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Maras, M, Saelens, X, Laroy, W, Piens, K, Claeyssens, M, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
In vitro conversion of the carbohydrate moiety of fungal glycoproteins to mammalian-type oligosaccharides. Evidence for N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase-I-accepting glycans from Trichoderma reesei
Eur J Biochem 249, 701-707, 1997. (Epub ---)

Mareel, MM, Bracke, ME, van Roy, FM, De Baetselier, P.
Molecular mechanisms of cancer invasion
In Encyclopedia of Cancer. (Bertino, JR, ed.), Vol. II, San Diego, Academic Press, pp. 1072-1083, 1997. (Epub ---)

Mareel, M, Vermeulen, S, Noë, V, Van Hoorde, L, Bruyneel, E, Van Roy, F, Bracke, M.
Activation and inactivation of invasion-suppressor molecules: In vitro analysis
In Forschung ohne Tierversuche 1996. (Schöffl, H, Spielmann, H, Tritthart, HA, Cußler, K, Goetschel, AF, Gruber, FP, Reinhardt, CA, eds.), Wien-New York, Springer, pp. 118-127 , 1997. (Epub ---)

Martinet, W, Saelens, X, Deroo, T, Neirynck, S, Contreras, R, Min Jou, W, Fiers, W.
Protection of mice against a lethal influenza challenge by immunization with yeast-derived recombinant influenza neuraminidase
Eur J Biochem 247, 332-338, 1997. (Epub ---)

Nollet, F, van den Berg, A, Kersemaekers, A-M, Cleton-Jansen, A-M, Berx, G, van der Veen, AY, Eichperger, C, Wieland, I, De Grève, J, Liefers, G-J, Vos, C, Xiao, W-H, Buys, CHCM, Cornelisse, C, van Roy, F.
Allelic imbalance at the beta-catenin gene (CTNNB1 at 3p22-21.3) in various human tumor types
Int J Oncol 11, 311-318, 1997. (Epub ---)

Plaisance, S, Vanden Berghe, W, Boone, E, Fiers, W, Haegeman, G.
Recombination signal sequence binding protein Jk is constitutively bound to the NF-kB site of the interleukin-6 promoter and acts as a negative regulatory factor
Mol Cell Biol 17, 3733-3743, 1997. (Epub ---)

Renard, P, Zachary, M-D, Bougelet, C, Mirault, M-E, Haegeman, G, Remacle, J, Raes, M.
Effects of antioxidant enzyme modulations on interleukin-1-induced nuclear factor kappa B activation
Biochem Pharmacol 53, 149-160, 1997. (Epub ---)

Schraml, J, De Bruyn, A, Contreras, R, Herdewijn, P.
A versatile NMR technique for the identification of phosphorylation sites in oligosaccharides
J Carbohydrate Chem 16, 165-170, 1997. (Epub ---)

Schraml, J, van Halbeek, H, De Bruyn, A, Contreras, R, Maras, M, Herdewijn, P.
Hadamard 1D 1H TOCSY and its application to oligosaccharides
Magn Reson Chem 35, 883-888, 1997. (Epub ---)

Soares, P, Berx, G, van Roy, F, Sobrinho-Simões, M.
E-cadherin gene alterations are rare events in thyroid tumors
Int J Cancer 70, 32-38, 1997. (Epub ---)

Van de Craen, M, Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W, Van den brande, I, van Loo, G, Molemans, F, Schotte, P, Van Criekinge, W, Beyaert, R, Fiers, W.
Characterization of seven murine caspase family members
FEBS Lett 403, 61-69, 1997. (Epub ---)

Van de Craen, M, Van den brande, I, Declercq, W, Irmler, M, Beyaert, R, Tschopp, J, Fiers, W, Vandenabeele, P.
Cleavage of caspase family members by granzyme B: A comparative study in vitro
Eur J Immunol 27, 1296-1299, 1997. (Epub ---)

Vandevoorde, V, Haegeman, G, Fiers, W.
Induced expression of trimerized intracellular domains of the human tumor necrosis factor (TNF) p55 receptor elicits TNF effects
J Cell Biol 137, 1627-1638, 1997. (Epub ---)

van Hengel, J, Gohon, L, Bruyneel, E, Vermeulen, S, Cornelissen, M, Mareel, M, van Roy, F.
Protein kinase C activation upregulates intercellular adhesion of alpha-catenin-negative human colon cancer cell variants via induction of desmosomes
J Cell Biol 137, 1103-1116, 1997. (Epub ---)

Vanhoenacker, P, Gommeren, W, Luyten, WHML, Leysen, JE, Haegeman, G.
Stable, high-level expression of human serotonin receptors in L929 cells using an inducible expression system
Receptors Channels 5, 125-137, 1997. (Epub ---)

Van Molle, W, Libert, C, Fiers, W, Brouckaert, P.
a1-Acid glycoprotein and a1-antitrypsin inhibit TNF-induced but not anti-Fas-induced apoptosis of hepatocytes in mice
J Immunol 159, 3555-3564, 1997. (Epub ---)

