert, C, Vandenbroucke, RE.
Counteracting the effects of TNF receptor-1 has therapeutic potential in Alzheimer's disease
EMBO Mol Med 10, UNSP e8300, 2018. (Epub 2018 Feb 22)

Steeland, S, Libert, C, Vandenbroucke, RE.
A New Venue of TNF Targeting
Int J Mol Sci 19, e1442, 2018. (Epub 2018 May 11)

Steeland, S, Van Ryckeghem, S, Vandewalle, J, Ballegeer, M, Van Wonterghem, E, Eggermont, M, Decruyenaere, J, De Bus, L, Libert, C, Vandenbroucke, RE.
Simultaneous Inhibition of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor 1 and Matrix Metalloproteinase 8 Completely Protects Against Acute Inflammation and Sepsis
Crit Care Med 46, e67e75, 2018. (Epub 2017 Oct 31)

Stijlemans, B, De Baetselier, P, Magez, S, Van Ginderachter, JA, De Trez, C.
African Trypanosomiasis-Associated Anemia: The Contribution of the Interplay between Parasites and the Mononuclear Phagocyte System
Frontiers in Immunology , 9, 2018. (Epub 2018 Feb 15)

Svedberg, F.R., Guilliams, M.
Cellular origin of human cardiac macrophage populations
Nat Med 24, 1091-1092, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 6)

Szenker-Ravi, E, Altunoglu, U, Leushacke, M, Bosso-Lefevre, C, Khatoo, M, Thi Tran, H, Naert, T, Noelanders, R, Hajamohideen, A, Beneteau, C, de Sousa, SB, Karaman, B, Latypova, X, Basaran, S, Yucel, EB, Tan, TT, Vlaeminck, L, Nayak, SS, Shukla, A, et al..
RSPO2 inhibition of RNF43 and ZNRF3 governs limb development independently of LGR4/5/6
Nature 557, 564-569, 2018. (Epub 2018 May 16)

Tanghe, G, Urwyler-Rosselet, C, De Groote, P, Dejardin, E, De Bock, PJ, Gevaert, K, Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W.
RIPK4 activity in keratinocytes is controlled by the SCF(beta-TrCP) ubiquitin ligase to maintain cortical actin organization
Cell Mol Life Sci 75, 2827-2841, 2018. (Epub 2018 Feb 12)

Tavernier, SJ, Lambrecht, BN, Janssens, S.
The Unfolded Protein Response in the Immune Cell Development: Putting the Caretaker in the Driving Seat
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 414, 45-72, 2018. (Epub 2017 Jul 13)

Tavernier, S, Sass, A, De Bruyne, M, Baeke, F, De Rycke, R, Crabbe, A, Vandecandelaere, I, Van Nieuwerburgh, F, Coenye, T.
Decreased susceptibility of Streptococcus anginosus to vancomycin in a multispecies biofilm is due to increased thickness of the cell wall
J Antimicrob Chemother 73, 2323-2330, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jun 12)

Teirlinck, E, Xiong, R, Brans, T, Forier, K, Fraire, J, Van Acker, H, Matthijs, N, De Rycke, R, De Smedt, SC, Coenye, T, Braeckmans, K.
Laser-induced vapour nanobubbles improve drug diffusion and efficiency in bacterial biofilms
Nat Commun 9, 4518, 2018. (Epub 2018 Oct 30)

Teufelberger, AR, Nordengrun, M, Braun, H, Maes, T, De Grove, K, Holtappels, G, O'Brien, C, Provoost, S, Hammad, H, Goncalves, A, Beyaert, R, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV, Broker, BM, Bachert, C, Krysko, O.
The IL-33/ST2 axis is crucial in type 2 airway responses induced by Staphylococcus aureus-derived serine protease-like protein D.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 141, 549-559, 2018. (Epub 2017 May 19)

Timmermans, S, Libert, C.
Easy Access to and Applications of the Sequences of All Protein-Coding Genes of All Sequenced Mouse Strains
Trends Genet 34, 899-902, 2018. (Epub 2018 Sep 19)

Timmermans, S, Libert, C.
Learning lessons in sepsis from the children
Mol Syst Biol 14, e8335, 2018. (Epub 2018 May 17)

Timmermans, S, Libert, C.
Overview of inactivating mutations in the protein-coding genome of the mouse reference strain C57BL/6J
JCI Insight 3, e121758, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jul 12)

