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Stremersch, S, Vandenbroucke, RE, Van Wonterghem, E, Hendrix, A, De Smedt, SC, Raemdonck, K.
Comparing exosome-like vesicles with liposomes for the functional cellular delivery of small RNAs
J Control Release 232, 51-61, 2016. (Epub 2016 Apr 9)

Thyrion, L, Raedt, R, Portelli, J, Van Loo, P, Wadman, WJ, Glorieux, G, Lambrecht, BN, Janssens, S, Vonck, K, Boon, P.
Uric acid is released in the brain during seizure activity and increases severity of seizures in a mouse model for acute limbic seizures
Exp Neurol 277, 244-251, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jan 8)

Ting, AT, Bertrand, MJ.
More to Life than NF-kappaB in TNFR1 Signaling
Trends Immunol 37, 535-545, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jul 13)

Tortola, L, Nitsch, R, Bertrand, MJ, Kogler, M, Redouane, Y, Kozieradzki, I, Uribesalgo, I, Fennell, LM, Daugaard, M, Klug, H, Wirnsberger, G, Wimmer, R, Perlot, T, Sarao, R, Rao, S, Hanada, T, Takahashi, N, Kernbauer, E, Vandenabeele, P, et al..
The Tumor Suppressor Hace1 Is a Critical Regulator of TNFR1-Mediated Cell Fate
Cell Rep 15, 1481-1492, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 17)

Triguero, I, Vens, C.
Labelling strategies for hierarchical multi-label classification techniques
Pattern Recognition 56, 170-183, 2016. (Epub 2016 Mar 4)

Trypsteen, W, Mohammadi, P, Van Hecke, C, Mestdagh, P, Lefever, S, Saeys, Y, De Bleser, P, Vandesompele, J, Ciuffi, A, Vandekerckhove, L, De Spiegelaere, W.
Differential expression of lncRNAs during the HIV replication cycle: an underestimated layer in the HIV-host interplay
Sci Rep 6, 36111, 2016. (Epub 2016 Oct 26)

Ugalde, JM, Rodriguez-Furlan, C, De Rycke, R, Norambuena, L, Friml, J, Leon, G, Tejos, R.
Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinases 1 and 2 are involved in the regulation of vacuole morphology during Arabidopsis thaliana pollen development
Plant Science 250, 10-19, 2016. (Epub 2016 Sep)

Van Acker, A, Louagie, E, Filtjens, J, Taveirne, S, Van Ammel, E, Kerre, T, Elewaut, D, Taghon, T, Vandekerckhove, B, Plum, J, Leclercq, G.
The role of Ly49E receptor expression on murine intraepithelial lymphocytes in intestinal cancer development and progression
Cancer Immunol Immunother 65, 1365-1375, 2016. (Epub 2016 Sep 1)

Van Cauwenberghe, C, Vandendriessche, C, Libert, C, Vandenbroucke, RE.
Caloric restriction: beneficial effects on brain aging and Alzheimer's disease
Mamm Genome 27, 300-319, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 30)

van de Laar, L, Guilliams, M, Tavernier, SJ.
Isolation of Conventional Dendritic Cells from Mouse Lungs
Methods Mol Biol 1423, 139-152, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 4)

van de Laar, L, Saelens, W, De Prijck, S, Martens, L, Scott, CL, Van Isterdael, G, Hoffmann, E, Beyaert, R, Saeys, Y, Lambrecht, BN, Guilliams, M.
Yolk Sac Macrophages, Fetal Liver, and Adult Monocytes Can Colonize an Empty Niche and Develop into Functional Tissue-Resident Macrophages
Immunity 44, 755-768, 2016. (Epub 2016 Apr 19)

Vandenabeele, P, Vandecasteele, K, Bachert, C, Krysko, O, Krysko, DV.
Immunogenic Apoptotic Cell Death and Anticancer Immunity
Adv Exp Med Biol 930, 133-149, 2016. (Epub 2016 Aug 25)

Vanden Berghe, T, Hassannia, B, Vandenabeele, P.
An outline of necrosome triggers
Cell Mol Life Sci 73, 2137-2152, 2016. (Epub 2016 Apr 6)

