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Aaes, TL, Verschuere, H, Kaczmarek, A, Heyndrickx, L, Wiernicki, B, Delrue, I, De Craene, B, Taminau, J, Delvaeye, T, Bertrand, MJM, Declercq, W, Berx, G, Krysko, DV, Adjemian, S, Vandenabeele, P.
Immunodominant AH1 Antigen-Deficient Necroptotic, but Not Apoptotic, Murine Cancer Cells Induce Antitumor Protection
J Immunol 204, 775-787, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jan 3)

Delanghe, T, Dondelinger, Y, Bertrand, MJM.
RIPK1 Kinase-Dependent Death: A Symphony of Phosphorylation Events
Trends Cell Biol 30, 189-200, 2020. (Epub 2020 Jan 17)

Laurien, L, Nagata, M, Schunke, H, Delanghe, T, Wiederstein, JL, Kumari, S, Schwarzer, R, Corona, T, Kruger, M, Bertrand, MJM, Kondylis, V, Pasparakis, M.
Autophosphorylation at serine 166 regulates RIP kinase 1-mediated cell death and inflammation
Nat Commun 11, 1747, 2020. (Epub 2020 Apr 8)

Martens, A, Priem, D, Hoste, E, Vetters, J, Rennen, S, Catrysse, L, Voet, S, Deelen, L, Sze, M, Vikkula, H, Slowicka, K, Hochepied, T, Iliaki, K, Wullaert, A, Janssens, S, Lamkanfi, M, Beyaert, R, Armaka, M, Bertrand, MJM, et al..
Two distinct ubiquitin-binding motifs in A20 mediate its anti-inflammatory and cell-protective activities
Nat Immunol 21, 381-387, 2020. (Epub 2020 Mar 16)

Priem, D, van Loo, G, Bertrand, MJM.
A20 and Cell Death-driven Inflammation
Trends Immunol 41, 421-435, 2020. (Epub 2020 Mar 30)

Simpson, J, Loh, Z, Ullah, MA, Lynch, JP, Werder, RB, Collinson, N, Zhang, V, Dondelinger, Y, Bertrand, MJM, Everard, ML, Blyth, CC, Hartel, G, Van Oosterhout, AJ, Gough, PJ, Bertin, J, Upham, JW, Spann, KM, Phipps, S.
RSV Infection Promotes Necroptosis and HMGB1 Release by Airway Epithelial Cells
Am J Respir Crit Care Med 201, 1358-1371, 2020. (Epub 2020 Feb 27)

Verboom, L, Martens, A, Priem, D, Hoste, E, Sze, M, Vikkula, HK, Van Hove, L, Voet, S, Roels, J, Maelfait, J, Bongiovanni, L, de Bruin, A, Scott, CL, Saeys, Y, Pasparakis, M, Bertrand, MJM, van Loo, G.
OTULIN Prevents Liver Inflammation and Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Inhibiting FADD- and RIPK1 Kinase-Mediated Hepatocyte Apoptosis
Cell Rep 30, 2237-2247, 2020. (Epub 2020 Feb 18)

Beltran, S, Nassif, M, Vicencio, E, Arcos, J, Labrador, L, Cortes, BI, Cortez, C, Bergmann, CA, Espinoza, S, Hernandez, MF, Matamala, JM, Bargsted, L, Matus, S, Rojas-Rivera, D, Bertrand, MJM, Medinas, DB, Hetz, C, Manque, PA, Woehlbier, U.
Network approach identifies Pacer as an autophagy protein involved in ALS pathogenesis
Mol Neurodegener 14, 14, 2019. (Epub 2019 Mar 27)

Dondelinger, Y, Delanghe, T, Priem, D, Wynosky-Dolfi, MA, Sorobetea, D, Rojas-Rivera, D, Giansanti, P, Roelandt, R, Gropengiesser, J, Ruckdeschel, K, Savvides, SN, Heck, AJR, Vandenabeele, P, Brodsky, IE, Bertrand, MJM.
Serine 25 phosphorylation inhibits RIPK1 kinase-dependent cell death in models of infection and inflammation
Nat Commun 10, 1729, 2019. (Epub 2019 Apr 15)