Veldhuisen, G, Saloheimo, M, Fiers, MA, Punt, PJ, Contreras, R, Penttilä, M, van den Hondel, CAMJJ.
Isolation and analysis of functional homologues of the secretion-related SAR1 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma reesei
Mol Gen Genet 256, 446-455, 1997. (Epub ---)

Vercammen, D, Vandenabeele, P, Beyaert, R, Declercq, W, Fiers, W.
Tumour necrosis factor-induced necrosis versus anti-Fas-induced apoptosis in L929 cells
Cytokine 9, 801-808, 1997. (Epub ---)

Vermeulen, SJ, Nollet, F, Teugels, E, Philippé, J, Speleman, F, van Roy, FM, Bracke, ME, Mareel, MM.
Mutation of alpha-catenin results in invasiveness of human HCT-8 colon cancer cells
Ann NY Acad Sci 833, 186-189, 1997. (Epub ---)

Vos, CBJ, Cleton-Jansen, A-M, Berx, G, de Leeuw, WJF, ter Haar, NT, van Roy, F, Cornelisse, CJ, Peterse, JL, van de Vijver, MJ.
E-cadherin inactivation in lobular carcinoma in situ of the breast: an early event in tumorigenesis
Br J Cancer 76, 1131-1133, 1997. (Epub ---)

Wallach, D, Boldin, M, Varfolomeev, E, Beyaert, R, Vandenabeele, P, Fiers, W.
Cell death induction by receptors of the TNF family: Towards a molecular understanding
FEBS Lett 410, 96-106, 1997. (Epub ---)

Benigni, F, Faggioni, R, Sironi, M, Fantuzzi, G, Vandenabeele, P, Takahashi, N, Sacco, S, Fiers, W, Buurman, WA, Ghezzi, P.
TNF receptor p55 plays a major role in centrally mediated increases of serum IL-6 and corticosterone after intracerebroventricular injection of TNF
J Immunol 157, 5563-5568, 1996. (Epub ---)

Berx, G, Cleton-Jansen, A-M, Strumane, K, de Leeuw, WJF, Nollet, F, van Roy, FM, Cornelisse, C.
E-cadherin is inactivated in a majority of invasive human lobular breast cancers by truncation mutations throughout its extracellular domain
Oncogene 13, 1919-1925, 1996. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, R, Cuenda, A, Vanden Berghe, W, Plaisance, S, Lee, JC, Haegeman, G, Cohen, P, Fiers, W.
The p38/RK mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway regulates interleukin-6 synthesis in response to tumour necrosis factor
EMBO J 15, 1914-1923, 1996. (Epub ---)

Bracke, ME, Van Roy, FM, Castronovo, V, Mareel, MM.
Tamoxifen and the E-cadherin/catenin complex
In Tamoxifen - Beyond the Antiestrogen. (Kellen, JA, ed.), Boston-Basel-Berlin, Birkhäuser, pp. 267-284, 1996. (Epub ---)

Bracke, ME, van Roy, FM, Mareel, MM.
The E-cadherin/catenin complex in invasion and metastasis
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 213, 123-161, 1996. (Epub ---)

Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor and the systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 216, 167-187, 1996. (Epub ---)

Brouckaert, P, Libert, C, Cauwels, A, Everaerdt, B, Van Molle, W, Ameloot, P, Gansemans, Y, Grijalba, B, Takahashi, N, Truong, M-J, Van Leuven, P, Fiers, W.
Inhibition of and sensitization to the lethal effects of tumor necrosis factor
J Inflamm 47, 18-26, 1996. (Epub ---)

Cappelletti, M, Alonzi, T, Fattori, E, Libert, C, Poli, V.
C/EBPb is required for the late phases of acute phase genes induction in the liver and for tumour necrosis factor-alpha, but not interleukin-6, regulation
Cell Death Differ 3, 29-35, 1996. (Epub ---)

Carbó, N, López-Soriano, FJ, Fiers, W, Argilés, JM.
Tumour growth results in changes in placental amino acid transport in the rat: A tumour necrosis factor alpha-mediated effect
Biochem J 313, 77-82, 1996. (Epub ---)

Cauwels, A, Fiers, W, Brouckaert, P.
Murine IL-12 is involved in Calmette-Guérin bacillus-induced sensitization and is by itself sufficient to sensitize mice to the lethal effects of human TNF
J Immunol 156, 4686-4690, 1996. (Epub ---)

Clauss, M, Grell, M, Fangmann, C, Fiers, W, Scheurich, P, Risau, W.
Synergistic induction of endothelial tissue factor by tumor necrosis factor and vascular endothelial growth factor: Functional analysis of the tumor necrosis factor receptors
FEBS Lett 390, 334-338, 1996. (Epub ---)

Deroo, T, Min Jou, W, Fiers, W.
Recombinant neuraminidase vaccine protects against lethal influenza
Vaccine 14, 561-569, 1996. (Epub ---)

De Valck, D, Heyninck, K, Van Criekinge, W, Contreras, R, Beyaert, R, Fiers, W.
A20, an inhibitor of cell death, self-associates by its zinc finger domain
FEBS Lett 384, 61-64, 1996. (Epub ---)

