People in the Janssens lab

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Sophie JANSSENS

Janssens SophieGroup Leader13 511Sophie.Janssens281
Cloots EvaPostdoctoral Researcher13 732Eva.Cloots1234
Amstelveen SerajaPh.D. Student13 732/653Seraja.Amstelveen1658
Bosteels VictorPh.D. Student13 732Victor.Bosteels1400
Maes BastiaanPh.D. Student13 742Bastiaan.Maes1303
Maréchal SandraPh.D. Student13 732Sandra.Marechal1645
Rennen SofiePh.D. Student13 732Sofie.Rennen1606
Van Heddegem LaurienPh.D. Student13 732Laurien.VanHeddegem1756
Vetters JessicaPh.D. Student13 733Jessica.Vetters998
De Nolf ClintBioIT Technician13 734Clint.DeNolf1706
Fayazpour FarzanehLab Technician13 732/633Farzaneh.Fayazpour1091
Van De Velde EvelienLab Technician13 732/633Evelien.VanDeVelde1676
Verloo ZoeMaster Thesis Student13 732Zoe.Verloo1932

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