Vandenbroucke, RE.
A Hidden Epithelial Barrier in the Brain with a Central Role in Regulating Brain Homeostasis. Implications for Aging
Ann Am Thorac Soc 13, S407-S410, 2016. (Epub 2016 Dec 13)

van der Zwaag, D, Vanparijs, N, Wijnands, S, De Rycke, R, De Geest, BG, Albertazzi, L.
Super Resolution Imaging of Nanoparticles Cellular Uptake and Trafficking
ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 8, 6391-6399, 2016. (Epub 2016 Mar)

Vande Walle, L, Jimenez Fernandez, D, Demon, D, Van Laethem, N, Van Hauwermeiren, F, Van Gorp, H, Van Opdenbosch, N, Kayagaki, N, Lamkanfi, M.
Does caspase-12 suppress inflammasome activation?
Nature 534, E1-4, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jun 2)

Vande Walle, L, Lamkanfi, M.
Curr Biol 26, R568-R572, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jul 11)

Van de Wiele, T, Van Praet, JT, Marzorati, M, Drennan, MB, Elewaut, D.
How the microbiota shapes rheumatic diseases
Nat Rev Rheumatol 12, 398-411, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jun 16)

Van Dingenen, J, De Milde, L, Vermeersch, M, Maleux, K, De Rycke, R, De Bruyne, M, Storme, V, Gonzalez, N, Dhondt, S, Inze, D.
Chloroplasts Are Central Players in Sugar-Induced Leaf Growth
Plant Physiology 171, 590-605, 2016. (Epub 2016 May)

Van Gassen, S, Dhaene, T, Saeys, Y.
Machine Learning Challenges for Single Cell Data
Machine Learning and Knowledge discovery in databases 9853, 275-279, 2016. (Epub 2016 Sep)

Van Gassen, S, Vens, C, Dhaene, T, Lambrecht, BN, Saeys, Y.
FloReMi: Flow density survival regression using minimal feature redundancy
Cytometry A 89A, 22-29, 2016. (Epub 2015 Aug 4)

Van Gorp, H, Saavedra, PH, de Vasconcelos, NM, Van Opdenbosch, N, Vande Walle, L, Matusiak, M, Prencipe, G, Insalaco, A, Van Hauwermeiren, F, Demon, D, Bogaert, DJ, Dullaers, M, De Baere, E, Hochepied, T, Dehoorne, J, Vermaelen, KY, Haerynck, F, De Benedetti, F, Lamkanfi, M.
Familial Mediterranean fever mutations lift the obligatory requirement for microtubules in Pyrin inflammasome activation
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113, 14384-14389, 2016. (Epub 2016 Nov 22)

Van Hauwermeiren, F, Lamkanfi, M.
The NEK-sus of the NLRP3 inflammasome
Nat Immunol 17, 223-224, 2016. (Epub 2016 Feb 16)

van Hengel, J, Van den Broeke, C, Pieters, T, Libbrecht, L, Hofmann, I, van Roy, F.
Inactivation of p120 catenin in mice disturbs intrahepatic bile duct development and aggravates liver carcinogenesis
Eur J Cell Biol 95, 574-584, 2016. (Epub 2016 Oct 15)

Van Hove, I, Lefevere, E, De Groef, L, Sergeys, J, Salinas-Navarro, M, Libert, C, Vandenbroucke, R, Moons, L.
MMP-3 Deficiency Alleviates Endotoxin-Induced Acute Inflammation in the Posterior Eye Segment
Int J Mol Sci 17, E1825, 2016. (Epub 2016 Nov 1)

Van Overmeire, E, Stijlemans, B, Heymann, F, Keirsse, J, Morias, Y, Elkrim, Y, Brys, L, Abels, C, Lahmar, Q, Ergen, C, Vereecke, L, Tacke, F, De Baetselier, P, Van Ginderachter, JA, Laoui, D.
M-CSF and GM-CSF Receptor Signaling Differentially Regulate Monocyte Maturation and Macrophage Polarization in the Tumor Microenvironment
Cancer Res 76, 35-42, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jan 1)

Varkas, G, Jans, L, Cypers, H, Van Praet, L, Carron, P, Elewaut, D, Van den Bosch, F.
Six-week treatment of axial spondyloarthritis patients with an optimal dose of NSAIDs: early response to treatment in signal intensity on magnetic resonance imaging of the sacroiliac joints
Arthritis Rheumatol 68, 672-678, 2016. (Epub 2015 Oct 16)

