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IRC Symposia

Twice a year, the IRC organizes an IRC symposium that is freely accessible to the scientific community. The IRC symposium program consists of a full day of interesting lectures given by high profile international speakers as well as IRC members.

Upcoming IRC Symposia: no symposia are planned

Overview of the past IRC symposia (2012-now)

  1. 2012-Dec-17
  2. 2013-May-21
  3. 2013-Dec-16
  4. 2014-May-19
  5. 2014-Oct-7
  6. 2015-Jun-4
  7. 2015-Nov-27
  8. 2015-Dec-8
  9. 2016-Mar-25
  10. 2016-Sep-14
  11. 2017-Apr-21
  12. 2017-Oct-26-27
  13. 2018-Nov-15-17