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For copyright reasons, PDF-versions of our publications are available on the intranet only (login required  ). If you would like to receive a reprint of an IRC paper, please copy/paste the reference in the
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Beyaert, R, Schulze-Osthoff, K, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Lithium chloride potentiates tumor necrosis factor-induced and interleukin 1-induced cytokine and cytokine receptor expression
Cytokine 3, 284-291, 1991. (Epub ---)

Contreras, R, Carrez, D, Kinghorn, JR, van den Hondel, CAMJJ, Fiers, W.
Efficient KEX2-like processing of a glucoamylase-interleukin-6 fusion protein by Aspergillus nidulans and secretion of mature interleukin-6
Bio/Technology 9, 378-381, 1991. (Epub ---)

Contreras, R, Demolder, J, Fiers, W.
Cloning and expression of cytokine genes
In Cytokines A Practical Approach. (Balkwill, FR, ed.), Oxford, IRL Press, pp. 1-16, 1991. (Epub ---)

Coopman, P, Bracke, M, Lissitzky, J-C, De Bruyne, GK, Van Roy, FM, Foidart, J-M, Mareel, MM.
Influence of basement membrane molecules on directional migration of human breast cell lines in vitro
J Cell Sci 98, 395-401, 1991. (Epub ---)

Coopman, P, Verhasselt, B, Bracke, M, De Bruyne, G, Castronovo, V, Sobel, M, Foidart, JM, Van Roy, F, Mareel, M.
Arrest of MCF-7 cell migration by laminin in vitro: Possible mechanisms
Clin Exp Metastas 9, 469-484, 1991. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Plaetinck, G, Van der Heyden, J, Cornelis, S, Vandekerckhove, J, Fiers, W, Tavernier, J.
Molecular basis of a high affinity murine interleukin-5 receptor
EMBO J 10, 2133-2137, 1991. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Vandekerckhove, J, Rolink, A, Plaetinck, G, Van der Heyden, J, Fiers, W, Tavernier, J.
Amino acid sequence analysis of a mouse interleukin 5 receptor protein reveals homology with a mouse interleukin 3 receptor protein
Eur J Immunol 21, 1315-1317, 1991. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W.
Molecular biology approaches to cancer and to cancer therapy
In Primary Prevention and Cancer. (Eylenbosch, WJ, Kirsch-Volders, M, Deleener, A, Weyler, J, eds.), Recent Results in Cancer ResearchVol. 122, Berlin, Springer-Verlag, pp. 1-8, 1991. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor. Characterization at the molecular, cellular and in vivo level
FEBS Lett 285, 199-212, 1991. (Epub ---)

Franco, L, Jiménez, A, Demolder, J, Molemans, F, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
The nucleotide sequence of a third cyclophilin-homologous gene from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Yeast 7, 971-979, 1991. (Epub ---)

Grunfeld, C, Soued, M, Adi, S, Moser, AH, Fiers, W, Dinarello, CA, Feingold, KR.
Interleukin 4 inhibits stimulation of hepatic lipogenesis by tumor necrosis factor, interleukin 1, and interleukin 6 but not by interferon-alpha
Cancer Res 51, 2803-2807, 1991. (Epub ---)

Guisez, Y, Tison, B, Vandekerckhove, J, Demolder, J, Bauw, G, Haegeman, G, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
Production and purification of recombinant human interleukin-6 secreted by the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Eur J Biochem 198, 217-222, 1991. (Epub ---)

Haegeman, G, Vandevoorde, V, Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor-induced gene expression and cytotoxicity share a signal transduction pathway
In Cellular Regulation by Protein Phosphorylation. (Heilmeyer Jr., LMG, ed.), NATO ASI Series, Vol. H 56, Berlin, Springer,, pp. 471-475, 1991. (Epub ---)

Kordula, T, Rokita, H, Koj, A, Fiers, W, Gauldie, J, Baumann, H.
Effects of interleukin-6 and leukemia inhibitory factor on the acute phase response and DNA synthesis in cultured rat hepatocytes
Lymphokine Cytokine Res 10, 23-26, 1991. (Epub ---)

Langeler, EG, Fiers, W, van Hinsbergh, VWM.
Effects of tumor necrosis factor on prostacyclin production and the barrier function of human endothelial cell monolayers
Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis 11, 872-881, 1991. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Van Bladel, S, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
The influence of modulating substances on tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-6 levels after injection of murine tumor necrosis factor or lipopolysaccharide in mice
J Immunother 10, 227-235, 1991. (Epub ---)

Libert, C, Van Bladel, S, Brouckaert, P, Shaw, A, Fiers, W.
Involvement of the liver, but not of IL-6, in IL-1-induced desensitization to the lethal effects of tumor necrosis factor
J Immunol 146, 2625-2632, 1991. (Epub ---)

