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LMBP (the Laboratory of Molecular Biology Plasmid collection) is a node of the Belgian Coordinated Collections of Micro-organisms BCCM.
LMBP pages can be found on this IRC website (go to Research, Core facilities) as well as on the BCCM server.

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The "EIP" (Eerste Interventie Ploeg or First Intervention Team) is a group of people committed to improving safety in our UGent/VIB building. EIP-members have  a proactive as well as a reactive task: the EIP will intervene in case of calamities, but they also act preventively. In case of an evacuation of the building, EIP-members are easily recognized by their yellow or red jacket and red helmet.

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The RegCreative Jamboree  is the name of a meeting on bioinforlmatics and the regulation of gene expression, held in the IRC in 2006. It brought together wet-lab biologists, bioinformaticians and text miners for an intensive hand-on workshop, and provided an interactive and proactive opportunity to establish the conceptual and computational framework for decoding regulatory sequence and networks. The meeting website is still being used for communication between the participants.

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Bachelor & Master in Biochemsitry and Biotechnology