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Publications from this research unit

This page shows only publications with IRC as the affiliation of at least one author.
Publications by IRC members mentioning other affiliations are not in our database. Sorry.
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For copyright reasons, PDF-versions of our publications are available on the intranet only (login required  ). If you would like to receive a reprint of an IRC paper, please copy/paste the reference in the
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Ginhoux, F, Guilliams, M.
Tissue-Resident Macrophage Ontogeny and Homeostasis
Immunity 44, 439-449, 2016. (Epub 2016 Mar 15)

Ginhoux, F, Guilliams, M, Naik, SH.
Editorial: Dendritic Cell and Macrophage Nomenclature and Classification
Front Immunol 7, 168, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 2)

Guilliams, M, Dutertre, CA, Scott, CL, McGovern, N, Sichien, D, Chakarov, S, Van Gassen, S, Chen, J, Poidinger, M, De Prijck, S, Tavernier, SJ, Low, I, et al., Chan, DK, Tan, KK, et al., Saeys, Y, Newell, EW, Lambrecht, BN, et al., Ginhoux, F.
Unsupervised High-Dimensional Analysis Aligns Dendritic Cells across Tissues and Species
Immunity 45, 669-684, 2016. (Epub 2016 Sep 20)

Guilliams, M, Lambrecht, BN.
Macrophage precursors PLASTed INto alveolar space
Blood 128, 2750-2752, 2016. (Epub 2016 Dec 15)

Guilliams, M, Malissen, B.
A Matter of Perspective: Moving from a Pre-omic to a Systems-Biology Vantage of Monocyte-Derived Cell Function and Nomenclature
Immunity 44, 5-6, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jan 19)

Laoui, D, Keirsse, J, Morias, Y, Van Overmeire, E, Geeraerts, X, Elkrim, Y, Kiss, M, Bolli, E, Lahmar, Q, Sichien, D, Serneels, J, Scott, CL, Boon, L, De Baetselier, P, Mazzone, M, Guilliams, M, Van Ginderachter, JA.
The tumour microenvironment harbours ontogenically distinct dendritic cell populations with opposing effects on tumour immunity
Nat Commun 7, 13720, 2016. (Epub 2016 Dec 23)

Scott, CL, Lambrecht, BN.
Conventional Dendritic Cells: Identification, Subsets, Development, and Functions
Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences: Encyclopedia of Immunobiology 3, 374383, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 9)

Scott, CL, Soen, B, Martens, L, Skrypek, N, Saelens, W, Taminau, J, Blancke, G, Van Isterdael, G, Huylebroeck, D, Haigh, J, Saeys, Y, Guilliams, M, Lambrecht, BN, Berx, G.
The transcription factor Zeb2 regulates development of conventional and plasmacytoid DCs by repressing Id2
J Exp Med 213, 897-911, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 16)

Scott, CL, Wright, PB, Milling, SW, Mowat, AM.
Isolation and Identification of Conventional Dendritic Cell Subsets from the Intestine of Mice and Men
Methods Mol Biol 1423, 101-118, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 4)

Scott, CL, Zheng, F, De Baetselier, P, Martens, L, Saeys, Y, De Prijck, S, Lippens, S, Abels, C, Schoonooghe, S, Raes, G, Devoogdt, N, Lambrecht, BN, Beschin, A, Guilliams, M.
Bone marrow-derived monocytes give rise to self-renewing and fully differentiated Kupffer cells
Nat Commun 7, 10321, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jan 27)

Sichien, D, Scott, CL, Martens, L, Vanderkerken, M, Van Gassen, S, Plantinga, M, Joeris, T, De Prijck, S, Vanhoutte, L, Vanheerswynghels, M, Van Isterdael, G, Toussaint, W, Madeira, FB, Vergote, K, Agace, WW, Clausen, BE, Hammad, H, Dalod, M, Saeys, Y, et al..
IRF8 Transcription Factor Controls Survival and Function of Terminally Differentiated Conventional and Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells, Respectively
Immunity 45, 626-640, 2016. (Epub 2016 Sep 20)

van de Laar, L, Guilliams, M, Tavernier, SJ.
Isolation of Conventional Dendritic Cells from Mouse Lungs
Methods Mol Biol 1423, 139-152, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 4)

van de Laar, L, Saelens, W, De Prijck, S, Martens, L, Scott, CL, Van Isterdael, G, Hoffmann, E, Beyaert, R, Saeys, Y, Lambrecht, BN, Guilliams, M.
Yolk Sac Macrophages, Fetal Liver, and Adult Monocytes Can Colonize an Empty Niche and Develop into Functional Tissue-Resident Macrophages
Immunity 44, 755-768, 2016. (Epub 2016 Apr 19)

