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For copyright reasons, PDF-versions of our publications are available on the intranet only (login required  ). If you would like to receive a reprint of an IRC paper, please copy/paste the reference in the
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Haegeman, G, Content, J, Volckaert, G, Derynck, R, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W.
Structural analysis of the sequence coding for an inducible 26-kDa protein in human fibroblasts
Eur J Biochem 159, 625-632, 1986. (Epub ---)

Kirstein, M, Fiers, W, Baglioni, C.
Growth inhibition and cytotoxicity of tumor necrosis factor in L929 cells is enhanced by high cell density and inhibition of mRNA synthesis
J Immunol 137, 2277-2280, 1986. (Epub ---)

Leroux-Roels, G, Fiers, W.
Genetische manipulatie in de toekomst
Annales Collegii Medici Antverpiensis 40, 273-280, 1986. (Epub ---)

Leung, DYM, Geha, RS, Newburger, JW, Burns, JC, Fiers, W, Lapierre, LA, Pober, JS.
Two monokines, interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor, render cultured vascular endothelial cells susceptible to lysis by antibodies circulating during Kawasaki syndrome
J Exp Med 164, 1958-1972, 1986. (Epub ---)

Müller, R, Marmenout, A, Fiers, W.
Synthesis and maturation of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor in eukaryotic systems
FEBS Lett 197, 99-104, 1986. (Epub ---)

Mareel, MM, van Roy, FM.
Are oncogenes involved in invasion and metastasis?
Anticancer Res 6, 419-436, 1986. (Epub ---)

Michiels, L, van Roy, FM, de Saint-Georges, L, Merregaert, J.
Genome organisation of the FBR-osteosarcoma virus complex: Identification of a subgenomic fos-specific message
Virus Res 5, 11-26, 1986. (Epub ---)

Mutsaers, JHGM, Kamerling, JP, Devos, R, Guisez, Y, Fiers, W, Vliegenthart, JFG.
Structural studies of the carbohydrate chains of human gamma-interferon
Eur J Biochem 156, 651-654, 1986. (Epub ---)

Pober, JS, Bevilacqua, MP, Mendrick, DL, Lapierre, LA, Fiers, W, Gimbrone, MA.
Two distinct monokines, interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor, each independently induce biosynthesis and transient expression of the same antigen on the surface of cultured human vascular endothelial cells
J Immunol 136, 1680-1687, 1986. (Epub ---)

Pober, JS, Gimbrone, MA, Lapierre, LA, Mendrick, DL, Fiers, W, Rothlein, R, Springer, TA.
Overlapping patterns of activation of human endothelial cells by interleukin 1, tumor necrosis factor, and immune interferon
J Immunol 137, 1893-1896, 1986. (Epub ---)

Remaut, E, Stanssens, P, Simons, G, Fiers, W.
Use of the phage lambda PL promoter for high-level expression of human interferons in Escherichia coli
Methods Enzymol 119, 366-375, 1986. (Epub ---)

Ruggiero, V, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W, Baglioni, C.
Induction of the synthesis of tumor necrosis factor receptors by interferon-gamma
J Immunol 136, 2445-2450, 1986. (Epub ---)

Smith, RA, Kirstein, M, Fiers, W, Baglioni, C.
Species specificity of human and murine tumor necrosis factor. A comparative study of tumor necrosis factor receptors
J Biol Chem 261, 14871-14874, 1986. (Epub ---)

Spies, T, Morton, CC, Nedospasov, SA, Fiers, W, Pious, D, Strominger, JL.
Genes for the tumor necrosis factors a and b are linked to the human major histocompatibility complex
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 83, 8699-8702, 1986. (Epub ---)

Stanssens, P, Remaut, E, Fiers, W.
Inefficient translation initiation causes premature transcription termination in the lacZ gene
Cell 44, 711-718, 1986. (Epub ---)

Stolpen, AH, Guinan, EC, Fiers, W, Pober, JS.
Recombinant tumor necrosis factor and immune interferon act singly and in combination to reorganize human vascular endothelial cell monolayers
Am J Pathol 123, 16-24, 1986. (Epub ---)

Valegård, K, Unge, T, Montelius, I, Strandberg, B, Fiers, W.
Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray data of the bacteriophage MS2
J Mol Biol 190, 587-591, 1986. (Epub ---)

Van der Heyden, J, Fransen, L, Fiers, W.
Treatment of murine interferon-alpha/beta-sensitive and -resistant Friend leukemia cells with tumor necrosis factor in combination with murine interferon-alpha/beta or -gamma
J Interferon Res 6, 633-638, 1986. (Epub ---)

Van Roy, FM, Messiaen, L, Liebaut, G, Gao, J, Dragonetti, C, Fiers, WC, Mareel, MM.
Invasiveness and metastatic capability of rat fibroblast-like cells before and after transfection with immortalizing and transforming genes
Cancer Res 46, 4787-4795, 1986. (Epub ---)