Mareel, M, Bracke, M, Gao, Y, Van Roy, F.
Normal and chimeric avian embryo ecosystems of invasion
Eur Arch Biol 102, 185-188, 1991. (Epub ---)

Mareel, MM, Behrens, J, Birchmeier, W, De Bruyne, GK, Vleminckx, K, Hoogewijs, A, Fiers, WC, Van Roy, FM.
Down-regulation of E-cadherin expression in Madin Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells inside tumors of nude mice
Int J Cancer 47, 922-928, 1991. (Epub ---)

Mareel, MM, De Baetselier, P, Van Roy, FM.
Mechanisms of Invasion and Metastasis
Boca Raton, UniScience Books , 651 pages, 1991. (Epub ---)

Messiaen, L, Qian, S, De Bruyne, G, Boghaert, E, Moens, T, Rabaey, M, Van Roy, F, Mareel, M.
Spontaneous acquisition of tumorigenicity and invasiveness by mouse lens explant cells during culture in vitro
In Vitro Cell Devel Biol 27A, 369-380, 1991. (Epub ---)

Nortier, J, Vandenabeele, P, Noel, E, Bosseloir, Y, Goldman, M, Deschodt-Lanckman, M.
Enzymatic degradation of tumor necrosis factor by activated human neutrophils: Role of elastase
Life Sci 49, 1879-1886, 1991. (Epub ---)

Robaye, B, Mosselmans, R, Fiers, W, Dumont, JE, Galand, P.
Tumor necrosis factor induces apoptosis (programmed cell death) in normal endothelial cells in vitro
Am J Pathol 138, 447-453, 1991. (Epub ---)

Schulze-Osthoff, K, Fiers, W.
Die Rolle des Tumor-Nekrose-Faktors im septischen Schock
Die Gelben Hefte 31, 61-67, 1991. (Epub ---)

Schulze-Osthoff, K, Fiers, W.
Oxygen radicals as second messengers
Trends Cell Biol 1, 150, 1991. (Epub ---)

Suffys, P, Beyaert, R, De Valck, D, Vanhaesebroeck, B, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Tumour-necrosis-factor-mediated cytotoxicity is correlated with phospholipase-A2 activity, but not with arachidonic acid release per se
Eur J Biochem 195, 465-475, 1991. (Epub ---)

Takahashi, N, Brouckaert, P, Fiers, W.
Induction of tolerance allows separation of lethal and antitumor activities of tumor necrosis factor in mice
Cancer Res 51, 2366-2372, 1991. (Epub ---)

Tavernier, J, Devos, R, Cornelis, S, Tuypens, T, Van der Heyden, J, Fiers, W, Plaetinck, G.
A human high affinity interleukin-5 receptor (IL5R) is composed of an IL5-specific a chain and a b chain shared with the receptor for GM-CSF
Cell 66, 1175-1184, 1991. (Epub ---)

Vakaet Jr., L, Vleminckx, K, Van Roy, F, Mareel, M.
Numerical evaluation of the invasion of closely related cell lines into collagen type I gels
Invasion Metastasis 11, 469-484, 1991. (Epub ---)

Van Bladel, S, Libert, C, Fiers, W.
Interleukin-6 enhances the expression of tumor necrosis factor receptors on hepatoma cells and hepatocytes
Cytokine 3, 149-154, 1991. (Epub ---)

Vandenabeele, P, Fiers, W.
Is amyloidogenesis during Alzheimer's disease due to an IL-1/IL-6-mediated 'acute phase response' in the brain?
Immunol Today 12, 217-219, 1991. (Epub ---)

Van der Heyden, J, Devos, R, Plaetinck, G, Faché, I, Fiers, W, Tavernier, J.
Characterization of the murine IL-5 receptor complex with the use of a panel of monoclonal antibodies. Relationship to the murine IL-3 receptor
J Immunol 147, 3413-3418, 1991. (Epub ---)

Vandevoorde, V, Haegeman, G, Fiers, W.
Tumor necrosis factor-induced interleukin-6 expression and cytotoxicity follow a common signal transduction pathway in L929 cells
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 178, 993-1001, 1991. (Epub ---)

Vanhaesebroeck, B, Mareel, M, Van Roy, F, Grooten, J, Fiers, W.
Expression of the tumor necrosis factor gene in tumor cells correlates with reduced tumorigenicity and reduced invasiveness in vivo
Cancer Res 51, 2229-2238, 1991. (Epub ---)

Vanhaesebroeck, B, Van Bladel, S, Lenaerts, A, Suffys, P, Beyaert, R, Lucas, R, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Two discrete types of tumor necrosis factor-resistant cells derived from the same cell line
Cancer Res 51, 2469-2477, 1991. (Epub ---)

