People in the Unit of Cell Death and Inflammation

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Peter VANDENABEELE

Vandenabeele PeterGroup Leader13 710Peter.Vandenabeele62
Bertrand MathieuResearch Team Leader13 720Mathieu.Bertrand832
Declercq WimResearch Team Leader13 820Wim.Declercq12
Maelfait JonathanResearch Team Leader09 33 13 710Jonathan.Maelfait567
Vanden Berghe TomResearch Team Leader13 721Tom.VandenBerghe309
Riquet FranckProject Leader09 33 13 714Franck.Riquet1163
Delanghe TomPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 715Tom.Delanghe1346
Dondelinger YvesPostdoctoral Researcher13 715Yves.Dondelinger868
Hassannia BehrouzPostdoctoral Researcher13 713Behrouz.Hassannia1097
Priem DarioPostdoctoral Researcher13 713Dario.Priem1155
Tougaard PeterPostdoctoral Researcher13 712Peter.Tougaard1534
Verstraeten BrunoPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 714Bruno.Verstraeten1905
Xie WeiPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 712Wei.Xie1896
Bridelance JolienPh.D. Student09 33 13 714Jolien.Bridelance1133
de Reuver RichardPh.D. Student09 33 13 715Richard.deReuver1649
Herron LaurenPh.D. Student09 33 13 714Lauren.Herron1857
Hessmann ElinePh.D. Student09 33 13 714Eline.Hessmann1933
Huyghe JonPh.D. Student13 713Jon.Huyghe1590
Huysentruyt JellePh.D. Student13 713Jelle.Huysentruyt1406
Koeken InePh.D. Student09 33 13 713Ine.Koeken2009
Nemegeer JosephinePh.D. Student13 714Josephine.Nemegeer1623
Peleman CÚdricPh.D. Student09 33 13 713Cedric.Peleman1963
Ruiz Perez MarioPh.D. Student09 33 13 712Mario.RuizPerez1702
Steels WolfPh.D. Student09 33 13 712Wolf.Steels1924
Stepic BarbaraPh.D. Student13 714Barbara.Stepic1813
Vadi MikePh.D. Student09 33 13 713Mike.Vadi1816
Van San EmilyPh.D. Student09 33 13 713Emily.VanSan1528
Veeckmans GeraldinePh.D. Student09 33 13 713Geraldine.Veeckmans2008
Verdonck SimonPh.D. Student09 33 13 712Simon.Verdonck1726
Verschuere HannePh.D. Student09 33 13 712Hanne.Verschuere1530
Wyckaert LauraPh.D. Student09 33 13 712Laura.Wyckaert1938
Bruggeman IngeLab Technician13 714Inge.Bruggeman265
Dierick EvelienLab Technician09 33 13 715Evelien.Dierick1650
Divert TatyanaLab Technician13 713Tatyana.Divert1027
Gilbert BarbaraLab Technician13 715Barbara.Gilbert146
Gruwez BirgitMaster Thesis Student 209 33 13 715Birgit.Gruwez3251
Wijns LisaMaster Thesis Student 209 33 13 715Lisa.Wijns3205

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