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Verhelst, K, Verstrepen, L, Carpentier, I, Beyaert, R.
Linear ubiquitination in NF-kappaB signaling and inflammation: What we do understand and what we do not
Biochem Pharmacol 82, 1057-1065, 2011. (Epub 2011 Jul 20)

Verstrepen, L, Verhelst, K, Carpentier, I, Beyaert, R.
TAX1BP1, a ubiquitin-binding adaptor protein in innate immunity and beyond
Trends Biochem Sci 36, 347-354, 2011. (Epub 2011 May 4)

Volckaert, T, Dill, E, Campbell, A, Tiozzo, C, Majka, S, Bellusci, S, De Langhe, S.
Parabronchial smooth muscle constitutes an airway epithelial stem cell niche in the mouse lung after injury
J Clin Invest 121, 4409-4419, 2011. (Epub 2011 Oct 10)

Wang, E, Feng, Y, Zhang, M, Zou, L, Li, Y, Buys, ES, Huang, P, Brouckaert, P, Chao, W.
Toll-like receptor 4 signaling confers cardiac protection against ischemic injury via inducible nitric oxide synthase- and soluble guanylate cyclase-dependent mechanisms
Anesthesiology 114, 603-613, 2011. (Epub ---)

Welz, P-S, Wullaert, A, Vlantis, K, Kondylis, V, Fernandez-Majada, V, Ermolaeva, M, Kirsch, P, Sterner-Kock, A, van Loo, G, Pasparakis, M.
FADD prevents RIP3-mediated epithelial cell necroptosis and chronic intestinal inflammation
Nature 477, 330-334, 2011. (Epub 2011 Jul 31)

Abulayha, AM, Tabal, SA, Shawesh, EI, Elbasir, MA, Elbanani, AS, Lamami, YM, Bredan, A.
Depletion of peripheral blood B cells with Rituximab and phenotype characterization of the recovering population in a patient with follicular lymphoma
Leukemia Res 34, 307-311, 2010. (Epub 2009 Jul 4)

Amith, SR, Jayanth, P, Franchuk, S, Finlay, T, Seyrantepe, V, Beyaert, R, Pshezhetsky, AV, Szewczuk, MR.
Neu1 desialylation of sialyl alpha-2,3-linked beta-galactosyl residues of TOLL-like receptor 4 is essential for receptor activation and cellular signaling
Cell Signal 22, 314-324, 2010. (Epub 2009 Sep 29)

Atochin, DN, Yuzawa, I, Li, Q, Rauwerdink, KM, Malhotra, R, Chang, J, Brouckaert, P, Ayata, C, Moskowitz, MA, Bloch, KD, Huang, PL, Buys, ES.
Soluble Guanylate Cyclase alpha1beta1 limits stroke size and attenuates neurological injury
Stroke 41, 1815-1819, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jul 1)

Barbe, F, Saelens, X, Braeckmans, D, Lefevre, F, Reeth, KV.
Role of IFN-alpha during the acute stage of a swine influenza virus infection
Res Vet Sci 88, 172-178, 2010. (Epub 2009 Jul 30)

Barlow, AL, MacLeod, A, Noppen, S, Sanderson, J, Guérin, CJ.
Colocalization analysis in fluorescence micrographs: Verification of a more accurate calculation of Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
Microsc Microanal 16, 710-724, 2010. (Epub 2010 Oct 15)

Bellon, A, Luchino, J, Haigh, K, Rougon, G, Haigh, JJ, Chauvet, S, Mann, F.
VEGFR-2 (KDR/Flk1) signalling mediates axon growth in response to Semaphorin 3E in the developing brain
Neuron 66, 205-219, 2010. (Epub 2010 Apr 29)

Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P.
RIP1's function in NF-kappaB activation: from master actor to onlooker
Cell Death Differ 17, 379-380, 2010. (Epub ---)