Van Ostade, X, Tavernier, J, Prangé, T, Fiers, W.
Localization of the active site of human tumour necrosis factor (hTNF) by mutational analysis
EMBO J 10, 827-836, 1991. (Epub ---)

Vleminckx, K, Vakaet Jr., L, Mareel, M, Fiers, W, Van Roy, F.
Genetic manipulation of E-cadherin expression by epithelial tumor cells reveals an invasion suppressor role
Cell 66, 107-119, 1991. (Epub ---)

Abramowicz, D, Vandervorst, P, Bruyns, C, Doutrelepont, JM, Vandenabeele, P, Goldman, M.
Persistence of anti-donor allohelper T cells after neonatal induction of allotolerance in mice
Eur J Immunol 20, 1647-1653, 1990. (Epub ---)

Alegre, M, Depierreux, M, Florquin, S, Najdovski, T, Vandenabeele, P, Abramowicz, D, Leo, O, Deschodt-Lanckman, M, Goldman, M.
Acute toxicity of anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody in mice: A model for OKT3 first dose reactions
Transplant Proc 22, 1920-1921, 1990. (Epub ---)

Alegre, M, Vandenabeele, P, Flamand, V, Moser, M, Leo, O, Abramowicz, D, Urbain, J, Fiers, W, Goldman, M.
Hypothermia and hypoglycemia induced by anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody in mice: Role of tumor necrosis factor
Eur J Immunol 20, 707-710, 1990. (Epub ---)

Bereta, J, Szuba, K, Fiers, W, Gauldie, J, Koj, A.
Transforming growth factor-b and epidermal growth factor modulate basal and interleukin-6-induced amino acid uptake and acute phase protein synthesis in cultured rat hepatocytes
FEBS Lett 266, 48-50, 1990. (Epub ---)

Beyaert, R, Suffys, P, Van Roy, F, Fiers, W.
Inhibition by glucocorticoids of tumor necrosis factor-mediated cytotoxicity. Evidence against lipocortin involvement
FEBS Lett 262, 93-96, 1990. (Epub ---)

Carlo-Stella, C, Mangoni, L, Almici, C, Frassoni, F, Fiers, W, Rizzoli, V.
Growth of CD34+ acute myeloblastic leukemia colony-forming cells in response to recombinant hematopoietic growth factors
Leukemia 4, 561-566, 1990. (Epub ---)

Carrez, D, Janssens, W, Degrave, P, van den Hondel, CAMJJ, Kinghorn, JR, Fiers, W, Contreras, R.
Heterologous gene expression by filamentous fungi: Secretion of human interleukin-6 by Aspergillus nidulans
Gene 94, 147-154, 1990. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Tavernier, J, Plaetinck, G, Van der Heyden, J, Rolink, A, Fiers, W.
Expression of the murine interleukin-5 receptor on Xenopus laevis oocytes
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 172, 570-575, 1990. (Epub ---)

De Wachter, R, Maniloff, J, Fiers, W.
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of nucleic acids
In Gel Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids A Practical Approach. (Rickwood, D, Hames, BD, eds.), 2nd ed., Oxford-New York-Tokyo, IRL Press, pp. 151-200, 1990. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W.
De impact van de 'genetic engineering' in de biomedische sector
Ingenieursblad 59, 33-38, 1990. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Beyaert, R, Brouckaert, P, Everaerdt, B, Haegeman, G, Libert, C, Suffys, P, Takahashi, N, Tavernier, J, Van Bladel, S, Vanhaesebroeck, B, Van Ostade, X, Van Roy, F.
In vitro and in vivo action of tumor necrosis factor
In Tumor Necrosis Factor: Structure, Mechanism of Action, Role in Disease and Therapy. (Bonavida, B, Granger, G, eds.), Basel, Karger, pp. 77-81, 1990. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Beyaert, R, Brouckaert, P, Everaerdt, B, Libert, C, Suffys, P, Takahashi, N, Vanhaesebroeck, B, Van Roy, F.
Mechanism of action of tumor necrosis factor and its implications for synergizing and antagonizing drugs
In Endotoxin From Pathophysiology to Therapeutic Approaches. (Baumgartner, J-D, Calandra, T, Carlet, J, eds.), Paris, Médecine-Sciences/Flammarion, pp. 59-68, 1990. (Epub ---)

Goldman, M, Vandenabeele, P, Moulart, J, Amraoui, Z, Abramowicz, D, Nortier, J, Vanherweghem, JL, Fiers, W.
Intraperitoneal secretion of interleukin-6 during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Nephron 56, 277-280, 1990. (Epub ---)

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