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For copyright reasons, PDF-versions of our publications are available on the intranet only (login required  ). If you would like to receive a reprint of an IRC paper, please copy/paste the reference in the
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Schotte, L, Steidler, L, Vandekerckhove, J, Remaut, E.
Secretion of biologically active murine interleukin-10 by Lactococcus lactis
Enzyme Microb Technol 27, 761-765, 2000. (Epub ---)

Steidler, L, Hans, W, Schotte, L, Neirynck, S, Obermeier, F, Falk, W, Fiers, W, Remaut, E.
Treatment of murine colitis by Lactococcus lactis secreting interleukin-10
Science 289, 1352-1355, 2000. (Epub ---)

Vancompernolle, K, Boonefaes, T, Mann, M, Fiers, W, Grooten, J.
Tumor necrosis factor-induced microtubule stabilization mediated by hyperphosphorylated oncoprotein 18 promotes cell death
J Biol Chem 275, 33876-33882, 2000. (Epub ---)

Van Craenenbroeck, K, Vanhoenacker, P, Duchau, H, Haegeman, G.
Molecular integrity and usefulness of episomal expression vectors derived from BK and Epstein-Barr virus
Gene 253, 293-301, 2000. (Epub ---)

Van Craenenbroeck, K, Vanhoenacker, P, Haegeman, G.
Episomal vectors for gene expression in mammalian cells
Eur J Biochem 267, 5665-5678, 2000. (Epub ---)

Vanden Berghe, W, Vermeulen, L, De Wilde, G, De Bosscher, K, Boone, E, Haegeman, G.
Signal transduction by tumor necrosis factor and gene regulation of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6
Biochem Pharmacol 60, 1185-1195, 2000. (Epub ---)

Vanhoenacker, P, Haegeman, G, Leysen, JE.
5-HT7 receptors: Current knowledge and future prospects
Trends Pharmacol Sci 21, 70-77, 2000. (Epub ---)

Van Molle, W, Hochepied, T, Brouckaert, P, Libert, C.
The major acute-phase protein, serum amyloid P component, in mice is not involved in endogenous resistance against tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced lethal hepatitis, shock, and skin necrosis
Infect Immun 68, 5026-5029, 2000. (Epub ---)

Van Molle, W, Vanden Berghe, J, Brouckaert, P, Libert, C.
Tumor necrosis factor-induced lethal hepatitis: Pharmacological intervention with verapamil, tannic acid, picotamide and K76COOH
FEBS Lett 467, 201-205, 2000. (Epub ---)

Viaene, J, Tiels, P, Logghe, M, Dewaele, S, Martinet, W, Contreras, R.
MET15 as a visual selection marker for Candida albicans
Yeast 16, 1205-1215, 2000. (Epub ---)

Wijnhoven, BPL, Nollet, F, De Both, NJ, Tilanus, HW, Dinjens, WNM.
Genetic alterations involving exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene do not play a role in adenocarcinomas of the esophagus
Int J Cancer 86, 533-537, 2000. (Epub ---)

Assefa, Z, Vantieghem, A, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P, Vandenheede, JR, Merlevede, W, de Witte, P, Agostinis, P.
The activation of the c-Jun N-terminal kinase and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways protects HeLa cells from apoptosis following photodynamic therapy with hypericin
J Biol Chem 274, 8788-8796, 1999. (Epub ---)

Baeyens, KJ, De Bondt, HL, Raeymaekers, A, Fiers, W, De Ranter, CJ.
The structure of mouse tumour-necrosis factor at 1.4 Å resolution: Towards modulation of its selectivity and trimerization
Acta Crystallogr D55, 772-778, 1999. (Epub ---)

Baxter, GT, Kuo, RC, Jupp, OJ, Vandenabeele, P, MacEwan, DJ.
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha mediates both apoptotic cell death and cell proliferation in a human hematopoietic cell line dependent on mitotic activity and receptor subtype expression
J Biol Chem 274, 9539-9547, 1999. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, R.
NF-kB as an emerging target in atopy
Expert Opin Ther Targets 3, 213-228, 1999. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, RLV.
A sensitizing function for lithium ions in tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-1 signalling
In Lithium: 50 Years of Psychopharmacology New Perspectives in Biomedical and Clinical Research. (Birch, NJ, Gallicchio, VS, Becker, RW, eds.), Cheshire, Weidner Publishing Group, pp. 168-182 , 1999. (Epub ---)

Bonné, S, van Hengel, J, Nollet, F, Kools, P, van Roy, F.
Plakophilin-3, a novel Armadillo-like protein present in nuclei and desmosomes of epithelial cells
J Cell Sci 112, 2265-2276, 1999. (Epub ---)

