19th Euroconference on Apoptosis “Metabolism, Epigenetics and Cell Death”
8th Training course on 'Concepts and Methods in Programmed Cell Death'
September 14-17, 2011
Stockholm, Sweden

Norra Latin

Norra Latin, the secondary grammar school, was inaugurated in 1880. Just over 100 years later the school was closed and the classrooms remodelled into meeting rooms. When the renovations were concluded, Norra Latin was opened up as a conference centre in 1989. All rooms have big windows and access to required technology. During 2004-2005 Norra Latin has gone through another full renovation.

The building was designed by the architect Helgo Zettervall in the renaissance style of Flanking the central stairway are two atriums with glass ceilings. The former gym hall is today known as the Pillar Hall and is one of the largest rooms in the building. The Auditorium still features the original thirteen-part organ. This has been repaired and was inaugurated again on 24 August 1997.

Street view of the Norra Latin Conference Centre

Artworks at Norra Latin
Norra Latin houses a unique art collection. The southern atrium on the entrance floor is dominated by Prince Eugen's monumental painting "Den ljusa natten" from 1899. The Auditorium's semi-circular extension features the Prince's painting "Sommar" from 1904. On the second floor of the southern atrium you can admire Carl Larsson's fresco "Skolgossarnas korum" from 1901. On the floor above is Bruno Liljefors' "Sträckande svanar" from 1900. In the opposite side of the building, in the northern atrium, is Axel Törneman's mural "Engelbrekt vid Arboga riksdag", which is the full-scale drawing for one the murals at Riksdagshuset. Norra Latin also displays art by Eugéne Jansson, Otto Hesselbom and Hildur Hult. Many of the paintings are portraits of 1900's most well-known workers' poets such as Ivar Lo Johansson, Harry Martinsson and Eyvind Johnsson.

Even modern artists are represented in Norra Latin. After the interior renovation of the building in 2004-2005 the dining rooms are decorated with newer items from the collections. For example one of the rooms has paintings of the popular Swedish artist Peter Dahl, while as one of the other shows burlesque portraits of Generals by the Italian Enrico Baj.

Norra Latin
Drottningatan 71B