Priem, D, Devos, M, Druwe, S, Martens, A, Slowicka, K, Ting, AT, Pasparakis, M, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P, van Loo, G, Bertrand, MJM.
A20 protects cells from TNF-induced apoptosis through linear ubiquitin-dependent and -independent mechanisms
Cell Death Dis 10, 692, 2019. (Epub 2019 Sep 18)

Borghi, A, Haegman, M, Fischer, R, Carpentier, I, Bertrand, MJM, Libert, C, Afonina, IS, Beyaert, R.
The E3 ubiquitin ligases HOIP and cIAP1 are recruited to the TNFR2 signaling complex and mediate TNFR2-induced canonical NF-kappaB signaling
Biochem Pharmacol 153, 292-298, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jan 26)

D'Hondt, S, Guillemyn, B, Syx, D, Symoens, S, De Rycke, R, Vanhoutte, L, Toussaint, W, Lambrecht, BN, De Paepe, A, Keene, DR, Ishikawa, Y, Bachinger, HP, Janssens, S, Bertrand, MJM, Malfait, F.
Type III collagen affects dermal and vascular collagen fibrillogenesis and tissue integrity in a mutant Col3a1 transgenic mouse model
Matrix Biol 70, 72-83, 2018. (Epub 2018 Mar 15)

Dondelinger, Y, Delanghe, T, Bertrand, MJM.
MK2 puts an additional brake on RIPK1 cytotoxic potential
Cell Death Differ 25, 457-459, 2018. (Epub 2018 Jan 9)

Estornes, Y, Dondelinger, Y, Weber, K, Bruggeman, I, Peall, A, MacFarlane, M, Lebecque, S, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJM.
N-glycosylation of mouse TRAIL-R restrains TRAIL-induced apoptosis
Cell Death Dis 9, 494, 2018. (Epub 2018 May 2)

Priem, D, Dondelinger, Y, Bertrand, MJM.
Monitoring RIPK1 Phosphorylation in the TNFR1 Signaling Complex
Methods Mol Biol 1857, 171-179, 2018. (Epub 2018 Aug 23)

De Beule, N, Menu, E, Bertrand, MJ, Favreau, M, De Bruyne, E, Maes, K, De Veirman, K, Radwanska, M, Samali, A, Magez, S, Vanderkerken, K, De Trez, C.
Experimental African trypanosome infection suppresses the development of multiple myeloma in mice by inducing intrinsic apoptosis of malignant plasma cells
Oncotarget 8, 52016-52025, 2017. (Epub 2017 May 24)

Dondelinger, Y, Delanghe, T, Rojas-Rivera, D, Priem, D, Delvaeye, T, Bruggeman, I, Van Herreweghe, F, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJM.
MK2 phosphorylation of RIPK1 regulates TNF-mediated cell death
Nat Cell Biol 19, 1237-1247, 2017. (Epub 2017 Sep 18)

Filliol, A, Farooq, M, Piquet-Pellorce, C, Genet, V, Dimanche-Boitrel, MT, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJM, Samson, M, Le Seyec, J.
RIPK1 protects hepatocytes from death in Fas-induced hepatitis
Sci Rep 7, 9205, 2017. (Epub 2017 Aug 23)

Filliol, A, Piquet-Pellorce, C, Raguenes-Nicol, C, Dion, S, Farooq, M, Lucas-Clerc, C, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ, Le Seyec, J, Samson, M.
RIPK1 protects hepatocytes from Kupffer cells-mediated TNF-induced apoptosis in mouse models of PAMP-induced hepatitis
J Hepatol 66, 1205-1213, 2017. (Epub 2017 Jan 11)

Rojas-Rivera, D, Delvaeye, T, Roelandt, R, Nerinckx, W, Augustyns, K, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJM.
When PERK inhibitors turn out to be new potent RIPK1 inhibitors: critical issues on the specificity and use of GSK2606414 and GSK2656157
Cell Death Differ 24, 1100-1110, 2017. (Epub 2017 Apr 28)