Varkas, G, Van den Bosch, F.
NSAIDs in axial spondyloarthritis: to be continued...?
Ann Rheum Dis 75, 1423-1425, 2016. (Epub 2016 Aug)

Verbiest, N, Vluymans, S, Cornelis, C, Garcia-Pedrajas, N, Saeys, Y.
Improving nearest neighbor classification using Ensembles of Evolutionary Generated Prototype Subsets
Applied Soft Computing 44, 75-88, 2016. (Epub 2016 Apr 6)

Verstraeten, B, van Hengel, J, Huysseune, A.
Beta-Catenin and Plakoglobin Expression during Zebrafish Tooth Development and Replacement
PLoS One 11, e0148114, 2016. (Epub 2016 Mar 3)

Vlantis, K, Polykratis, A, Welz, PS, van Loo, G, Pasparakis, M, Wullaert, A.
TLR-independent anti-inflammatory function of intestinal epithelial TRAF6 signalling prevents DSS-induced colitis in mice
Gut 65, 935-943, 2016. (Epub 2015 Mar 11)

Vlantis, K, Wullaert, A, Polykratis, A, Kondylis, V, Dannappel, M, Schwarzer, R, Welz, P, Corona, T, Walczak, H, Weih, F, Klein, U, Kelliher, M, Pasparakis, M.
NEMO Prevents RIP Kinase 1-Mediated Epithelial Cell Death and Chronic Intestinal Inflammation by NF-kappaB-Dependent and -Independent Functions
Immunity 44, 553-567, 2016. (Epub 2016 Mar 15)

Vluymans, S, Mac Parthalain, N, Cornelis, C, Saeys, Y.
Fuzzy Rough Sets for Self-Labelling: an Exploratory Analysis
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems , 931-938, 2016. (Epub 2016)

Vluymans, S, Sánchez Tarragó, D, Saeys, Y, Cornelis, C, Herrera, F.
Fuzzy Multi-Instance Classifiers
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 24, 1395-1409, 2016. (Epub Dec 2016)

Vluymans, S, Tarrago, DS, Saeys, Y, Cornelis, C, Herrera, F.
Fuzzy rough classifiers for class imbalanced multi-instance data
Pattern Recognition 53, 36-45, 2016. (Epub 2015 Dec 12)

Vluymans, S, Triguero, I, Cornelis, C, Saeys, Y.
EPRENNID: An evolutionary prototype reduction based ensemble for nearest neighbor classification of imbalanced data
Neurocomputing 216, 596-610, 2016. (Epub 2016 Aug 11)

Xiong, R, Joris, F, Liang, S, De Rycke, R, Lippens, S, Demeester, J, Skirtach, A, Raemdonck, K, Himmelreich, U, De Smedt, SC, Braeckmans, K.
Cytosolic Delivery of Nanolabels Prevents Their Asymmetric Inheritance and Enables Extended Quantitative in Vivo Cell Imaging
Nano Lett 16, 5975-5986, 2016. (Epub 2016 Oct 3)

Xiong, R, Vandenbroucke, RE, Broos, K, Brans, T, Van Wonterghem, E, Libert, C, Demeester, J, De Smedt, SC, Braeckmans, K.
Sizing nanomaterials in bio-fluids by cFRAP enables protein aggregation measurements and diagnosis of bio-barrier permeability
Nat Commun 7, 12982, 2016. (Epub 2016 Sep 22)

Yang, Y, Andersson, P, Hosaka, K, Zhang, Y, Cao, R, Iwamoto, H, Yang, X, Nakamura, M, Wang, J, Zhuang, R, Morikawa, H, Xue, Y, Braun, H, Beyaert, R, Samani, N, Nakae, S, Hams, E, Dissing, S, Fallon, PG, et al..
The PDGF-BB-SOX7 axis-modulated IL-33 in pericytes and stromal cells promotes metastasis through tumour-associated macrophages
Nat Commun 7, 11385, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 6)

