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Publications from this research unit

This page shows only publications with IRC as the affiliation of at least one author.
Publications by IRC members mentioning other affiliations are not in our database. Sorry.
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Svandova, E, Lesot, H, Vanden Berghe, T, Tucker, AS, Sharpe, PT, Vandenabeele, P, Matalova, E.
Non-apoptotic functions of caspase-7 during osteogenesis
Cell Death Dis 5, e1366, 2014. (Epub 2014 Aug 14)

Takahashi, N, Vereecke, L, Bertrand, MJ, Duprez, L, Berger, SB, Divert, T, Goncalves, A, Sze, M, Gilbert, B, Kourula, S, Goossens, V, Lefebvre, S, Gunther, C, Becker, C, Bertin, J, Gough, PJ, Declercq, W, van Loo, G, Vandenabeele, P.
RIPK1 ensures intestinal homeostasis by protecting the epithelium against apoptosis
Nature 513, 95-99, 2014. (Epub 2014 Sep 4)

Vanden Berghe, T, Demon, D, Bogaert, P, Vandendriessche, B, Goethals, A, Depuydt, B, Vuylsteke, M, Roelandt, R, Van Wonterghem, E, Vandenbroecke, J, Choi, SM, Meyer, E, Krautwald, S, Declercq, W, Takahashi, N, Cauwels, A, Vandenabeele, P.
Simultaneous targeting of Interleukin-1 and -18 is required for protection against inflammatory and septic shock
Am J Respir Crit Care Med 189, 282-291, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jan 23)

Vanden Berghe, T, Linkermann, A, Jouan-Lanhouet, S, Walczak, H, Vandenabeele, P.
Regulated necrosis: the expanding network of non-apoptotic cell death pathways
Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 15, 135-147, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jan 23)

Beck, IM, Drebert, ZJ, Hoya-Arias, R, Bahar, AA, Devos, M, Clarisse, D, Desmet, S, Bougarne, N, Ruttens, B, Gossye, V, Denecker, G, Lievens, S, Bracke, M, Tavernier, J, Declercq, W, Gevaert, K, Vanden Berghe, W, Haegeman, G, De Bosscher, K.
Compound A, a selective glucocorticoid receptor modulator, enhances heat shock protein hsp70 gene promoter activation
PLoS One 8, e69115, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jul 30)

Bisteau, X, Paternot, S, Colleoni, B, Ecker, K, Coulonval, K, De Groote, P, Declercq, W, Hengst, L, Roger, PP.
CDK4 T172 phosphorylation is central in a CDK7-dependent bidirectional CDK4/CDK2 interplay mediated by p21 phosphorylation at the restriction point
PLoS Genet 9, e1003546, 2013. (Epub 2013 May 30)

Brinkman, BM, Becker, A, Ayiseh, RB, Hildebrand, F, Raes, J, Huys, G, Vandenabeele, P.
Gut microbiota affects sensitivity to acute DSS-induced colitis independently of host genotype
Inflamm Bowel Dis 19, 2560-2567, 2013. (Epub 2013 Oct 7)

Declercq, W.
In Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes. (Rawlings, N.D. & Salvesen, G.S., eds.), Oxford, Academic Press, pp. 2280-2285, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan)

Decrock, E, Bock, MD, Wang, N, Gadicherla, AK, Bol, M, Delvaeye, T, Vandenabeele, P, Vinken, M, Bultynck, G, Krysko, DV, Leybaert, L.
IP(3), a small molecule with a powerful message
Biochim Biophys Acta - Mol Cell Res 1833, 1772-1786, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan 2)

Demeyere, K, Remijsen, Q, Demon, D, Breyne, K, Notebaert, S, Boyen, F, Guerin, CJ, Vandenabeele, P, Meyer, E.
Escherichia coli induces bovine neutrophil cell death independently from caspase-3/-7/-1, but with phosphatidylserine exposure prior to membrane rupture.
Vet Immunol Immunopathol 153, 45-56, 2013. (Epub 2013 May 15)

Devos, M, De Groote, P, Gilbert, B, Bruggeman, I, Leurs, K, Lippens, S, Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W.
Caspase-14 overexpression in hairless mice is not involved in utricle formation
Exp Dermatol 22, 484-486, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jul)

