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van Hengel, J, Nollet, F, Berx, G, van Roy, N, Speleman, F, van Roy, F.
Assignment of the human beta-catenin gene (CTNNB1) to 3p22-p21.3 by fluorescence in situ hybridization
Cytogenet Cell Genet 70, 68-70, 1995. (Epub ---)

Vanlandschoot, P, Beirnaert, E, Dewilde, S, Saelens, X, Bestebroer, T, de Jong, J, Min Jou, W, Fiers, W.
A fairly conserved epitope on the hemagglutinin of influenza A (H3N2) virus with variable accessibility to neutralizing antibody
Virology 212, 526-534, 1995. (Epub ---)

Vercammen, D, Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W, Van de Craen, M, Grooten, J, Fiers, W.
Cytotoxicity in L929 murine fibrosarcoma cells after triggering of transfected human p75 tumour necrosis factor (TNF) receptor is mediated by endogenous murine TNF
Cytokine 7, 463-470, 1995. (Epub ---)

Vermeulen, S, Bruyneel, E, van Roy, F, Mareel, M, Bracke, M.
Activation of the E-cadherin/catenin complex in human MCF-7 breast cancer cells by all-trans-retinoic acid
Br J Cancer 72, 1447-1453, 1995. (Epub ---)

Vermeulen, SJ, Bruyneel, EA, Bracke, ME, De Bruyne, GK, Vennekens, KM, Vleminckx, KL, Berx, GJ, van Roy, FM, Mareel, MM.
Transition from the noninvasive to the invasive phenotype and loss of alpha-catenin in human colon cancer cells
Cancer Res 55, 4722-4728, 1995. (Epub ---)

Westermarck, J, Häkkinen, L, Fiers, W, Kähäri, V-M.
TNF-R55-specific form of human tumor necrosis factor-alpha induces collagenase gene expression by human skin fibroblasts
J Invest Dermatol 105, 197-202, 1995. (Epub ---)

Barbara, JAJ, Smith, WB, Gamble, JR, Van Ostade, X, Vandenabeele, P, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W, Vadas, MA, Lopez, AF.
Dissociation of TNF-a cytotoxic and proinflammatory activities by p55 receptor- and p75 receptor-selective TNF-a mutants
EMBO J 13, 843-850, 1994. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, R, Fiers, W.
Molecular mechanisms of tumor necrosis factor-induced cytotoxicity: What we do understand and what we do not
FEBS Lett 340, 9-16, 1994. (Epub ---)

Bracke, ME, Vermeulen, SJ, Bruyneel, EA, Vennekens, KM, De Bruyne, GK, van Roy, FM, Mareel, MM.
The invasion suppressor function of E-cadherin in mammary epithelioid cells
In Prospects in Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer. (Schmitt, M, ed.), Excerpta Medica International Congress Series, Amsterdam, Elsevier, pp. 107-115, 1994. (Epub ---)

Brouckaert, P, Ameloot, P, Cauwels, A, Everaerdt, B, Libert, C, Takahashi, N, Van Molle, W, Fiers, W.
Receptor-selective mutants of tumour necrosis factor in the therapy of cancer: Preclinical studies
Circ Shock 43, 185-190, 1994. (Epub ---)

Carter, AT, Narbad, A, Pearson, BM, Beck, K-F, Baum, B, Logghe, M, Contreras, R, Schweizer, M.
Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase (PRS): A new gene family in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Yeast 10, 1031-1044, 1994. (Epub ---)

Demolder, J, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
Human interferon-beta, expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is predominantly directed to the vacuoles. Influence of modified co-expression of secretion factors and chaperones
J Biotechnol 32, 179-189, 1994. (Epub ---)

De Sutter, K, Fiers, W.
A bifunctional murine::human chimeric antibody with one antigen-binding arm replaced by bacterial beta-lactamase
Mol Immunol 31, 261-267, 1994. (Epub ---)

De Sutter, K, Hostens, K, Vandekerckhove, J, Fiers, W.
Production of enzymatically active rat protein disulfide isomerase in Escherichia coli
Gene 141, 163-170, 1994. (Epub ---)

Dimanche-Boitrel, MT, Vakaet Jr., L, Pujuguet, P, Chauffert, B, Martin, MS, Hammann, A, Van Roy, F, Mareel, M, Martin, F.
In vivo and in vitro invasiveness of a rat colon cancer cell line maintaining E-cadherin expression: An enhancing role of tumor-associated myofibroblasts
Int J Cancer 56, 512-521, 1994. (Epub ---)

Donckier, V, Abramowicz, D, Bruyns, C, Florquin, S, Vanderhaegen, M-L, Amraoui, Z, Dubois, C, Vandenabeele, P, Goldman, M.
IFN-g prevents Th2 cell-mediated pathology after neonatal injection of semiallogenic spleen cells in mice
J Immunol 153, 2361-2368, 1994. (Epub ---)