Aaes, TL, Kaczmarek, A, Delvaeye, T, De Craene, B, De Koker, S, Heyndrickx, L, Delrue, I, Taminau, J, Wiernicki, B, De Groote, P, Garg, AD, Leybaert, L, Grooten, J, Bertrand, MJ, Agostinis, P, Berx, G, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P, Krysko, DV.
Vaccination with Necroptotic Cancer Cells Induces Efficient Anti-tumor Immunity
Cell Rep 15, 274-287, 2016. (Epub 2016 Mar 30)

Aguileta, MA, Rojas-Rivera, D, Goossens, V, Estornes, Y, Van Isterdael, G, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
A siRNA screen reveals the prosurvival effect of protein kinase A activation in conditions of unresolved endoplasmic reticulum stress
Cell Death Differ 23, 1670-1680, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jun 24)

Dondelinger, Y, Darding, M, Bertrand, MJ, Walczak, H.
Poly-ubiquitination in TNFR1-mediated necroptosis
Cell Mol Life Sci 73, 21652176, 2016. (Epub 2016 Apr 11)

Dondelinger, Y, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
Regulation of RIPK1's cell death function by phosphorylation
Cell Cycle 15, 5-6, 2016. (Epub 2015 Oct 30)

Filliol, A, Piquet-Pellorce, C, Le Seyec, J, Farooq, M, Genet, V, Lucas-Clerc, C, Bertin, J, Gough, PJ, Dimanche-Boitrel, MT, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ, Samson, M.
RIPK1 protects from TNF-alpha-mediated liver damage during hepatitis
Cell Death Dis 7, e2462, 2016. (Epub 2016 Nov 10)

Grootjans, S, Hassannia, B, Delrue, I, Goossens, V, Wiernicki, B, Dondelinger, Y, Bertrand, MJ, Krysko, DV, Vuylsteke, M, Vandenabeele, P, Vanden Berghe, T.
A real-time fluorometric method for the simultaneous detection of cell death type and rate
Nat Protoc 11, 1444-1454, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jul 14)

Laghmani, K, Beck, BB, Yang, SS, Seaayfan, E, Wenzel, A, Reusch, B, Vitzthum, H, Priem, D, Demaretz, S, Bergmann, K, Duin, LK, Gobel, H, Mache, C, Thiele, H, Bartram, MP, Dombret, C, Altmuller, J, Nurnberg, P, Benzing, T, Bertrand MJ et al..
Polyhydramnios, Transient Antenatal Bartter's Syndrome, and MAGED2 Mutations
N Engl J Med 374, 1853-1863, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 12)

Ting, AT, Bertrand, MJ.
More to Life than NF-kappaB in TNFR1 Signaling
Trends Immunol 37, 535-545, 2016. (Epub 2016 Jul 13)

Tortola, L, Nitsch, R, Bertrand, MJ, Kogler, M, Redouane, Y, Kozieradzki, I, Uribesalgo, I, Fennell, LM, Daugaard, M, Klug, H, Wirnsberger, G, Wimmer, R, Perlot, T, Sarao, R, Rao, S, Hanada, T, Takahashi, N, Kernbauer, E, Vandenabeele, P, et al..
The Tumor Suppressor Hace1 Is a Critical Regulator of TNFR1-Mediated Cell Fate
Cell Rep 15, 1481-1492, 2016. (Epub 2016 May 17)

Boutaffala, L, Bertrand, MJ, Remouchamps, C, Seleznik, G, Reisinger, F, Janas, M, Benezech, C, Fernandes, MT, Marchetti, S, Mair, F, Ganeff, C, Hupalowska, A, Ricci, JE, Becher, B, Piette, J, Knolle, P, Caamano, J, Vandenabeele, P, Heikenwalder, M, Dejardin, E.
NIK promotes tissue destruction independently of the alternative NF-kappaB pathway through TNFR1/RIP1-induced apoptosis
Cell Death Differ 22, 2020-2033, 2015. (Epub 2015 Jun 5)

Dondelinger, Y, Jouan-Lanhouet, S, Divert, T, Theatre, E, Bertin, J, Gough, PJ, Giansanti, P, Heck, AJ, Dejardin, E, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
NF-kappaB-Independent Role of IKKalpha/IKKbeta in Preventing RIPK1 Kinase-Dependent Apoptotic and Necroptotic Cell Death during TNF Signaling
Mol Cell 60, 63-76, 2015. (Epub 2015 Oct 1)