Zhu, J, Contreras, R, Fiers, W.
Construction of stable laboratory and industrial yeast strains expressing a foreign gene by integrative transformation using a dominant selection system
Gene 50, 225-237, 1986. (Epub ---)

Arenzana-Seisdedos, F, Virelizier, JL, Fiers, W.
Interferons as macrophage-activating factors. III. Preferential effects of interferon-gamma on the interleukin 1 secretory potential of fresh or aged human monocytes
J Immunol 134, 2444-2448, 1985. (Epub ---)

Baglioni, C, McCandless, S, Tavernier, J, Fiers, W.
Binding of human tumor necrosis factor to high affinity receptors on HeLa and lymphoblastoid cells sensitive to growth inhibition
J Biol Chem 260, 13395-13397, 1985. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Jayaram, B, Vandenabeele, P, Fiers, W.
Recombinant interleukin 2 induces immunoglobulin secretion in Staphylococcus aureus Cowan strain I activated human B-cells
Immunol Lett 11, 101-105, 1985. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W.
Cell differentiation and gene expression: A brief overview
In Degenerative Joints. (Verbruggen, G, Veys, EM, eds.), Vol. 2, Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publishers, pp. 3-7, 1985. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Degrave, W, Devos, R, Plaetinck, G, Cheroutre, H, Tavernier, J, Simons, G, Remaut, E.
Cloning, characterization and expression of human and mouse lymphokine genes (interferon-gamma and interleukin-2)
In Cellular and Molecular Biology of Lymphokines. (Sorg, C, Schimpl, A, Landy, M, eds.), Orlando, Academic Press, pp. 595-603, 1985. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Devos, R, Cheroutre, H, Degrave, W, Gheysen, D, Plaetinck, G, Remaut, E, Scahill, SJ, Simons, G, Stanssens, P, Tavernier, J, Van der Heyden, J.
Cloning, expression and characterization of human interferon-beta, interferon-gamma and interleukin 2 genes
In Contributions of Modern Biology to Medicine New Approaches in Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Therapy in Immunological and Haematological Disorders. (Bertazzoni, U, Bollum, FJ, Ghione, M, eds.), Serono Symposia Publications, Vol. 17, New York, Raven Press, pp. 81-87, 1985. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Devos, R, Remaut, E, Fransen, L, Tavernier, J, Marmenout, A, Guisez, Y, Van der Heyden, J.
Interferon gamma and its synergism with tumor necrosis factor in human and murine systems
In The Interferon System. (Dianzani, F, Rossi, GB, eds.), Serono Symposia Publications, Vol. 24, New York, Raven Press, pp. 343-347, 1985. (Epub ---)

Fransen, L, Müller, R, Marmenout, A, Tavernier, J, Van der Heyden, J, Kawashima, E, Chollet, A, Tizard, R, Van Heuverswyn, H, Van Vliet, A, Ruysschaert, MR, Fiers, W.
Molecular cloning of mouse tumour necrosis factor cDNA and its eukaryotic expression
Nucleic Acids Res 13, 4417-4429, 1985. (Epub ---)

Gronberg, A, Kiessling, R, Fiers, W.
Interferon-gamma is a strong modulator of NK susceptibility and expression of b2-microglobulin but not of transferrin receptors of K562 cells
Cell Immunol 95, 195-202, 1985. (Epub ---)

Mareel, M, Dragonetti, C, Hooghe, R, Bruyneel, E, Bracke, M, Van Roy, F, Gao, J, De Bruyne, G, Fiers, W.
Expression of cell surface glycoproteins in tumour invasion in vitro
In Cell Membranes and Cancer. (Galeotti, T, ed.), Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publishers, pp. 43-49, 1985. (Epub ---)

Marmenout, A, Fransen, L, Tavernier, J, Van der Heyden, J, Tizard, R, Kawashima, E, Shaw, A, Johnson, MJ, Semon, D, Müller, R, Ruysschaert, MR, Van Vliet, A, Fiers, W.
Molecular cloning and expression of human tumor necrosis factor and comparison with mouse tumor necrosis factor
Eur J Biochem 152, 515-522, 1985. (Epub ---)

Stanssens, P, Remaut, E, Fiers, W.
Alterations upstream from the Shine-Dalgarno region and their effect on bacterial gene expression
Gene 36, 211-223, 1985. (Epub ---)

Umetsu, DT, Pober, JS, Jabara, HH, Fiers, W, Yunis, EJ, Burakoff, SJ, Reiss, CS, Geha, RS.
Human dermal fibroblasts present tetanus toxoid antigen to antigen-specific T cell clones
J Clin Invest 76, 254-260, 1985. (Epub ---)

Van de Voorde, A, De Groote, G, De Waele, P, De Broe, ME, Pollet, D, De Boever, J, Vandekerckhove, D, Fiers, W.
Screening of sera and tumor extracts of cancer patients using a monoclonal antibody directed against human placental alkaline phosphatase
Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol 21, 65-71, 1985. (Epub ---)