Donckier, V, Flament, V, Gérard, C, Abramowicz, D, Vandenabeele, P, Wissing, M, Delvaux, A, Fiers, W, Leo, O, Velu, T, Goldman, M.
Modulation of the release of cytokines and reduction of the shock syndrome induced by anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody in mice by interleukin-10
Transplantation 57, 1436-1439, 1994. (Epub ---)

Everaerdt, B, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
Recombinant IL-1 receptor antagonist protects against TNF-induced lethality in mice
J Immunol 152, 5041-5049, 1994. (Epub ---)

Feldmann, H, Aigle, M, Aljinovic, G, André, B, Baclet, MC, Barthe, C, Baur, A, Bécam, A-M, Biteau, N, Boles, E, Brandt, T, Brendel, M, Brückner, M, Bussereau, F, Christiansen, C, Contreras, R, Crouzet, M, Cziepluch, C, Démolis, N, et al..
Complete DNA sequence of yeast chromosome II
EMBO J 13, 5795-5809, 1994. (Epub ---)

Flamand, V, Donckier, V, Abramowicz, D, Goldman, M, Vandenabeele, P, Urbain, J, Moser, M, Leo, O.
In vivo immunosuppression induced by a weakly mitogenic antibody to mouse CD3: Evidence that induction of long-lasting in vivo unresponsiveness requires TcR signaling
Cell Immunol 157, 239-248, 1994. (Epub ---)

Goldman, GH, Vasseur, V, Contreras, R, Van Montagu, M.
Sequence analysis and expression studies of a gene encoding a novel serine + alanine-rich protein in Trichoderma harzianum
Gene 144, 113-117, 1994. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
Protection by a1-acid glycoprotein against tumor necrosis factor-induced lethality
J Exp Med 180, 1571-1575, 1994. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Takahashi, N, Cauwels, A, Brouckaert, P, Bluethmann, H, Fiers, W.
Response of interleukin-6-deficient mice to tumor necrosis factor-induced metabolic changes and lethality
Eur J Immunol 24, 2237-2242, 1994. (Epub ---)

Logghe, M, Molemans, F, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
The two genes encoding yeast ribosomal protein S8 reside on different chromosomes, and are closely linked to the hsp70 stress protein genes SSA3 and SSA4
Yeast 10, 1093-1100, 1994. (Epub ---)

Marchant, A, Bruyns, C, Vandenabeele, P, Abramowicz, D, Gérard, C, Delvaux, A, Ghezzi, P, Velu, T, Goldman, M.
The protective role of interleukin-10 in endotoxin shock
Prog Clin Biol Res 388, 417-423, 1994. (Epub ---)

Marchant, A, Bruyns, C, Vandenabeele, P, Ducarme, M, Gérard, C, Delvaux, A, De Groote, D, Abramowicz, D, Velu, T, Goldman, M.
Interleukin-10 controls interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor production during experimental endotoxemia
Eur J Immunol 24, 1167-1171, 1994. (Epub ---)

Mareel, M, Bracke, M, Van Roy, F.
Invasion promoter versus invasion suppressor molecules: the paradigm of E-cadherin
Mol Biol Rep 19, 45-67, 1994. (Epub ---)

Mareel, MM, Vleminckx, K, Vermeulen, S, Gao, Y, Bracke, M, van Roy, F.
Downregulation in vivo of the invasion-suppressor molecule E-cadherin in experimental and clinical cancer
In Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund. Princeton, The Princeton Scientific Publishing Co., pp. 63-80 , 1994. (Epub ---)

Mareel, M, Van Roy, F, De Baetselier, P, Vakaet, L.
Invasiveness in development and neoplasia
In Developmental Biology and Cancer. (Hodges, GM, Rowlatt, C, eds.), New Jersey, The Telford Press, pp. 389-416, 1994. (Epub ---)

Steidler, L, Fiers, W, Remaut, E.
Efficient specific release of periplasmic proteins from Escherichia coli using temperature induction of cloned kil gene of pMB9
Biotechnol Bioeng 44, 1074-1082, 1994. (Epub ---)

Takahashi, N, Brouckaert, P, Bemelmans, MHA, Buurman, WA, Fiers, W.
Mechanism of induction of tolerance to tumour necrosis factor (TNF): No involvement of modulators of TNF bioavailability or receptor binding
Cytokine 6, 235-242, 1994. (Epub ---)

Vandenabeele, P, Goossens, V, Beyaert, R, Declercq, W, Grooten, J, Vanhaesebroeck, B, Van de Craen, M, Vercammen, D, Depuydt, B, Denecker, G, Fiers, W.
Functional requirement of the two TNF receptors for induction of apoptosis in PC60 cells and the role of mitochondria in TNF-induced cytotoxicity
Circ Shock 44, 196-200, 1994. (Epub ---)

Vandenbossche, GMR, De Bruyne, GK, Bruyneel, EA, Clemminck, G, Vleminckx, K, van Roy, FM, Mareel, MM.
Microencapsulation of MDCK-ras-e cells prevents loss of the E-cadherin invasion suppressor function in vivo
Int J Cancer 57, 73-80, 1994. (Epub ---)