Carpentier, I, Beyaert, R.
TRAF1 is a TNF inducible regulator of NF-kB activation
FEBS Lett 460, 246-250, 1999. (Epub ---)

Daemen, MARC, van 't Veer, C, Denecker, G, Heemskerk, VH, Wolfs, TGAM, Clauss, M, Vandenabeele, P, Buurman, WA.
Inhibition of apoptosis induced by ischemia-reperfusion prevents inflammation
J Clin Invest 104, 541-549, 1999. (Epub ---)

De Backer, MD, Maes, D, Vandoninck, S, Logghe, M, Contreras, R, Luyten, WHML.
Transformation of Candida albicans by electroporation
Yeast 15, 1609-1618, 1999. (Epub ---)

De Bleecker, JL, Meire, VI, Declercq, W, Van Aken, EH.
Immunolocalization of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and its receptors in inflammatory myopathies
Neuromusc Disorders 9, 239-246, 1999. (Epub ---)

De Bosscher, K, Vanden Berghe, W, Boone, E, Haegeman, G.
In search of the molecular mechanism of gene repression by glucocorticoids
In Molecular Mechanisms of Transcellular Signaling From Membrane Receptors to Transcription Factors. (Thiery, JP, ed.), NATO Science Series, Vol. A 309, Amsterdam, IOS Press, pp. 53-62, 1999. (Epub ---)

Delerive, P, De Bosscher, K, Besnard, S, Vanden Berghe, W, Peters, JM, Gonzalez, FJ, Fruchart, J-C, Tedgui, A, Haegeman, G, Staels, B.
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor a negatively regulates the vascular inflammatory gene response by negative cross-talk with transcription factors NF-kB and AP-1
J Biol Chem 274, 32048-32054, 1999. (Epub ---)

De Valck, D, Jin, D-Y, Heyninck, K, Van de Craen, M, Contreras, R, Fiers, W, Jeang, K-T, Beyaert, R.
The zinc finger protein A20 interacts with a novel anti-apoptotic protein which is cleaved by specific caspases
Oncogene 18, 4182-4190, 1999. (Epub ---)

Escalante-Ochoa, C, Ducatelle, R, Charlier, G, De Vos, K, Haesebrouck, F.
Significance of host cell kinesin in the development of Chlamydia psittaci
Infect Immun 67, 5441-5446, 1999. (Epub ---)

Eymin, B, Sordet, O, Droin, N, Munsch, B, Haugg, M, Van de Craen, M, Vandenabeele, P, Solary, E.
Caspase-induced proteolysis of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27Kip1 mediates its anti-apoptotic activity
Oncogene 18, 4839-4847, 1999. (Epub ---)

Faraco, PR, Ledgerwood, EC, Vandenabeele, P, Prins, JB, Bradley, JR.
Tumor necrosis factor induces distinct patterns of caspase activation in WEHI-164 cells associated with apoptosis or necrosis depending on cell cycle stage
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 261, 385-392, 1999. (Epub ---)

Ferrari, D, Los, M, Bauer, MKA, Vandenabeele, P, Wesselborg, S, Schulze-Osthoff, K.
P2Z purinoreceptor ligation induces activation of caspases with distinct roles in apoptotic and necrotic alterations of cell death
FEBS Lett 447, 71-75, 1999. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Beyaert, R, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P.
More than one way to die: Apoptosis, necrosis and reactive oxygen damage
Oncogene 18, 7719-7730, 1999. (Epub ---)

Goossens, V, De Vos, K, Vercammen, D, Steemans, M, Vancompernolle, K, Fiers, W, Vandenabeele, P, Grooten, J.
Redox regulation of TNF signaling
BioFactors 10, 145-156, 1999. (Epub ---)

Goossens, V, Stangé, G, Moens, K, Pipeleers, D, Grooten, J.
Regulation of tumor necrosis factor-induced, mitochondria- and reactive oxygen species-dependent cell death by the electron flux through the electron transport chain complex I
Antiox Redox Signal 1, 285-295, 1999. (Epub ---)

Heyninck, K, Beyaert, R.
The cytokine-inducible zinc finger protein A20 inhibits IL-1-induced NF-kB activation at the level of TRAF6
FEBS Lett 442, 147-150, 1999. (Epub ---)

Heyninck, K, Denecker, G, De Valck, D, Fiers, W, Beyaert, R.
Inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-induced necrotic cell death by the zinc finger protein A20
Anticancer Res 19, 2863-2868, 1999. (Epub ---)