Beukes, M, Lemmer, Y, Deysel, M, Al Dulayymi, JR, Baird, MS, Koza, G, Iglesias , MM, Rowles, RR, Theunissen, C, Grooten, J, Toschi, G, Roberts, VV, Pilcher, L, Van Wyngaardt, S, Mathebula, N, Balogun, M, Stoltz, AC, Verschoor, JA.
Structure-function relationships of the antigenicity of mycolic acids in tuberculosis patients
Chem Phys Lipids 163, 800-808, 2010. (Epub 2010 Sep 25)

Blomme, BA, Van Steenkiste, C, Vanhuysse, J, Colle, I, Callewaert, N, Van Vlierberghe, H.
The impact of elevation of total bilirubin level and etiology of the liver disease on serum N-glycosylation patterns in mice and men
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 298, G615-624, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jan 7)

Bloor, S, Maelfait, J, Krumbach, R, Beyaert, R, Randow, F.
The endoplasmic reticulum chaperone gp96 is essential for infection with vesicular stomatitis virus
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107, 6970-6975, 2010. (Epub 2010 Mar 29)

Bonnet, E, Tatari, M, Joshi, A, Michoel, T, Marchal, K, Berx, G, Van de Peer, Y.
Module network inference from a cancer gene expression data set identifies microRNA regulated modules
PLoS One 5, e10162, 2010. (Epub 2010 Apr 14)

Bredan, A.
Writing the results and discussion of a research paper
The Write Stuff (J Eur Med Writers Assoc) 19, 177-179, 2010. (Epub ---)

Cauwels, A, Rogge, E, Janssen, B, Brouckaert, P.
Reactive oxygen species and small conductance calcium-dependent potassium channels are key mediators of inflammation-induced hypotension and shock
J Mol Med 88, 921-930, 2010. (Epub 2010 May 25)

Chen, CC, Engelborghs, S, Dewaele, S, Le Bastard, N, Martin, JJ, Vanhooren, V, Libert, C, De Deyn, PP.
Altered serum glycomics in Alzheimer disease: A potential blood biomarker?
Rejuvenation Res 13, 439-444, 2010. (Epub 2010 Apr 28)

Curvers, K, Seifi, H, Mouille, G, De Rycke, R, Asselbergh, B, Van Hecke, A, Vanderschaeghe, D, Höfte, H, Callewaert, N, Van Breusegem, F, Höfte, M.
Abscisic acid deficiency causes changes in cuticle permeability and pectin composition that influence tomato resistance to Botrytis cinerea
Plant Physiol 154, 847-860, 2010. (Epub 2010 Aug 13)

Davies, CC, Chakraborty, A, Cipriani, F, Haigh, K, Haigh, JJ, Behrens, A.
Identification of a coactivator that links growth factor signalling to c- Jun/Ap-1 activation.
Nat Cell Biol 12, 963-972, 2010. (Epub 2010 Sep 19)

Davies, JW, Hainsworth, AH, Guerin, CJ, Lambert, DG.
Pharmacology of capsaicin-, anandamide-, and N-arachidonoyl-dopamine-evoked cell death in a homogeneous transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 receptor population
Br J Anaesth 104, 596-602, 2010. (Epub 2010 Mar 30)

De Boever, S, Neirinckx, EA, Meyer, E, de Baere, S, Beyaert, R, De Backer, P, Croubels, S.
Pharmacodynamics of tepoxalin, sodium-salicylate and ketoprofen in an intravenous lipopolysaccharide inflammation model in broiler chickens
J Vet Pharmacol Therap 33, 564-572, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jun 18)

Debruyne, ENM, Vanderschaeghe, D, Van Vlierberghe, H, Vanhecke, A, Callewaert, N, Delanghe, JR.
Diagnostic value of the Hemopexin N-glycan profile in hepatocellular carcinoma patients
Clin Chem 56, 823-831, 2010. (Epub 2010 Mar 26)

Decaluwe, K, Nimmegeers, S, Thoonen, R, Buys, E, Brouckaert, P, Van de Voorde, J.
In vitro and in vivo studies on the importance of the soluble guanylyl cyclase alpha1 subunit in penile erection
World J Urol 28, 643-650, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jan 23)