Zhakupova, A, Debeuf, N, Krols, M, Toussaint, W, Vanhoutte, L, Alecu, I, Kutalik, Z, Vollenweider, P, Ernst, D, von Eckardstein, A, Lambrecht, BN, Janssens, S, Hornemann, T.
ORMDL3 expression levels have no influence on the activity of serine palmitoyltransferase
FASEB J 30, 4289-4300, 2016. (Epub 206 Sep 19)

Zhang, Z, Maji, S, da Fonseca Antunes, AB, De Rycke, R, Hoogenboom, R, De Geest, BG.
Salt-Driven Deposition of Thermoresponsive Polymer-Coated Metal Nanoparticles on Solid Substrates
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 55, 7086-7090, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jun 13)

Zhang, Z, Schepens, B, Nuhn, L, Saelens, X, Schotsaert, M, Callewaert, N, De Rycke, R, Zhang, Q, Moins, S, Benali, S, Mespouille, L, Hoogenboom, R, De Geest, BG.
Influenza-binding sialylated polymer coated gold nanoparticles prepared via RAFT polymerization and reductive amination
Chem Commun (Camb) 52, 3352-3355, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jan 29)

Aerts, J, Vandenbroucke, RE, Dera, R, Balusu, S, Van Wonterghem, E, Moons, L, Libert, C, Dehaen, W, Arckens, L.
Synthesis and Validation of a Hydroxypyrone-Based, Potent, and Specific Matrix Metalloproteinase-12 Inhibitor with Anti-Inflammatory Activity In Vitro and In Vivo
Mediators Inflamm 2015, 510679, 2015. (Epub 2015 Aug 13)

Afonina, IS, Elton, L, Carpentier, I, Beyaert, R.
MALT1 - a universal soldier: multiple strategies to ensure NF-kappaB activation and target gene expression
FEBS J 282, 3286-3297, 2015. (Epub 2015 May 21)

Afonina, IS, Muller, C, Martin, SJ, Beyaert, R.
Proteolytic Processing of Interleukin-1 Family Cytokines: Variations on a Common Theme
Immunity 42, 991-1004, 2015. (Epub 2015 Jun 16)

Allais, L, Kumar, S, Debusschere, K, Verschuere, S, Maes, T, De Smet, R, Conickx, G, De Vos, M, Laukens, D, Joos, GF, Brusselle, GG, Elewaut, D, Cuvelier, CA, Bracke, KR.
The Effect of Cigarette Smoke Exposure on the Development of Inflammation in Lungs, Gut and Joints of TNFDeltaARE Mice
PLoS One 10, e0141570, 2015. (Epub 2015 Nov 2)

Alloatti, A, Kotsias, F, Pauwels, AM, Carpier, JM, Jouve, M, Timmerman, E, Pace, L, Vargas, P, Maurin, M, Gehrmann, U, Joannas, L, Vivar, OI, Lennon-Dumenil, AM, Savina, A, Gevaert, K, Beyaert, R, Hoffmann, E, Amigorena, S.
Toll-like Receptor 4 Engagement on Dendritic Cells Restrains Phago-Lysosome Fusion and Promotes Cross-Presentation of Antigens
Immunity 43, 1087-1100, 2015. (Epub 2015 Dec 15)

Anastasina, M, Schepens, B, Soderholm, S, Nyman, TA, Matikainen, S, Saksela, K, Saelens, X, Kainov, DE.
The C-terminus of NS1 protein of influenza A/WSN/1933(H1N1) virus modulates antiviral responses in infected human macrophages and mice
J Gen Virol 96, 2086-2091, 2015. (Epub 2015 May 1)

Andries, V, Vandepoele, K, Staes, K, Berx, G, Bogaert, P, Van Isterdael, G, Ginneberge, D, Parthoens, E, Vandenbussche, J, Gevaert, K, van Roy, F.
NBPF1, a tumor suppressor candidate in neuroblastoma, exerts growth inhibitory effects by inducing a G1 cell cycle arrest
BMC Cancer 15, 391, 2015. (Epub 2015 May 10)

Babu, D, Leclercq, G, Goossens, V, Remijsen, Q, Vandenabeele, P, Motterlini, R, Lefebvre, RA.
Antioxidant potential of CORM-A1 and resveratrol during TNF-alpha/cycloheximide-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in murine intestinal epithelial MODE-K cells
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol , in press, 2015. (Epub 2015 Jul 14)

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