People in the Unit of Molecular Signal Transduction in Inflammation

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Rudi BEYAERT

Beyaert RudiGroup Leader13 770Rudi.Beyaert99
Afonina InnaResearch Team Leader13 764Inna.Afonina1100
Staal JensResearch Team Leader13 765Jens.Staal722
Tavernier SimonPostdoctoral Researcher13 754Simon.Tavernier981
Aidarova AigerimPh.D. Student13 764Aigerim.Aidarova1789
Carels MariekePh.D. Student13 770Marieke.Carels1904
De Meyer FemkePh.D. Student13 764Femke.DeMeyer1991
Ferreras Moreno NataliaPh.D. Student13 371Natalia.FerrerasMoreno1993
Skordos IoannisPh.D. Student13 765Ioannis.Skordos1399
Steels JillPh.D. Student13 764Jill.Steels1992
Van Gaever FemkePh.D. Student13 765Femke.VanGaever1781
Driege YasmineLab Technician13 764/774Yasmine.Driege754
Haegman MiraLab Technician13 764/774Mira.Haegman180
Kreike MarjaLab Technician13 764Marja.Kreike431

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