Heard, KN, Bertrand, MJ, Barker, PA.
cIAP2 supports viability of mice lacking cIAP1 and XIAP
EMBO J 34, 2393-2395, 2015. (Epub 2015 Oct 1)

Saveljeva, S, Mc Laughlin, SL, Vandenabeele, P, Samali, A, Bertrand, MJ.
Endoplasmic reticulum stress induces ligand-independent TNFR1-mediated necroptosis in L929 cells
Cell Death Dis 6, e1587, 2015. (Epub 2015 Jan 8)

Vanden Berghe, T, Kaiser, WJ, Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P.
Molecular crosstalk between apoptosis, necroptosis, and survival signaling
Mol Cell Oncol 2, e975093, 2015. (Epub 2015 Apr 8)

Deegan, S, Saveljeva, S, Logue, SE, Pakos-Zebrucka, K, Gupta, S, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ, Samali, A.
Deficiency in the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway reveals the toxic potential of autophagy under ER stress conditions
Autophagy 10, 1921-1936, 2014. (Epub 2014 Nov 2)

Dondelinger, Y, Declercq, W, Montessuit, S, Roelandt, R, Goncalves, A, Bruggeman, I, Hulpiau, P, Weber, K, Sehon, CA, Marquis, RW, Bertin, J, Gough, PJ, Savvides, S, Martinou, JC, Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P.
MLKL compromises plasma membrane integrity by binding to phosphatidylinositol phosphates
Cell Rep 7, 971981, 2014. (Epub 2014 May 7)

Estornes, Y, Aguileta, MA, Dubuisson, C, De Keyser, J, Goossens, V, Kersse, K, Samali, A, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
RIPK1 promotes death receptor-independent caspase-8-mediated apoptosis under unresolved ER stress conditions
Cell Death Dis 5, e1555, 2014. (Epub 2014 Dec 4)

Estornes, Y, Bertrand, MJ.
IAPs, regulators of innate immunity and inflammation
Semin Cell Dev Biol 39, 106-114, 2014. (Epub 2014 Apr 6)

Galluzzi, L, Bravo-San Pedro, JM, Vitale, I, Aaronson, SA, Abrams, JM, Adam, D, Alnemri, ES, Altucci, L, Andrews, D, Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, M, Baehrecke, EH, Bazan, NG, Bertrand, MJ, Bianchi, K, Blagosklonny, MV, Blomgren, K, Borner, C, Bredesen, DE, Brenner, C, Campanella, M, Candi, E, Cecconi, F, Chan, FK, Chandel, NS, Cheng, EH, Chipuk, JE, Cidlowski, JA, Ciechanover, A, Dawson, TM, Dawson, VL, De Laurenzi, V, De Maria, R, Debatin, KM, Di Daniele, N, Dixit, VM, Dynlacht, BD, El-Deiry, WS, Fimia, GM, Flavell, RA, Fulda, S, Garrido, C, Gougeon, ML, Green, DR, Gronemeyer, H, Hajnoczky, G, Hardwick, JM, Hengartner, MO, Ichijo, H, Joseph, B, Jost, PJ, Kaufmann, T, Kepp, O, Klionsky, DJ, Knight, RA, Kumar, S, Lemasters, JJ, Levine, B, Linkermann, A, Lipton, SA, Lockshin, RA, Lopez-Otin, C, Lugli, E, Madeo, F, Malorni, W, Marine, JC, Martin, SJ, Martinou, JC, Medema, JP, Meier, P, Melino, S, Mizushima, N, Moll, U, Munoz-Pinedo, C, Nunez, G, Oberst, A, Panaretakis, T, Penninger, JM, Peter, ME, Piacentini, M, Pinton, P, Prehn, JH, Puthalakath, H, Rabinovich, GA, Ravichandran, KS, Rizzuto, R, Rodrigues, CM, Rubinsztein, DC, Rudel, T, Shi, Y, Simon, HU, Stockwell, BR, Szabadkai, G, Tait, SW, Tang, HL, Tavernarakis, N, Tsujimoto, Y, Vanden Berghe, T, Vandenabeele, P, Villunger, A, Wagner, EF, Walczak, H, White, E, Wood, WG, Yuan, J, Zakeri, Z, Zhivotovsky, B, Melino, G, Kroemer, G.
Essential versus accessory aspects of cell death: recommendations of the NCCD 2015
Cell Death Differ 22, 58-73, 2014. (Epub 2014 Sep 19)