Vanhoenacker, P, Fiers, W, Haegeman, G.
Studies on the induction of the interleukin-6 promoter in cell lines of human and simian origin
Eur Cytokine Netw 5, 283-291, 1994. (Epub ---)

Van Ostade, X, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W.
Structure-activity studies of human tumour necrosis factors
Protein Eng 7, 5-22, 1994. (Epub ---)

Van Ostade, X, Vandenabeele, P, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W.
Human tumor necrosis factor mutants with preferential binding to and activity on either the R55 or R75 receptor
Eur J Biochem 220, 771-779, 1994. (Epub ---)

Vleminckx, KL, Deman, JJ, Bruyneel, EA, Van den Bossche, GMR, Keirsebilck, AA, Mareel, MM, van Roy, FM.
Enlarged cell-associated proteoglycans abolish E-cadherin functionality in invasive tumor cells
Cancer Res 54, 873-877, 1994. (Epub ---)

Behrens, J, Vakaet, L, Friis, R, Winterhager, E, van Roy, F, Mareel, MM, Birchmeier, W.
Loss of epithelial differentiation and gain of invasiveness correlates with tyrosine phosphorylation of the E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex in cells transformed with a temperature-sensitive v-src gene
J Cell Biol 120, 757-766, 1993. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, R, Heyninck, K, De Valck, D, Boeykens, F, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Enhancement of tumor necrosis factor cytotoxicity by lithium chloride is associated with increased inositol phosphate accumulation
J Immunol 151, 291-300, 1993. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, R, Vanhaesebroeck, B, Heyninck, K, Boone, E, De Valck, D, Schulze-Osthoff, K, Haegeman, G, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Sensitization of tumor cells to tumor necrosis factor action by the protein kinase inhibitor staurosporine
Cancer Res 53, 2623-2630, 1993. (Epub ---)

Bracke, ME, Vyncke, BM, Bruyneel, EA, Vermeulen, SJ, De Bruyne, GK, Van Larebeke, NA, Vleminckx, K, Van Roy, FM, Mareel, MM.
Insulin-like growth factor I activates the invasion suppressor function of E-cadherin in MCF-7 human mammary carcinoma cells in vitro
Br J Cancer 68, 282-289, 1993. (Epub ---)

Broekhuijsen, MP, Mattern, IE, Contreras, R, Kinghorn, JR, van den Hondel, CAMJJ.
Secretion of heterologous proteins by Aspergillus niger: Production of active human interleukin-6 in a protease-deficient mutant by KEX2-like processing of a glucoamylase-hIL6 fusion protein
J Biotechnol 31, 135-145, 1993. (Epub ---)

Brouckaert, P, Everaerdt, B, Libert, C, Takahashi, N, Cauwels, A, Fiers, W.
Strategies to broaden the therapeutic margin of tumor necrosis factor
In Tumor Necrosis Factor: Molecular and Cellular Biology and Clinical Relevance. (Fiers, W, Buurman, WA, eds.), Basel, Karger, pp. 226-232, 1993. (Epub ---)

Brouckaert, PG, Libert, C.
Tumor necrosis factor
In Acute Phase Proteins Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Clinical Applications. (Mackiewicz, A, Kushner, I, Baumann, H, eds.), Boca Raton, CRC Press, pp. 329-342, 1993. (Epub ---)

Brouckaert, P, Libert, C, Everaerdt, B, Takahashi, N, Cauwels, A, Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor, its receptors and the connection with interleukin 1 and interleukin 6
Immunobiology 187, 317-329, 1993. (Epub ---)

Chastre, E, Empereur, S, Di Gioia, Y, El Mahdani, N, Mareel, M, Vleminckx, K, Van Roy, F, Bex, V, Emami, S, Spandidos, DA, Gespach, C.
Neoplastic progression of human and rat intestinal cell lines after transfer of the ras and polyoma middle T oncogenes
Gastroenterology 105, 1776-1789, 1993. (Epub ---)

Demolder, J, De Backer, M, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
Phenotypic effects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae after regulated expression of beta-(1,3)-glucanase from Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
J Biotechnol 27, 295-305, 1993. (Epub ---)

De Valck, D, Beyaert, R, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor cytotoxicity is associated with activation of cellular phospholipases
In New Developments in Lipid-Protein Interactions and Receptor Function. (Wirtz, KWA, Packer, L, Gustafsson, JÅ, Evangelopoulos, AE, Changeux, JP, eds.), NATO ASI Series, Vol. A 246, New York-London, Plenum Press, pp. 29-37, 1993. (Epub ---)

De Valck, D, Beyaert, R, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor cytotoxicity is associated with phospholipase D activation
Eur J Biochem 212, 491-497, 1993. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Guisez, Y, Cornelis, S, Verhee, A, Van der Heyden, J, Manneberg, M, Lahm, H-W, Fiers, W, Tavernier, J, Plaetinck, G.
Recombinant soluble human interleukin-5 (hIL-5) receptor molecules. Cross-linking and stoichiometry of binding to IL-5
J Biol Chem 268, 6581-6587, 1993. (Epub ---)

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