De Clercq, S, Gembarska, A, Denecker, G, Maetens, M, Naessens, M, Haigh, K, Haigh, JJ, Marine, JC.
Widespread overexpression of epitope tagged-Mdm4 does not accelerate tumor formation in vivo
Mol Cell Biol 30, 5394-5405, 2010. (Epub 2010 Sep 20)

Declercq, W.
Caspases in epidermal differentiation and cornification
Exp Dermatol 19, 938-940, 2010. (Epub ---)

De Cock, LJ, De Koker, S, De Geest, BG, Grooten, J, Vervaet, C, Remon, JP, Sukhorukov, GB, Antipina, MN.
Polymeric multilayer capsules in drug delivery
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 49, 6954-6973, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jul 19)

De Cock, LJ, De Koker, S, De Vos, F, Vervaet, C, Remon, JP, De Geest, BG.
Layer-by-layer incorporation of growth factors in decellularized aortic heart valve leaflets
Biomacromolecules 11, 1002-1008, 2010. (Epub 2010 Feb 15)

De Geest, B, De Koker, S, Demeester, J, De Smedt, S, Hennink, WE.
Self-exploding capsules
Polymer Chem 1, 137-148, 2010. (Epub ---)

De Geest, BG, De Koker, S, Gonnissen, Y, De Cock, LJ, Grooten, J, Remon, JP, Vervaet, C.
A single step process for the synthesis of antigen laden thermosensitive microparticles
Soft Matter 6, 305-310, 2010. (Epub ---)

De Haes, W, De Koker, S, Pollard, C, Atkinson, D, Vlieghe, E, Hoste, J, Rejman, J, De Smedt, S, Grooten, J, Vanham, G, Van Gulck, E.
Polyelectrolyte capsules-containing HIV-1 p24 and poly I:C modulate dendritic cells to stimulate HIV-1-specific immune responses
Mol Ther 18, 1408-1416, 2010. (Epub 2010 May 11)

Dejager, L, Pinheiro, I, Bogaert, P, Huys, L, Libert, C.
Role for neutrophils in host immune responses and genetic factors that modulate resistance to Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium in the inbred mouse strain SPRET/Ei
Infect Immun 78, 3848-3860, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jul 19)

Dejager, L, Pinheiro, I, Puimege, L, Fan, YD, Gremeaux, L, Vankelecom, H, Libert, C.
Increased glucocorticoid receptor expression and activity mediate the LPS resistance of spret/EI mice
J Biol Chem 285, 31073-31086, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jul 19)

De Koker, S, Naessens, T, De Geest, BG, Bogaert, P, Demeester, J, De Smedt, S, Grooten, J.
Biodegradable polyelectrolyte microcapsules: Antigen delivery tools with Th17 skewing activity after pulmonary delivery
J Immunol 184, 203-211, 2010. (Epub 2009 Nov 30)

De Pourcq, K, De Schutter, K, Callewaert, N.
Engineering of glycosylation in yeast and other fungi: current state and perspectives
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 87, 1617-1631, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jun 29)

De Schamphelaere, KA, Stubblefield, W, Rodriguez, P, Vleminckx, K, Janssen, CR.
The chronic toxicity of molybdate to freshwater organisms. I. Generating reliable effects data
Sci Total Environ 408, 5362-5371, 2010. (Epub 2010 Aug 31)

Dierendonck, M, De Koker, S, Cuvelier, C, Grooten, J, Vervaet, C, Remon, JP, De Geest, BG.
Facile two-step synthesis of porous antigen-loaded degradable polyelectrolyte microspheres
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 49, 8620-8624, 2010. (Epub 2010 Oct 4)

Diez-Fraile, A, Mussche, S, Vanden Berghe, T, Espeel, M, Vandenabeele, P, D'Herde, KG.
Expression of Calcium-sensing receptor in quail granulosa explants: A key to survival during folliculogenesis
Anat Rec 293, 890-899, 2010. (Epub 2010 Feb 23)