Khalil, H, Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P, Widmann, C.
Caspase-3 and RasGAP: a stress-sensing survival/demise switch
Trends Cell Biol 24, 83-89, 2014. (Epub 2013 Sep 2)

Remijsen, Q, Goossens, V, Grootjans, S, Van den Haute, C, Vanlangenakker, N, Dondelinger, Y, Roelandt, R, Bruggeman, I, Goncalves, A, Bertrand, MJ, Baekelandt, V, Takahashi, N, Vanden Berghe, T, Vandenabeele, P.
Depletion of RIPK3 or MLKL blocks TNF-driven necroptosis and switches towards a delayed RIPK1 kinase-dependent apoptosis
Cell Death Dis 5, e1004, 2014. (Epub 2014 Jan 16)

Takahashi, N, Vereecke, L, Bertrand, MJ, Duprez, L, Berger, SB, Divert, T, Goncalves, A, Sze, M, Gilbert, B, Kourula, S, Goossens, V, Lefebvre, S, Gunther, C, Becker, C, Bertin, J, Gough, PJ, Declercq, W, van Loo, G, Vandenabeele, P.
RIPK1 ensures intestinal homeostasis by protecting the epithelium against apoptosis
Nature 513, 95-99, 2014. (Epub 2014 Sep 4)

Dondelinger, Y, Aguileta, MA, Goossens, V, Dubuisson, C, Grootjans, S, Dejardin, E, Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
RIPK3 contributes to TNFR1-mediated RIPK1 kinase-dependent apoptosis in conditions of cIAP1/2 depletion or TAK1 kinase inhibition
Cell Death Differ 20, 1381-1392, 2013. (Epub 2013 Jul 26)

Dombret, C, Nguyen, T, Schakman, O, Michaud, JL, Hardin-Pouzet, H, Bertrand, MJ, De Backer, O.
Loss of Maged1 results in obesity, deficits of social interactions, impaired sexual behavior and severe alteration of mature oxytocin production in the hypothalamus
Hum Mol Genet 21, 4703-4717, 2012. (Epub 2012 Aug 17)

Duprez, L, Bertrand, MJ, Vanden Berghe, T, Dondelinger, Y, Festjens, N, Vandenabeele, P.
Intermediate domain of receptor-interacting protein kinase 1 (RIPK1) determines the switch between necroptosis and RIPK1 kinase-dependent apoptosis
J Biol Chem 287, 14863-14872, 2012. (Epub 2012 Feb 23)

Jager, R, Bertrand, MJ, Gorman, AM, Vandenabeele, P, Samali, A.
The unfolded protein response at the crossroads of cellular life and death during ER stress
Biol Cell 104, 259-270, 2012. (Epub 2012 Jan 23)

Loeder, S, Schirmer, M, Schoeneberger, H, Cristofanon, S, Leibacher, J, Vanlangenakker, N, Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P, Jeremias, I, Debatin, KM, Fulda, S.
RIP1 is required for IAP inhibitor-mediated sensitization of childhood acute leukemia cells to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis
Leukemia 26, 1020-1029, 2012. (Epub 2011 Dec 16)

Vandenabeele, P, Bertrand, MJ.
The role of the IAP E3 ubiquitin ligases in regulating pattern-recognition receptor signalling
Nat Rev Immunol 12, 833-844, 2012. (Epub 2012 Nov 5)

Bertrand, MJ, Lippens, S, Staes, A, Gilbert, B, Roelandt, R, De Medts, J, Gevaert, K, Declercq, W, Vandenabeele, P.
cIAP1/2 are direct E3 ligases conjugating diverse types of ubiquitin chains to Receptor Interacting Protein Kinases 1 to 4 (RIP1-4)
PLoS One 6, e22356, 2011. (Epub 2011 Sep 22)

Bertrand, MJ, Vandenabeele, P.
The ripoptosome: death decision in the cytosol
Mol Cell 43, 323-325, 2011. (Epub 2011 Aug 5)

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