Heyninck, K, De Valck, D, Vanden Berghe, W, Van Criekinge, W, Contreras, R, Fiers, W, Haegeman, G, Beyaert, R.
The zinc finger protein A20 inhibits TNF-induced NF-kB-dependent gene expression by interfering with an RIP- or TRAF2-mediated transactivation signal and directly binds to a novel NF-kB-inhibiting protein ABIN
J Cell Biol 145, 1471-1482, 1999. (Epub ---)

Janssens, B, Staes, K, van Roy, F.
Human alpha-catulin, a novel alpha-catenin-like molecule with conserved genomic structure, but deviating alternative splicing
Biochim Biophys Acta 1447, 341-347, 1999. (Epub ---)

Kools, P, Vanhalst, K, Van den Eynde, E, van Roy, F.
The human cadherin-10 gene: Complete coding sequence, predominant expression in the brain, and mapping on chromosome 5p13-14
FEBS Lett 452, 328-334, 1999. (Epub ---)

Kools, P, Vanhalst, K, van Roy, F.
Assignment of cadherin-4 (R-cadherin, CDH4) to human chromosome band 20q13.3
Cytogenet Cell Genet 86, 26-27, 1999. (Epub ---)

Laroy, W, Maras, M, Contreras, R.
Structure-function analysis of human liver a2,6-sialyltransferase
In Sialobiology and Other Novel Forms of Glycosylation. (Inoue, Y, Lee, YC, Troy II, FA, eds.), Osaka, Gakushin, pp. 183-186, 1999. (Epub ---)

Levi, B, Sica, A, Müller-Newen, G, Takahashi, N, Vandenabeele, P, Fish, E.
Jerusalem of cytokines
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev 10, 159-171, 1999. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Wielockx, B, Grijalba, B, Van Molle, W, Kremmer, E, Colten, HR, Fiers, W, Brouckaert, P.
The role of complement activation in tumour necrosis factor-induced lethal hepatitis
Cytokine 11, 617-625, 1999. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Wielockx, B, Hammond, GL, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W, Elliott, RW.
Identification of a locus on distal mouse chromosome 12 that controls resistance to tumor necrosis factor-induced lethal shock
Genomics 55, 284-289, 1999. (Epub ---)

Li, CD, Berx, G, Larsson, C, Auer, G, Aspenblad, U, Pan, Y, Sundelin, B, Ekman, M, Nordenskjöld, M, van Roy, F, Bergerheim, USR.
Distinct deleted regions on chromosome segment 16q23-24 associated with metastases in prostate cancer
Gene Chromos Cancer 24, 175-182, 1999. (Epub ---)

Louagie, H, Schotte, P, Vral, A, Cornelissen, M, Thierens, H, Beyaert, R, De Ridder, L, Philippé, J.
Apoptosis induced by g irradiation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells is not mediated by cytochrome-c release and only partially involves caspase-3-like proteases
Cell Biol Int 23, 611-617, 1999. (Epub ---)

Machado, JC, Soares, P, Carneiro, F, Rocha, A, Beck, S, Blin, N, Berx, G, Sobrinho-Simões, M.
E-cadherin gene mutations provide a genetic basis for the phenotypic divergence of mixed gastric carcinomas
Lab Invest 79, 459-465, 1999. (Epub ---)

Maras, M, De Bruyn, A, Vervecken, W, Uusitalo, J, Penttilä, M, Busson, R, Herdewijn, P, Contreras, R.
In vivo synthesis of complex N-glycans by expression of human N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I in the filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei
FEBS Lett 452, 365-370, 1999. (Epub ---)

Maras, M, van Die, I, Contreras, R, van den Hondel, CAMJJ.
Filamentous fungi as production organisms for glycoproteins of bio-medical interest
Glycoconjugate J 16, 99-107, 1999. (Epub ---)

Martinet, W, Van den Plas, D, Raes, H, Reekmans, R, Contreras, R.
Bax-induced cell death in Pichia pastoris
Biotechnol Lett 21, 821-829, 1999. (Epub ---)

Mertens, N, Fiers, W, Remaut, E.
An advanced vector system for high-level recombinant gene expression in Escherichia coli
In Biotechnology International II. (Connor, TH, Weier, H-U, Fox, CF, eds.), San Francisco, Universal Medical Press, pp. 165-171, 1999. (Epub ---)

Neirynck, S, Deroo, T, Saelens, X, Vanlandschoot, P, Min Jou, W, Fiers, W.
A universal influenza A vaccine based on the extracellular domain of the M2 protein
Nat Med 5, 1157-1163, 1999. (Epub ---)

Nollet, F, Berx, G, van Roy, F.
The role of the E-cadherin/catenin adhesion complex in the development and progression of cancer
Mol Cell Biol Res Commun 2, 77-85, 1999. (Epub ---)

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