Engers, R, van Roy, F, Heymer, T, Ramp, U, Moll, R, Dienst, M, Friebe, U, Pohl, A, Gabbert, HE, Gerharz, C-D.
Growth inhibition in clonal subpopulations of a human epithelioid sarcoma cell line by retinoic acid and tumour necrosis factor alpha
Br J Cancer 73, 491-498, 1996. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Beyaert, R, Boone, E, Cornelis, S, Declercq, W, Decoster, E, Denecker, G, Depuydt, B, De Valck, D, De Wilde, G, Goossens, V, Grooten, J, Haegeman, G, Heyninck, K, Penning, L, Plaisance, S, Vancompernolle, K, Van Criekinge, W, Vandenabeele, P, et al..
TNF-induced intracellular signaling leading to gene induction or to cytotoxicity by necrosis or by apoptosis
J Inflamm 47, 67-75, 1996. (Epub ---)

Goossens, V, Grooten, J, Fiers, W.
The oxidative metabolism of glutamine. A modulator of reactive oxygen intermediate-mediated cytotoxicity of tumor necrosis factor in L929 fibrosarcoma cells
J Biol Chem 271, 192-196, 1996. (Epub ---)

Hack, V, Gross, A, Kinscherf, R, Bockstette, M, Fiers, W, Berke, G, Dröge, W.
Abnormal glutathione and sulfate levels after interleukin 6 treatment and in tumor-induced cachexia
FASEB J 10, 1219-1226, 1996. (Epub ---)

Lassalle, P, Molet, S, Janin, A, Van der Heyden, J, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W, Devos, R, Tonnel, A-B.
ESM-1 is a novel human endothelial cell-specific molecule expressed in lung and regulated by cytokines
J Biol Chem 271, 20458-20464, 1996. (Epub ---)

Leppä, S, Vleminckx, K, Van Roy, F, Jalkanen, M.
Syndecan-1 expression in mammary epithelial tumor cells is E-cadherin-dependent
J Cell Sci 109, 1393-1403, 1996. (Epub ---)

Leysen, JE, Gommeren, W, Heylen, L, Luyten, WHML, Van de Weyer, I, Vanhoenacker, P, Haegeman, G, Schotte, A, Van Gompel, P, Wouters, R, Lesage, AS.
Alniditan, a new 5-hydroxytryptamine1D agonist and migraine-abortive agent: Ligand-binding properties of human 5-hydroxytryptamine1Da, human 5-hydroxytryptamine1Db, and calf 5-hydroxytryptamine1D receptors investigated with [3H]5-hydroxytryptamine and [3H]alniditan
Mol Pharmacol 50, 1567-1580, 1996. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Van Molle, W, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
a1-Antitrypsin inhibits the lethal response to TNF in mice
J Immunol 157, 5126-5129, 1996. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Van Molle, W, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
Platelet-activating factor is a mediator in tumor necrosis factor/galactosamine-induced lethality
J Inflamm 46, 139-143, 1996. (Epub ---)

Marchant, A, Amraoui, Z, Gueydan, C, Bruyns, C, Le Moine, O, Vandenabeele, P, Fiers, W, Buurman, WA, Goldman, M.
Methylprednisolone differentially regulates interleukin-10 and tumor necrosis factor production during murine endotoxemia
Clin Exp Immunol 106, 91-96, 1996. (Epub ---)

Mareel, M, Berx, G, Van Roy, F, Bracke, M.
The cadherin/catenin complex: a target for antiinvasive therapy?
J Cell Biochem 61, 524-530, 1996. (Epub ---)

Mertens, N, Remaut, E, Fiers, W.
Increased stability of phage T7g10 mRNA is mediated by either a 5'- or a 3'-terminal stem-loop structure
Biol Chem 377, 811-817, 1996. (Epub ---)

Niki, T, Schuppan, D, de Bleser, PJ, Vrijsen, R, Pipeleers-Marichal, M, Beyaert, R, Wisse, E, Geerts, A.
Dexamethasone alters messenger RNA levels but not synthesis of collagens, fibronectin, or laminin by cultured rat fat-storing cells
Hepatology 23, 1673-1681, 1996. (Epub ---)

Nollet, F, Berx, G, Molemans, F, van Roy, F.
Genomic organization of the human beta-catenin gene (CTNNB1)
Genomics 32, 413-424, 1996. (Epub ---)

Ostermeier, M, De Sutter, K, Georgiou, G.
Eukaryotic protein disulfide isomerase complements Escherichia coli dsbA mutants and increases the yield of a heterologous secreted protein with disulfide bonds
J Biol Chem 271, 10616-10622, 1996. (Epub ---)

Steidler, L, Fiers, W, Remaut, E.
Expression of human and murine interleukins in Lactococcus lactis
In Lactic Acid Bacteria: Current Advances in Metabolism, Genetics and Applications. (Bozoglu, TF, Ray, B, eds.), NATO ASI Series, Vol. H 98, Berlin-Heidelberg, Springer, pp. 63-79, 1996. (Epub ---)

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