Guilliams, M, Malissen, B.
A Death Notice for In-Vitro-Generated GM-CSF Dendritic Cells?
Immunity 42, 988-990, 2015. (Epub 2015 Jun 16)

Guilliams, M, van de Laar, L.
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Myeloid Cell Subsets: Practical Implementation of a Novel Mononuclear Phagocyte Classification System
Front Immunol 6, 1-12, 2015. (Epub 2015 Aug 11)

Morias, Y, Abels, C, Laoui, D, Van Overmeire, E, Guilliams, M, Schouppe, E, Tacke, F, deVries, CJ, De Baetselier, P, Beschin, A.
Ly6C- Monocytes Regulate Parasite-Induced Liver Inflammation by Inducing the Differentiation of Pathogenic Ly6C+ Monocytes into Macrophages
PLoS Pathog 11, e1004873, 2015. (Epub 2015 May 28)

Guilliams, M, Bruhns, P, Saeys, Y, Hammad, H, Lambrecht, BN.
The function of Fc? receptors in dendritic cells and macrophages
Nat Rev Immunol 14, 94-108, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jan 21)

Guilliams, M, Ginhoux, F, Jakubzick, C, Naik, SH, Onai, N, Schraml, BU, Segura, E, Tussiwand, R, Yona, S.
Dendritic cells, monocytes and macrophages: a unified nomenclature based on ontogeny
Nat Rev Immunol 14, 571-578, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jul 18)

Lambrecht, B, Guilliams, M.
Monocytes find a new place to dwell in the niche of heartbreak hotel
J Exp Med 211, 2136, 2014. (Epub 2014 Oct 20)

Scott, CL, Bain, CC, Wright, PB, Sichien, D, Kotarsky, K, Persson, EK, Luda, K, Guilliams, M, Lambrecht, BN, Agace, WW, Milling, SW, Mowat, AM.
CCR2CD103 intestinal dendritic cells develop from DC-committed precursors and induce interleukin-17 production by T cells
Mucosal Immunol 8, 327-339, 2014. (Epub 2014 Aug 20)

Scott, CL, Henri, S, Guilliams, M.
Mononuclear phagocytes of the intestine, the skin, and the lung
Immunol Rev 262, 9-24, 2014. (Epub 2014 Oct 15)

Gloudemans, AK, Plantinga, M, Guilliams, M, Willart, MA, Ozir-Fazalalikhan, A, van der Ham, A, Boon, L, Harris, NL, Hammad, H, Hoogsteden, HC, Yazdanbakhsh, M, Hendriks, RW, Lambrecht, BN, Smits, HH.
The mucosal adjuvant cholera toxin B instructs non-mucosal dendritic cells to promote IgA Production via retinoic acid and TGF-beta
PLoS One 8, e59822, 2013. (Epub 2013 Mar 20)

Guilliams, M, De Kleer, I, Henri, S, Post, S, Vanhoutte, L, De Prijck, S, Deswarte, K, Malissen, B, Hammad, H, Lambrecht, BN.
Alveolar macrophages develop from fetal monocytes that differentiate into long-lived cells in the first week of life via GM-CSF
J Exp Med 210, 1977-1992, 2013. (Epub 2013 Sep 16)

Guilliams, M, Lambrecht, BN, Hammad, H.
Division of labor between lung dendritic cells and macrophages in the defense against pulmonary infections
Mucosal Immunol 6, 464-473, 2013. (Epub 2013 Apr 3)

Plantinga, M, Guilliams, M, Vanheerswynghels, M, Deswarte, K, Branco-Madeira, F, Toussaint, W, Vanhoutte, L, Neyt, K, Killeen, N, Malissen, B, Hammad, H, Lambrecht, BN.
Conventional and monocyte-derived CD11b(+) dendritic cells initiate and maintain T Helper 2 cell-mediated immunity to house dust mite allergen
Immunity 38, 322-335, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan 22)

Tamoutounour, S, Guilliams, M, Montanana Sanchis, F, Liu, H, Terhorst, D, Malosse, C, Pollet, E, Ardouin, L, Luche, H, Sanchez, C, Dalod, M, Malissen, B, Henri, S.
Origins and functional specialization of macrophages and of conventional and monocyte-derived dendritic cells in mouse skin
Immunity 39, 925-938, 2013. (Epub 2013 Oct 31)

Tamoutounour, S, Henri, S, Lelouard, H, de Bovis, B, de Haar, C, van der Woude, CJ, Woltman, AM, Reyal, Y, Bonnet, D, Sichien, D, Bain, CC, Mowat, AM, Reis e Sousa, C, Poulin, LF, Malissen, B, Guilliams, M.
CD64 distinguishes macrophages from dendritic cells in the gut and reveals the Th1-inducing role of mesenteric lymph node macrophages during colitis
Eur J Immunol 42, 3150-3166, 2012. (Epub 2012 Oct 17)

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