Dondelinger, Y, Aguileta, MA, Goossens, V, Dubuisson, C, Grootjans, S, Dejardin, E, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
RIPK3 contributes to TNFR1-mediated RIPK1 kinase-dependent apoptosis in conditions of cIAP1/2 depletion or TAK1 kinase inhibition
Cell Death Differ 20, 1381-1392, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jul 26)

Dudek, AM, Garg, AD, Krysko, DV, De Ruysscher, D, Agostinis, P.
Inducers of immunogenic cancer cell death
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev 24, 319-333, 2013. (Epub 2013 Feb 4)

Eckhart, L, Lippens, S, Tschachler, E, Declercq, W.
Cell death by cornification
Biochim Biophys Acta - Mol Cell Res 1833, 3471-3480, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jun 20)

Garg, AD, Dudek, AM, Ferreira, GB, Verfaillie, T, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV, Mathieu, C, Agostinis, P.
ROS-induced autophagy in cancer cells assists in evasion from determinants of immunogenic cell death
Autophagy 9, 1292-1307, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jun 19)

Hildebrand, F, Nguyen, AT, Brinkman, B, Yunta, RG, Cauwe, B, Vandenabeele, P, Liston, A, Raes, J.
Inflammation-associated enterotypes, host genotype, cage and inter-individual effects drive gut microbiota variation in common laboratory mice
Genome Biol 14, R4, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan 24)

Hoste, E, Denecker, G, Gilbert, B, Van Nieuwerburgh, F, van der Fits, L, Asselbergh, B, De Rycke, R, Hachem, JP, Deforce, D, Prens, EP, Vandenabeele, P, Declercq, W.
Caspase-14-deficient mice are more prone to the development of parakeratosis
J Invest Dermatol 133, 742-750, 2013. (Epub 2012 Sep 27)

Kaczmarek, A, Krysko, O, Heyndrickx, L, Aaes, TL, Delvaeye, T, Bachert, C, Leybaert, L, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV.
TNF/TNF-R1 pathway is involved in doxorubicin-induced acute sterile inflammation
Cell Death Dis 4, e961, 2013. (Epub 2013 Dec 12)

Kaczmarek, A, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV.
Necroptosis: the release of damage-associated molecular patterns and its physiological relevance
Immunity 38, 209-223, 2013. (Epub 2013 Feb 21)

Kersse, K, Vandenabeele, P.
In Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes. (Rawlings, N.D. & Salvesen, G.S., eds.), Oxford, Academic Press, pp. 2274-2280, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan)

Krysko, O, Love Aaes, T, Bachert, C, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV.
Many faces of DAMPs in cancer therapy
Cell Death Dis 4, e631, 2013. (Epub 2013 May 16)

Krysko, O, Maes, T, Plantinga, M, Holtappels, G, Imiru, R, Vandenabeele, P, Joos, G, Krysko, DV, Bachert, C.
The adjuvant-like activity of staphylococcal enterotoxin B in a murine asthma model is independent of IL-1R signaling
Allergy 68, 446-453, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan 25)

Matalova, E, Lesot, H, Svandova, E, Vanden Berghe, T, Sharpe, PT, Healy, C, Vandenabeele, P, Tucker, AS.
Caspase-7 participates in differentiation of cells forming dental hard tissues
Dev Growth Differ 55, 615-621, 2013. (Epub 2013 May 29)

Schutters, K, Kusters, DH, Chatrou, ML, Montero-Melendez, T, Donners, M, Deckers, NM, Krysko, DV, Vandenabeele, P, Perretti, M, Schurgers, LJ, Reutelingsperger, CP.
Cell surface-expressed phosphatidylserine as therapeutic target to enhance phagocytosis of apoptotic cells
Cell Death Differ 20, 49-56, 2013. (Epub 2012 Sep 7)

Vandenabeele, P, Grootjans, S, Callewaert, N, Takahashi, N.
Necrostatin-1 blocks both RIPK1 and IDO: consequences for the study of cell death in experimental disease models
Cell Death Differ 20, 185-187 , 2013. (Epub 2012 Nov 30)

Vanden Berghe, T, Goethals, A, Demon, D, Bogaert, P, Mak, TW, Cauwels, A, Vandenabeele, P.
An inactivating caspase-11 passenger mutation muddles sepsis research
Am J Respir Crit Care Med 188, 120-121, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jul 1)