Drogat, B, Kalucka, J, Gutiérrez, L, Hammad, H, Goossens, S, Farhang Ghahremani, M, Bartunkova, S, Haigh, K, Deswarte, K, Nyabi, O, Naessens, M, Ferrara, N, Klingmüller, U, Lambrecht, B, Nagy, A, Philipsen, S, Haigh, JJ.
VEGF regulates embryonic erythroid development through GATA1 modulation
Blood 116, 2141-2151, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jun 16)

Fang, M, Dewaele, S, Zhao, Y-P, Starkel, P, Vanhooren, V, Chen, Y-M, Ji, X, Luo, M, Sun, B-M, Horsmans, Y, Dell, A, Haslam, S, Grassi, P, Libert, C, Gao, C-F, Chen, CC.
Serum N-glycome biomarker for monitoring development of DENA-induced hepatocellular carcinoma in rat
Mol Cancer 9, 215, 2010. (Epub 2010 Aug 12)

Fang, M, Zhao, YP, Zhou, FG, Lu, LG, Qi, P, Wang, H, Zhou, K, Sun, SH, Chen, CY, Gao, CF.
N-glycan based models improve diagnostic efficacies in HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma
Int J Cancer 127, 148-159, 2010. (Epub 2009 Nov 10)

Feraru, E, Paciorek, T, Feraru, MI, Zwiewka, M, De Groodt, R, De Rycke, R, Kleine-Vehn, J, Friml, J.
The AP-3 beta Adaptin Mediates the Biogenesis and Function of Lytic Vacuoles in Arabidopsis
Plant Cell 22, 2812-2824, 2010. (Epub 2010 Aug)

Finlay, TM, Abdulkhalek, S, Gilmour, A, Guzzo, C, Jayanth, P, Amith, SR, Gee, K, Beyaert, R, Szewczuk, MR.
Thymoquinone-induced Neu4 sialidase activates NFkappaB in macrophage cells and pro-inflammatory cytokines in vivo
Glycoconj J 27, 583-600, 2010. (Epub 2010 Aug 10)

Finlay, TM, Jayanth, P, Amith, SR, Gilmour, A, Guzzo, C, Gee, K, Beyaert, R, Szewczuk, MR.
Thymoquinone from nutraceutical black cumin oil activates Neu4 sialidase in live macrophage, dendritic, and normal and type I sialidosis human fibroblast cells via GPCR Galphai proteins and matrix metalloproteinase-9
Glycoconj J 27, 329-348, 2010. (Epub 2010 Mar 6)

Foubert, E, De Craene, B, Berx, G.
Key signalling nodes in mammary gland development and cancer. The Snail1-Twist1 conspiracy in malignant breast cancer progression
Breast Cancer Res 12, 206, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jun 25)

Fradejas, N, Pastor, MD, Burgos, M, Beyaert, R, Tranque, P, Calvo, S.
Caspase-11 mediates ischemia-induced astrocyte death: involvement of endoplasmic reticulum stress and C/EBP homologous protein.
J Neurosci Res 88, 1094-1105, 2010. (Epub 2009 Nov 3)

Garg, AD, Nowis, D, Golab, J, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV, Agostinis, P.
Immunogenic cell death, DAMPs and anti-cancer therapeutics: An emerging amalgamation
Biochim Biophys Acta - Rev Cancer 1805, 53-71, 2010. (Epub 2009 Aug 28)

Guerfal, M, Ryckaert, S, Jacobs, PP, Ameloot, P, Van Craenenbroeck, K, Derycke, R, Callewaert, N.
The HAC1 gene from Pichia pastoris: characterization and effect of its overexpression on the production of secreted, surface displayed and membrane proteins
Microb Cell Fact 9, 49, 2010. (Epub 2010 Jun 30)

Gui, HL, Gao, CF, Wang, H, Liu, XE, Xie, Q, Dewaele, S, Wang, L, Zhuang, H, Contreras, R, Libert, C, Chen, C.
Altered serum N-glycomics in chronic hepatitis B patients
Liver Int 30, 259-267, 2010. (Epub 2009 Nov 25)

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