Van de Voorde, A, Serreyn, R, De Boever, J, De Waele, P, Vandekerckhove, D, Fiers, W.
The occurrence of human placental alkaline phosphatase (PLAP) in extracts of normal, benign and malignant tissues of the female genital tract
Tumour Biol 6, 545-553, 1985. (Epub ---)

Van Emmelo, J, Ameloot, P, Fiers, W.
RNA viruses as vectors in genetic engineering of plants
In Genetic Engineering of Plants and Microorganisms Important for Agriculture. (Magnien, E, de Nettancourt, D, eds.), Dordrecht-Boston-Lancaster, Martinus Nijhoff-Dr W. Junk Publishers, pp. 88-89, 1985. (Epub ---)

Wakasugi, N, Virelizier, JL, Arenzana-Seisdedos, F, Rothhut, B, Mencia Huerta, JM, Russo-Marie, F, Fiers, W.
Defective IFN-g production in the human neonate. II. Role of increased sensitivity to the suppressive effects of prostaglandin E
J Immunol 134, 172-176, 1985. (Epub ---)

Zhu, JD, Contreras, R, Gheysen, D, Ernst, J, Fiers, W.
A system for dominant transformation and plasmid amplification in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Bio/Technology 3, 451-456, 1985. (Epub ---)

Zhu, J, Kempenaers, W, Van der Straeten, D, Contreras, R, Fiers, W.
A method for fast and pure DNA elution from agarose gels by centrifugal filtration
Bio/Technology 3, 1014-1016, 1985. (Epub ---)

Cantell, K, Fiers, W, Hirvonen, S, Pyhala, L.
Circulating interferon in rabbits after simultaneous intramuscular administration of human alpha and gamma interferons
J Interferon Res 4, 291-293, 1984. (Epub ---)

Collins, T, Korman, AJ, Wake, CT, Boss, JM, Kappes, DJ, Fiers, W, Ault, KA, Gimbrone, MA, Strominger, JL, Pober, JS.
Immune interferon activates multiple class-II major histocompatibility complex genes and the associated invariant chain gene in human endothelial cells and dermal fibroblasts
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 81, 4917-4921, 1984. (Epub ---)

Collins, T, Krensky, AM, Clayberger, C, Fiers, W, Gimbrone, MA, Burakoff, SJ, Pober, JS.
Human cytolytic T lymphocyte interactions with vascular endothelium and fibroblasts: Role of effector and target cell molecules
J Immunol 133, 1878-1884, 1984. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Opsomer, C, Scahill, SJ, Van der Heyden, J, Fiers, W.
Purification of recombinant glycosylated human gamma interferon expressed in transformed Chinese hamster ovary cells
J Interferon Res 4, 461-468, 1984. (Epub ---)

Devos, R, Plaetinck, G, Fiers, W.
Induction of cytolytic cells by pure recombinant human interleukin 2
Eur J Immunol 14, 1057-1060, 1984. (Epub ---)

Erard, F, Corthésy, P, Smith, KA, Fiers, W, Conzelmann, A, Nabholz, M.
Characterization of soluble factors that induce the cytolytic activity and the expression of T cell growth factor receptors of a T cell hybrid
J Exp Med 160, 584-599, 1984. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W.
Recombinant DNA-technologie: Een nieuwe wetenschap en een oude problematiek
Belg Ver Med Eth Mor 9, 133-138, 1984. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Devos, R, Cheroutre, H, Degrave, W, Plaetinck, G, Remaut, E, Scahill, S, Simons, G, Tavernier, J.
Molecular biology of the human interferon g and interleukin 2 genes
In Lymphokines. (Falcoff, E, Fridman, WH, Gillis, S, eds.), Table Ronde Roussel UCLAF, Vol. 49, Paris, Institut Scientifique Roussel, pp. 37-39, 1984. (Epub ---)

Fiers, W, Remaut, E, Devos, R, Stanssens, P, Simons, G, Scahill, S, Cheroutre, H, Plaetinck, G, Tavernier, J, Degrave, W, Duerinck, F, Van der Heyden, J.
High level synthesis of proteins in heterologous cells using genetic engineering approaches
In IUPAC Chemistry for the Future. (Grunewald, H, ed.), Oxford-New York, Pergamon Press, pp. 337-341, 1984. (Epub ---)

Fleischmann, WR, Fleischmann, CM, Fiers, W.
Potentiation of interferon action by mixtures of recombinant DNA-derived human interferons
Antivir Res 4, 357-360, 1984. (Epub ---)

Kelley, VE, Fiers, W, Strom, TB.
Cloned human interferon-gamma, but not interferon-beta or -alpha, induces expression of HLA-DR determinants by fetal monocytes and myeloid leukemic cell lines
J Immunol 132, 240-245, 1984. (Epub ---)

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