Vanden Berghe, T, Grootjans, S, Goossens, V, Dondelinger, Y, Krysko, DV, Takahashi, N, Vandenabeele, P.
Determination of apoptotic and necrotic cell death in vitro and in vivo
Methods 61, 117-129, 2013. (Epub 2013 Mar 6)

Vanden Berghe, T, Kersse, K, Vandenabeele, P.
Caspase-3 and Caspase-7
In Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes. (Rawlings, N.D. & Salvesen, G.S., eds.), Oxford, Academic Press, pp. 2256-2265, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jan)

Vandendriessche, B, Rogge, E, Goossens, V, Vandenabeele, P, Stasch, J-P, Brouckaert, P, Cauwels, A.
The soluble guanylate cyclase activator BAY 58-2667 protects against morbidity and mortality in endotoxic shock by recoupling organ systems
PLoS One 8, e72155, 2013. (Epub 2013 Aug 28)

Verheijden, S, Bottelbergs, A, Krysko, O, Krysko, DV, Beckers, L, De Munter, S, Van Veldhoven, PP, Wyns, S, Kulik, W, Nave, KA, Ramer, MS, Carmeliet, P, Kassmann, CM, Baes, M.
Peroxisomal multifunctional protein-2 deficiency causes neuroinflammation and degeneration of Purkinje cells independent of very long chain fatty acid accumulation
Neurobiol Dis 58, 258-269, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jun 15)

Ayna, G, Krysko, DV, Kaczmarek, A, Petrovski, G, Vandenabeele, P, Fesus, L.
ATP release from dying autophagic cells and their phagocytosis are crucial for inflammasome activation in macrophages
PLoS One 7, e40069, 2012. (Epub 2012 Jun 29)

Decrock, E, Krysko, DV, Vinken, M, Kaczmarek, A, Crispino, G, Bol, M, Wang, N, De Bock, M, De Vuyst, E, Naus, CC, Rogiers, V, Vandenabeele, P, Erneux, C, Mammano, F, Bultynck, G, Leybaert, L.
Transfer of IP3 through gap junctions is critical, but not sufficient, for the spread of apoptosis
Cell Death Differ 19, 947-957, 2012. (Epub 2011 Nov 25)

Devos, M, Prawitt, J, Staumont-Salle, D, Hoste, E, Fleury, S, Bouchaert, E, Gilbert, B, Lippens, S, Vandenabeele, P, Dombrowicz, D, Declercq, W.
Filaggrin degradation by Caspase-14 is required for UVB photoprotection but does not influence allergic sensitization in a mouse model of atopic dermatitis
J Invest Dermatol 132, 2857-2860, 2012. (Epub 2012 Aug 30)

Dombret, C, Nguyen, T, Schakman, O, Michaud, JL, Hardin-Pouzet, H, Bertrand, MJ, De Backer, O.
Loss of Maged1 results in obesity, deficits of social interactions, impaired sexual behavior and severe alteration of mature oxytocin production in the hypothalamus
Hum Mol Genet 21, 4703-4717, 2012. (Epub 2012 Aug 17)

Dovzhanskiy, DI, Hartwig, W, Lazar, NG, Schmidt, A, Felix, K, Straub, BK, Hackert, T, Krysko, DV, Werner, J.
Growth inhibition of pancreatic cancer by experimental treatment with 4-phenylbutyrate is associated with increased expression of Connexin 43
Oncol Res 20, 103-111, 2012. (Epub 2012 Feb 1)

Duprez, L, Bertrand, MJ, Vanden Berghe, T, Dondelinger, Y, Festjens, N, Vandenabeele, P.
Intermediate domain of receptor-interacting protein kinase 1 (RIPK1) determines the switch between necroptosis and RIPK1 kinase-dependent apoptosis
J Biol Chem 287, 14863-14872, 2012. (Epub 2012 Feb 23)

Galluzzi, L, Vitale, I, Abrams, JM, Alnemri, ES, Baehrecke, EH, Blagosklonny, MV, Dawson, TM, Dawson, VL, El-Deiry, WS, Fulda, S, Gottlieb, E, Green, DR, Hengartner, MO, Kepp, O, Knight, RA, Kumar, S, Lipton, SA, Lu, X, Madeo, F, Malorni, W, Mehlen, P, Nunez, G, Peter, ME, Piacentini, M, Rubinsztein, DC, Shi, Y, Simon, HU, Vandenabeele, P, White, E, Yuan, J, Zhivotovsky, B, Melino, G, Kroemer, G.
Molecular definitions of cell death subroutines: recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee on Cell Death 2012
Cell Death Differ 19, 107-120, 2012. (Epub 2011 Jul 15)

