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People in Unit for Structural Biology

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Savvas SAVVIDES

Savvides SavvasGroup Leader13 660Savvas.Savvides1244
Bloch YehudiPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 621/662Yehudi.Bloch1253
Braun HaraldPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 621/662Harald.Braun785
Clancy DaniellePostdoctoral Researcher13 621/662Danielle.Clancy1599
Markovic IvaPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 621/664Iva.Markovic1675
Tsirigotaki AlexandraPostdoctoral Researcher09 33 13 662/664Alexandra.Tsirigotaki1788
Verstraete KennethPostdoctoral Researcher13 622/664Kenneth.Verstraete1247
Felix JanPostdoctoral Scientist13 622/662Jan.Felix1246
Andries JuliePh.D. Student13 621/662Julie.Andries1484
De Backer RobinPh.D. Student09 33 13 621/662Robin.DeBacker2013
Karamolegkou MariaPh.D. Student13 622/662Maria.Karamolegkou1369
Semwal ShubhamPh.D. Student09 33 13 621/662Shubham.Semwal1957
Skladanowska KatarzynaPh.D. Student13 621/662Katarzyna.Skladanowska1301
Thierens LissePh.D. Student09 33 13 621/662Lisse.Thierens1926
Provost MathiasScientist09 33 13 621/664Mathias.Provost1609
Verschueren KoenScientist13 622/664Koen.Verschueren1403
Dansercoer AnnLab Technician13 622/664Ann.Dansercoer269
Alipour Symakani RoyanMaster Thesis Student 209 33 13 621Royan.AlipourSymakani1920
Coloma Borras PabloMaster Thesis Student 209 33 13 621/664Pablo.ColomaBorras3212
Furones AlvaroMaster Thesis Student 209 33 13 621Alvaro.Furones1914
Sanz Sanjuan AlbaMaster Thesis Student 209 33 13 621/662Alba.SanzSanjuan2010
Briechle AnnaErasmus Student09 33 13 621Anna.Briechle3246
Detry SamVisiting Scientist09 33 13 634Sammy.Detry1252
Maestro Lopez MoisesVisiting Scientist13 622Moises.MaestroLopez3271

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