Timmermans, S, Souffriau, J, Vandewalle, J, Van Wyngene, L, Van Looveren, K, Vanderhaeghen, T, Libert, C.
Using the inbred mouse strain SPRET/EiJ to provide novel insights in inflammation and infection research
Mamm Genome 29, 585-592, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug)

T'Jonck, W, Guilliams, M, Bonnardel, J.
Niche signals and transcription factors involved in tissue-resident macrophage development
Cell Immunol 330, 43-53, 2018. (Epub 2018 Feb 13)

Urwyler-Rosselet, C, Tanghe, G, Leurs, K, Gilbert, B, De Rycke, R, De Bruyne, M, Lippens, S, Bartunkova, S, De Groote, P, Niessen, C, Haftek, M, Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W.
Keratinocyte-specific ablation of RIPK4 allows epidermal cornification but impairs skin barrier formation
J Invest Dermatol 138, 1268-1278, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jan 6)

Van Damme, T, Pang, X, Guillemyn, B, Gulberti, S, Syx, D, De Rycke, R, Kaye, O, de Die-Smulders, CEM, Pfundt, R, Kariminejad, A, Nampoothiri, S, Pierquin, G, Bulk, S, Larson, AA, Chatfield, KC, Simon, M, Legrand, A, Gerard, M, Symoens, S, et al..
Biallelic B3GALT6 mutations cause spondylodysplastic Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Hum Mol Genet 27, 3475-3487, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jun 20)

Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W, Roelandt, R, Vanden Berghe, T.
MLKL Reveals Its Friendly Face: A Role in Nerve Regeneration
Mol Cell 72, 397-399, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 1)

Van den Bosch, F, Coates, L.
Clinical management of psoriatic arthritis
Lancet 391, 2285-2294, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jun 2)

Van der Borght, K, Lambrecht, BN.
Heart macrophages and dendritic cells in sickness and in health: A tale of a complicated marriage
Cell Immunol 330, 105-113, 2018. (Epub 2018 Apr 5)

Van der Borght, K, Scott, CL, Martens, L, Sichien, D, Van Isterdael, G, Nindl, V, Saeys, Y, Boon, L, Ludewig, B, Gillebert, TC, Lambrecht, BN.
Myocarditis Elicits Dendritic Cell and Monocyte Infiltration in the Heart and Self-Antigen Presentation by Conventional Type 2 Dendritic Cells
Front Immunol 9, 2714, 2018. (Epub 2018 Nov 21)

Van der Jeught, K, De Koker, S, Bialkowski, L, Heirman, C, Tjok Joe, P, Perche, F, Maenhout, S, Bevers, S, Broos, K, Deswarte, K, Malard, V, Hammad, H, Baril, P, Benvegnu, T, Jaffres, PA, Kooijmans, SAA, Schiffelers, R, Lienenklaus, S, Midoux, P, et al..
Dendritic Cell Targeting mRNA Lipopolyplexes Combine Strong Antitumor T-Cell Immunity with Improved Inflammatory Safety
ACS Nano 12, 9815-9829, 2018. (Epub 2018 Sep 26)

Vandewalle, J, Luypaert, A, De Bosscher, K, Libert, C.
Therapeutic Mechanisms of Glucocorticoids
Trends Endocrinol Metab 29, 42-54, 2018. (Epub 2017 Nov 18)

Vanheerswynghels, M, Toussaint, W, Schuijs, M, Vanhoutte, L, Killeen, N, Hammad, H, Lambrecht, BN.
The Generation and Use of Allergen-Specific TCR Transgenic Animals
Methods Mol Biol 1799, 183-210, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jun 29)

Van Herck, S, Deswarte, K, Nuhn, L, Zhong, Z, Portela Catani, JP, Li, Y, Sanders, NN, Lienenklaus, S, de Koker, S, Lambrecht, BN, David, SA, De Geest, BG.
Lymph node targeted immune-activation by engineered block copol-ymer amphiphiles - TLR7/8 agonist conjugates
J Am Chem Soc 140, 14300-14307, 2018. (Epub 2018 Oct 2)

Van Hoecke, L, Van Lint, S, Roose, K, Van Parys, A, Vandenabeele, P, Grooten, J, Tavernier, J, De Koker, S, Saelens, X.
Treatment with mRNA coding for the necroptosis mediator MLKL induces antitumor immunity directed against neo-epitopes
Nat Commun 9, 3417, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 24)

Van Looveren, K, Libert, C.
Should we target TNF receptors in the intestinal epithelium with glucocorticoids during systemic inflammation?
Expert Opin Ther Targets 22, 1029-1037, 2018. (Epub 2018 Oct 20)

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