Garg, AD, Kaczmarek, A, Krysko, O, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV, Agostinis, P.
ER stress-induced inflammation: does it aid or impede disease progression?
Trends Mol Med 18, 589-598, 2012. (Epub 2012 Aug 7)

Garg, AD, Krysko, DV, Vandenabeele, P, Agostinis, P.
Hypericin-based photodynamic therapy induces surface exposure of damage-associated molecular patterns like HSP70 and calreticulin
Cancer Immunol Immunother 61, 215-221, 2012. (Epub 2011 Dec 23)

Garg, AD, Krysko, DV, Vandenabeele, P, Agostinis, P.
The emergence of phox-ER stress induced immunogenic apoptosis
Oncoimmunology 1, 786-788, 2012. (Epub 2012 Aug 1)

Garg, AD, Krysko, DV, Verfaillie, T, Kaczmarek, A, Ferreira, GB, Marysael, T, Rubio, N, Firczuk, M, Mathieu, C, Roebroek, AJM, Annaert, W, Golab, J, de Witte, P, Vandenabeele, P, Agostinis, P.
A novel pathway combining calreticulin exposure and ATP secretion in immunogenic cancer cell death
EMBO J 31, 1062-1079, 2012. (Epub 2012 Jan 17)

Inoue, M, Williams, KL, Oliver, T, Vandenabeele, P, Rajan, JV, Miao, EA, Shinohara, ML.
Interferon-beta therapy against EAE is effective only when development of the disease depends on the NLRP3 inflammasome
Sci Signal 5, ra38, 2012. (Epub 2012 May 22)

Jager, R, Bertrand, MJ, Gorman, AM, Vandenabeele, P, Samali, A.
The unfolded protein response at the crossroads of cellular life and death during ER stress
Biol Cell 104, 259-270, 2012. (Epub 2012 Jan 23)

Jouan-Lanhouet, S, Arshad, MI, Piquet-Pellorce, C, Martin-Chouly, C, Le Moigne-Muller, G, Van Herreweghe, F, Takahashi, N, Sergent, O, Lagadic-Gossmann, D, Vandenabeele, P, Samson, M, Dimanche-Boitrel, MT.
TRAIL induces necroptosis involving RIPK1/RIPK3-dependent PARP-1 activation
Cell Death Differ 19, 2003-2014, 2012. (Epub 2012 Jul 20)

Kaczmarek, A, Brinkman, BM, Heyndrickx, L, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV.
Severity of doxorubicin-induced small intestinal mucositis is regulated by the TLR-2 and TLR-9 pathways
J Pathol 226, 598-608, 2012. (Epub 2011 Sep 29)

Klionsky, DJ, Abdalla, FC, Abeliovich, H, (...), Vandenabeele, P, (...), Zuckerbraun, B, (1234 authors).
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy
Autophagy 8, 445-544, 2012. (Epub 2012 Apr)

Krysko, DV.
Immunogenic cell death and emission of Damps: Calreticulin and ATP
J Nanomed Biotherapeut Discov 2, 1000e118, 2012. (Epub 2012)

Krysko, DV, Garg, AD, Kaczmarek, A, Agostinis, P, Vandenabeele, P.
Immunogenic cell death and DAMPs in cancer therapy
Nat Rev Cancer 12, 860-875, 2012. (Epub 2012 Nov 15)

Loeder, S, Schirmer, M, Schoeneberger, H, Cristofanon, S, Leibacher, J, Vanlangenakker, N, Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P, Jeremias, I, Debatin, KM, Fulda, S.
RIP1 is required for IAP inhibitor-mediated sensitization of childhood acute leukemia cells to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis
Leukemia 26, 1020-1029, 2012. (Epub 2011 Dec 16)

Matalova, E, Vanden Berghe, T, Svandova, E, Vandenabeele, P, Healy, C, Sharpe, PT, Tucker, AS.
Caspase-7 in molar tooth development
Arch Oral Biol 57, 1474-1481, 2012. (Epub 2012 Aug 31)

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