Title: Group pictures of this unit
Subtitle: Group pictures of Peter's group

Pictures of the unit of Peter Vandenabeele

Unit 3
Unit of Peter Vandenabeele
Top, from left to right: Kristof, Dmitri, Wim, Philippe, Michael, Jelle
Middle: Saskia, Veronique, Dieter, Esther, Isabelle, Barbara, Peter
Bottom: Sasker, Alain, Linde, Nele, Ellen, Tom, Rene

Caspase 7 and 1 Group

Caspase 7 and 1 group
from left to right: Dmitri, Alain, Dieter, Isabelle, Kristof, Tom, Rene, Peter, Wim, Michael

Necrosis and Autophagy Group

Necrosis and autophagy group
from left to right: Dmitri, Ellen, Isabelle, Tom, Linde, Sasker, Nele, Saskia, Peter

Skin Biology Group

Skin Biology Group
from left to right: Wim, Saskia, Philippe, Esther, Michael, Barbara, Jelle, Peter

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